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What does New York have that LA doesn't?

The point I was making is that it is easier to find a lot of these foods in NY. Obviously I know Artesia has great Indian food, but the quality of most neighborhood Indian restaurants in LA is inferior to NY. Same goes for Caribbean, Falafel etc.

FYI Just Salad is better than Chop'd and both are better and cheaper than Tender Greens.

And also, Arax is not great. The best falafel I've had in LA is Dune in Atwater.

Love your enthusiasm though!

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

I was comparing it to In N Out, Fatburger, Tommy's, Rick's and the like. I enjoy all of them but I still think Shake Shack has the best "fast food" style burger out there.

What does New York have that LA doesn't?

So I'm originally from California, moved to NYC for 14 years and then moved back to LA last year. Here's what I've found is better (or more prevalent) in New York.

Halal carts
good pizza by the slice
good bagels (if you know where to go)
certain American-Chinese items (Egg rolls, general tso's, sesame noodles)
Great Caribbean/Jamaican/Dominican food in many neighborhoods
Good to very good Indian food in most neighborhoods.
Mid priced neighborhood Italian is better in NY
Shake Shack
Deli Bacon Egg Cheese sandwiches
Chopped salad places

That being said, pretty much everything else is equal or better in LA, especially Mexican, Thai, Korean, regional/authentic Chinese, Vietnamese, and the quality of ingredients in general.

Moving to Atwater Village

Thanks for all your suggestions. Can't wait to try these places out!

Moving to Atwater Village

I'm moving to Atwater Village after almost 15 years in New York and I'd love some recommendations in the neighborhood, as well as surrounding hoods. We're going to be on a pretty tight budget for a little while, so any great inexpensive ethnic places are especially appreciated.

Here are some specifics to get the ball rolling.

Mexican: Having grown up in the Bay Area, I'm so excited to come back to California for Mexican food. We were staying in Los Feliz while looking for apartments and had good meals at Mexico City and Yuca's. Checking Yelp, there seems to be quite a few taquerias further out in Glendale. Any I should specifically seek out?

Chinese: I'm assuming I'll have to go out to SGV for great regional Chinese food, but are there any decent Americanized places in Atwater/Los Feliz/Silver Lake for take out or dine in? While visiting a few months ago we tried Chi Dynasty and weren't too impressed.

Japanese/Sushi: Probably not going to any high end places for a while, but a neighborhood spot with good sushi/katsu/ramen etc would be great.

Thai: Thai Town is pretty near. Can't wait to explore it. Any ok places closer?

Vietnamese: New York has pretty mediocre Vietnamese food so I might have been overrating Indochine Vien, but I thought it was pretty tasty.

Indian: Drove past India Sweets & Spices and it looks promising. It seems like most of the great Indian restaurants are in Artesia. Is there any good Indian/Bengali/Pakistani food in the greater Hollywood area?

Bakeries/Coffee: It seems like Atwater has a lot of great bakeries. Which are your favorites for bread, pastries, coffee, etc.?

Sandwiches/Salads: Another reason I'm excited about coming back to California is the quality of the produce. Any great sandwich/salad places I should know about?

Pizza: Anything decent would be great. I'm totally not a NY purist, I love good pizza no matter what the style. Friends of ours ordered from Cheech's and it wasn't too good.

Bagels: A lost cause?

Middle Eastern: Excited to try Armenian, Persian, etc. Which are the best spots in Glendale?

Bars: I love good beer, wine, and cocktails. Probably going to save money and drink at home most of the time, but a great neighborhood bar would be awesome.

Burgers: What are the best holes in the wall around here? Any great upscale burgers?

Groceries: Visited the Trader Joe's and Gelson's on Hyperion and those seem pretty good. I see that there's a Vons in Atwater Village and I can't wait to go to the Sunday farmers market. Any great ethnic supermarkets?

Anything else I should not miss?

I haven't come across a recent post about the area, so I apologize if all this has been covered. Thanks so much for your help!

Anyone tried Yuji Ramen pop up at Whole Foods?

I was there in the afternoon on a Sunday. Wasn't crowded at all. I got the bacon and egg mazeman and it definitely looked a little small for $9. But it was so rich I'm glad they didn't serve me more. It reminded me more of carbonara than anything Japanese. Highly recommended.

Mar 27, 2013
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Upscale in Chinatown?

It's only upscale in comparison to other places in Chinatown, but Peking Duck House is always a fun old school time, and the duck is fantastic.

Mar 14, 2013
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Dinner Fort Greene with college student

Ici is good, simple French-New American food. Locanda Vini e Olii is old school northern Italian. Haven't been there myself but most seem to like it. The General Greene and Walter's are both solid American places. No. 7 is my favorite in the area but might be too out there for what you're looking for.

Sep 27, 2012
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

Casual Restaurants NYC Manhattan For December Trip

Woodside is a very safe neighborhood, mostly families. That being said, you might feel more comfortable taking the 7, which leaves you off on Roosevelt Ave (a very busy street full of activity) rather than the R or M, where you would have to walk a few blocks on a quieter residential street.

