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Nominations for outstanding yet under-the-radar LA pastry chefs?

Debra King, CAKEWALK. Cardamom cake with pistachio mousse and vanilla buttercream. Not too sweet and a great combination of flavors not normally found around town.

Mar 13, 2007
joejoe in Los Angeles Area

New pizza delivery in downtown LA

Saw flyers for a new pizza place downtown - Purgatory Pizza. Called from the office and had a pie delivered (always up for a change from Pitfire). Nice crust, thin, not too salty and good sauce. Not a super big menu but they're offering the basics. Got a large with fresh basil & goat cheese and was pleasantly surprised for $16.00. Delivery only but it's free w/ min $10.00 order. Talked to the person on the phone who said the owner used to manage Nicky D's (before it went to hell in a handbasket.) I'll order again when we're working late.

Mar 11, 2007
joejoe in Los Angeles Area

Is Private Catering the Way to Go?

I used to work for both Kai and Jackson Somerset and your description of each company is correct. Kai is very high end and chic and JS is more mainstream. Kai pays more attention to the quality of his food and how it's presented than JS.

Mar 05, 2007
joejoe in Los Angeles Area

Date Syrup

There's a market called Super King that just opened on San Fernando at the 2 Freeway - I was there this afternoon and saw date syrup along with a whole bunch of other syrups and flavored molasses.

Oct 09, 2006
joejoe in Los Angeles Area

Another great lunch at Cakewalk

Tenderloin sandwich with horseradish cream and cherry pepper relish, a side of waldorf salad and a cheesecake cupcake (!) for dessert. The sliced tenderloin on the sandwich was medium rare and had a cracked pepper and salt crust - a nice touch. Took some friends who also work downtown and all agreed that this is a gem waiting to be discovered. Noticed they are open for breakfast as well.

Oct 02, 2006
joejoe in Los Angeles Area

has anyone else checked out cakewalk?

she just catered our monthly birthday party for our office - it was outstanding, especially the cakes. here's the website I used to work on the westside and really miss going to clementine's but I think this place will be my eastside fix from now on!

Sep 16, 2006
joejoe in Los Angeles Area

Quick Eats in Skid Row / Downtown

There's a cafe/bakery that just opened up just east of Mission on 1st street called CAKEWALK. Great sandwiches and desserts - everything made from scratch, even the bread. Had an awesome tenderloin sandwich and my co-workers had a North Carolina BBQ pork sandwich and a roasted salmon salad with a mango and radish salsa. We took slices of cake and a tiny fruit tart back to the office for dessert. The owner is really nice and she said they just opened in July - definately worth checking out.

Aug 15, 2006
joejoe in Los Angeles Area