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Powdered Egg Whites / Dried Egg Whites

Hello! My sister is trying to bake macaraons and one recipe calls for powdered egg whites. Does anyone know where I can find this?

Thank you so much! This is a very finicky cookie.

cookie butter


Thank you all for your reply. I finally finally FINALLY made my way to Transilvania Trading, which is now called Pirate Joe's and has moved to 4th and Vine....

and I got Cookie Butter!!! I honestly cannot tell you how amazing the stuff is. I dipped apples in it...heaven. Straight out of the jar is good, too! And stirred in oatmeal...mmmm

Also, the people who work at Pirate Joe's are super friendly.

Thanks everyone for helping me locate it!

cookie butter

Is it possible to buy Speculoos Cookie Butter in the Lower Mainland?

Coronation Grapes - sightings?

I saw them at Superstore on Marine Drive

seeking wedding venue advice

I got married at Cecil Green Park House last year, and while our wedding was wonderful...I don't have the most positive things to say about the catering.

My number one complaint is that they were not accommodating. We were planning our wedding from another province, so because we were not in the city to taste the food during a scheduled day, we did not get to try the food until the day of the wedding. I found them to be quite ignorant of food allergies. We were also not allowed to bring in our own alcohol.

The venue was beautiful. However, there are many MANY restrictions in order to preserve this heritage house.

What is a cool Vancouver restaurant for a Sweet 16 dinner?

For dessert, I took two teenagers to Capstone Tea and Fondue in downtown and they LOVED it. It's a lot of fun to be able to dunk things like cookies, ice cream, and fruit in chocolate.


Green Tea Kit Kat / Pocky

Thank everyone! I went to Konbinya on Robson and found green tea kit kats, as well as strawberry ones!

Thanks for the other suggestions, too! I will check out those other places also for other japanese treats. I am very intrigued by the soy sauce kit kat.

No luck with green tea pocky, however. But I will check out the other places suggested and report back.

Green Tea Kit Kat / Pocky

A friend recently came back from Japan and I tasted the most amazing and most delicious green tea flavoured Kit Kat and Pocky.

Would anyone happen to know if it is at all possible to purchase these wonderful treats in Vancouver?

Many thanks!

After much anticipation...

Ate there today. I went with my husband and sister, and we each ordered half a crab and clam chowder and a side of fries. Everything was soooooo good! The crab was extremely fresh and we watched them pick our crab and take it to the back to be cooked. The fries were nice and hot and crispy, and the clam chowder was really tasty. I highly recommend this place! They also serve a really nice garlic butter for dipping. I love that eating here is supporting a local fisherman!

I feel like this would be a great place to take someone on a first date if you know they like seafood! Fun to get a bit messy.

Richmond Summer Night Market

If you do go to the Night Market, you absolutely must try the dragon's beard candy. Amazing amazing stuff.


Fresh Is Best Salsa & Co

I absolutely love their salsa and chips! Amazing amazing stuff. I highly recommend you try it.

Buffet-style: priced by-the-pound, or fixed container size?

There's this place on the top floor of Cumberland terrace, near the salad and soup place, and these Korean ladies cook a whole bunch of wonderful Korean dishes. You pay for the container, and then you fill it up.

I'm so sorry, but I can't remember the name of the place.

BUT WAIT!!!! Call now and we'll send you.......... Real-life experiences buying stuff from infomercials

My friend highly highly recommended the shamwow, and so I bought it. I was horribly disappointed!

Mar 10, 2011
focioncroci in Not About Food

BUT WAIT!!!! Call now and we'll send you.......... Real-life experiences buying stuff from infomercials

My mom bought me a Grater Plater. I actually really like it! the only bad thing about it is that it's tricky to grate the garlic as it gets smaller.

Mar 06, 2011
focioncroci in Not About Food

How do you eat out often and maintain your weight?

Eat a really healthy, and big breakfast. I also try to eat a really healthy lunch. I find when I do this, I can eat most anything I want for dinner. I don't feel guilty because I filled my body with goodness during the day (fruits, veggies, whole grains like steel-cut oatmeal, yogurt), and I also find that I don't eat very much portion-wise for dinner because I filled up on really healthy foods during the day that take a long time to digest.