Sep 26, 2012
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Affordable organic fruits and vegetables in NYC (east side?)

Here's the Greenmarket schedule. Not sure how good the markets are around Murray Hill, but you're pretty close to Union Square and they have the best produce in the city. (although some of it is not certified organic


Also, Fairway (UES and coming to Kips Bay) and Whole Foods (new one in the east 50s) can have good deals on organic produce. They're usually cheaper and have a better selection than mom and pop organic shops.

Sep 13, 2012
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Cheese shops in Queens?

It looks like a new cheese shop is opening on Broadway in Astoria.

Aug 29, 2012
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

Italian Restaurant UWS help!

Italian ex-pats I know swear by Celeste. I've never been myself though.

Aug 22, 2012
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Gyro Redux in the Times Square Area

If doner are acceptable, Turco on 9th & 43rd makes a killer one. As close as I've had in NY to Berlin style doner. Real slices of lamb and homemade puffy sesame pita. They deliver too.

Aug 22, 2012
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Henan on Forsythe still open?

It reopened as Spicy Village. Almost the exact same menu!

Aug 17, 2012
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Jalapeno Bagels

I tried the Jalapeno-Asiago cream cheese (on a mini egg bagel) at Brooklyn Bagel (Broadway in Astoria) this morning. It was tasty but SO spicy. And I like spicy. I was crying on the R train. I don't think they have Jalapeno bagels though.

Aug 17, 2012
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

good bluefish in nyc

It looks like Grey Lady is serving a bluefish pâté.

Aug 09, 2012
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Next El Bulli Menu

That makes sense. Thanks!

Feb 08, 2012
guyonatlantic in Chicago Area

Next El Bulli Menu

Eater just released the menu. The number before each dish refers to the year that dish was on El Bulli's menu, but does anyone know what the numbers after each item refer to? I hope it's not the calories. Thanks!

Feb 08, 2012
guyonatlantic in Chicago Area

vodka dinners in brighton beach??

So even though Tatiana sells vodka, they don't mind if you BYOB? That would save a lot of $$!

Aug 30, 2009
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

1920s cocktails

Monkey Gland. A little unusual but still a crowd pleaser and very 20s.

Aug 20, 2009
guyonatlantic in Spirits

Favorite Brewed Coffee in Park Slope

Sit and Wonder in Prospect Heights serves Stumptown - it's on Washington and St. Marks... can't think of any in Park Slope offhand.

Jul 22, 2009
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

PANCAKES! in Park Slope Area.

Cheryl's on Underhill right by Grand Army Plaza has amazing pancakes with bananas and real whipped cream... just had them this morning. Definitely a walk from 4th and 10th though.

Jul 16, 2009
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

Cotaldo Pizza on Vanderbilt

Haven't tried the pizza, but the fried calimari hero is delicious! I agree with ginsbera though, canned mushrooms would be a turn off.

Jul 14, 2009
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

Favorite Rays Pizza

The Ray's on 6th and 11th is still great as long as you stick to a plain slice. Chewy crust, slightly sweet sauce, lots of cheese. Everything else there sits for a while and is awful.

Jun 08, 2009
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

fish tacos?

Yes! But a little fancier. Batter fried with cabbage, a slice of avocado, cilantro, radish, and some aioli at the bottom. Had one again today...

Jun 01, 2009
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

fish tacos?

Just had the fish tacos at Cabrito on Carmine. I think they're even better than Mercadito, and only $3 at happy hour.

May 31, 2009
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

Brooklyn Fare now open

I stopped by today to see how it looked. I don't know if they're not fully stocked yet, but I was pretty disappointed by the grocery selection. It didn't seem any better than a Gristedes. I guess I was expecting something more similar to Whole Foods with brands like Satur Farms and Ronnybrook. The cheese, meat, and fish looked good though and I'm glad to hear the prepared food is tasty. I'll have to go back and try it.

Apr 23, 2009
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

Best Burrito in NY?

Taqueria de los Muertos on Washington between St. Marks and Prospect in Prospect Heights has a quite good, though not entirely authentic SF style burrito. The beans and rice taste right and the meat is moist if not quite as flavorful as some of the best in the Bay. They put their tortillas on the grill instead of steaming them, and they don't wrap them in foil, but other than that... pretty damn tasty. Proportions good, not too goopy with sour cream and guac. I think the owner and the cooks are from California. Definitely better than La Taqueria and Rachel's in Park Slope (WHO PUT LETTUCE IN THE BURRITOS)

Jan 17, 2009
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs

Trader Joes 14th St- when is it not a madhouse?

It's usually pretty dead after 9 on Fridays and Saturdays. People with lives aren't at TJs. That being said, the one in Brooklyn is never that crowded.

Jan 16, 2009
guyonatlantic in Manhattan

What's up with Noo Na?

It's the same owners, but they're changing it to a bar called Cornelius. I read a blurb about it in TimeOut. Said it will specialize in whiskeys and have food. I'm excited as I live a block away. I liked NooNa, but I feel like I will go to Cornelius a lot. I think it actually might be opening tonight.

Jan 16, 2009
guyonatlantic in Outer Boroughs