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Where to find Torino Classical Tuscan Flatbreads

This is another thing that I used to be able to buy in my supermarket and can't find anymore. I've looked all over. Anyone know where to get it? Nassau County or NYC. Thanks!!!

Jun 01, 2009
sarahc123 in Manhattan

where to find haviland brand nonpareils (blue box)

I used to be able to find these nonpareils everywhere; now I can't find them anywhere. I'm looking specifically for this brand. Anywhere in Nassau County or even in Queens or Manhattan would be great. Thanks.

Jun 01, 2009
sarahc123 in Manhattan

Help! Where can I buy Kinder Bueno?

Can be anywhere in NYC or Long Island (Nassau). Thanks!!!

May 15, 2009
sarahc123 in Manhattan

Spekulatius cookies!

Does anyone know where I can get Spekulatius cookies ANYWHERE in NYC or Long Island? If they were Bahlsen brand that would be ideal but any kind will do (not chocolate covered, though). I've tried over a dozen different gourmet markets/grocery stores in NYC and Long Island and can't find them because they are normally only a holiday item. If anyone has spotted these cookies anywhere, please let me know!! (My roommate had a package of them and I knocked the open package onto the floor and broke them, now he's really annoyed at me because they were sent to him from his family in Germany. I want to replace them!!) Thanks so much!!

Jan 17, 2009
sarahc123 in Manhattan