I think the number one way to lose weight in general is to eat breakfast. Did you know that one of the ways sumo wrestlers gain weight is by skipping breakfast? Yes, they do this to slow their metabolism.

Mar 03, 2011
focioncroci in Not About Food

Any Restaurants in BC Taking Special Care of People with Allergies??

I am allergic to fish and eggs and have found that most fine dining restaurants are very accommodating to people with food allergies, especially if you call ahead of time.

I don't know exactly what you mean by "special care", but a lot of the chains in BC have food allergy books you can ask to see. I have found White Spot to have a comprehensive food allergy book. Earls also has one. I think the #1 chain restaurant that deals with food allergies is Old Spaghetti Factory. They know soooooo much. They understand cross contamination, which foods may contain traces of something else...the works! They even have a special menu for people with gluten allergies!

I guess the only danger of these establishments is that staff may not be as trained to deal with food allergies, so it's a risk...but really, it's a risk anytime you eat out. I hope your friend always carries an epipen!

Spaghetti Factory Restaurant
210 55th Ave E, Vancouver, BC V5X1M9, CA

Restaurants where you can eat for free on your birthday in GTA?

It's not a meal, but Starbucks will mail you a birthday coupon on your birthday if you register a starbucks card. It doesn't even have to have a balance on it.

2010 closings

I can't believe that place opened and closed so quickly! I wonder what is going to replace that spot...it is definitely cursed

Family foods I thought was normal

I think you're talking about lugao, and it's wonderful! It's the Filipino version of congee...maybe your mom just didn't know how to make it properly?

Oct 17, 2010
focioncroci in General Topics

Why are videos playing from Chow Tips, when I didn't click on them?

it happens to me ALL the time! It happens when I visit the Ontario thread

Oct 10, 2010
focioncroci in Site Talk

Where should Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations) go while in Toronto?

He should definitely get some peameal bacon, and try Kolzik's mustard.

Why are videos playing from Chow Tips, when I didn't click on them?

It keeps happening to me. It is the most annoying thing ever!!!

Sep 26, 2010
focioncroci in Site Talk

If you could only buy one healthy cookbook...?

I like Ellie Krieger's The food you Crave.

I like her approach to eating healthy.

Sep 26, 2010
focioncroci in Home Cooking

Tiny bubbles... or tasty ones: where's your favourite bubble tea in Vancouver?

YES to Bubbletopia!

amazing amazing bubble tea. Best I've ever had.

Speaking French in Paris restaurants?

I read this book by Polly Platt called French or Foe, and apparently if you begin any request with "excusez-moi de vous deranger, mais j'ai un probleme", you should have no problems at all

Apr 14, 2010
focioncroci in Not About Food

Worst in Toronto

what does that even mean, to nominate a place you've never eaten at "just because it exists"?

Where to buy diabetes-friendly snacks in Vancouver?

Purdy's carries a lot of sugar-free chocolates. That's what we always got for my grandma around the holidays.

Cinnamon buns-Vancouver area

I agree! Grounds for Coffee makes the freshest most delicious cinnamon buns! I'm in Toronto now and that's the first thing I get when I visit home.

Do you give out your recipes?

I guess my reluctance comes from seeing these family recipes as very very personal. I am 100% for sharing recipes with all members of the family...but to random people I barely know? I'm more hesitant. I don't know if I want to give the recipe to people when my relatives who worked and worked to perfect it and then the person I barely know might take all the credit for it, or not even care about the history behind the recipe other than it tastes good.

Plus, I kind of see it as something special to hand down to my kids.

Nov 05, 2009
focioncroci in Not About Food

Do you give out your recipes?

There are a few special recipes for baked goods that have been passed down through my family that I'm reluctant to give away when asked. I sometimes do when I know the person well, but when I'm at a potluck and I barely know the person, I sometimes say no.

What is your policy? Do you give your special recipes away freely?

Nov 05, 2009
focioncroci in Not About Food