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new: BBQ ribs at market/PBG

I finally got a chance to try the bbq here as well. I couldn't believe how moist the pulled pork was. Unfortunately, like you mentioned, it lacked smoke flavor and the rub just seemed to lack flavor. I only tried two sauces and I thought they were both good - the carolina mustard and another smokey bbq sauce that had a slight kick to it. I also tried the brisket point, which I wasn't at all impressed with. You could see the smoke ring, but there was no smoke taste at all. Again, the rub added nothing. It was also moist and juicy, but there just wasn't much flavor there. Overall, I'd get the pulled pork again, and I plan to try the flat brisket and ribs still. I liked the two sauces, but I wish they would kick up their rub and smoke factor and it'd be some really good bbq.

Holy Smokes in Palm Beach Gardens

Freaker - Since you're the BBQ guy in PBG, I thought I'd let you know there's a new farmers market on PGA in Midtown called Sweet Greens and they're doing BBQ daily by the pound. I just checked it out right after I ate lunch so I didn't get to try any, but I work nearby, so I will in the next few days. If you beat me to it, let me know what you think.

Trader Joe's?!?

I work for a commercial real estate developer and we own several properties in south florida. About 6 months ago, we were in talks with Trader Joe's to redevelop one of our properties in Miami Beach and add a Trader Joe's, so I can say first hand that they are definitely exploring the possibility of opening stores in South Florida. Unfortunately, the economics didn't work at that locaton.

Hamburger Honeymoon

Miami Beach is a short detour on the way to/from the Keys, and has a large concentration of very good burgers. Plus it's a great place to people watch, relax, and hit the beach. I'm not sure when you're heading down but Shake Shack, the iconic NYC burger joint will be opening on Lincoln Road in the spring or summer of this year. The #1 place right now is probably burger & beer joint. Awesome burgers, and you can even get a basket of bacon. There is also food love cafe on the sand around 18th st. They have an amazing jalapeno cheeseburger. 8oz burger bar, the LA transplant had high remarks in LA, but hasn't translated as well as hoped to Miami, although they do have some other things worth checking out - short rib grilled cheese. As mentioned above, El Mago De Las Fritas has gotten a lot of praise and is probably considered the best "fritas" style burger, possibly in the country (I think Bobby Flay gave it his vote). Kingdom also gets a lot of votes as best burger in Miami but I can't vouch for it, although it's next on my list.

Jan 25, 2010
ash0529 in General South Archive

Palm Beach and Area Recommendations

For steak, there's not much in PB that isn't everywhere. ie: Morton's, Capital Grill, Ruth's Chris, etc... I suggest that if you're planning to head down to the Miami beach area at all, or don't mind driving an hour for a good dinner, you do steak down there. BLT Steak and Prime 112 on the beach are both great. Gotham Steak in the Fountainbleau is supposed to be great too but I can't vouch for that. For a shorter trip, you could check out Steak 954, a Stephen Starr restaurant, in the W Hotel - Ft. Lauderdale. If you want to stay local but don't want the chains, I'd suggest either Cut 432 in Delray (Modern Steakhouse) or Palm Beach Steakhouse, which is owned by Hillstone (same owner as Houston's). BTW - Marks in CityPlace closed about 2 years ago now.
For sushi on PB, go to Coco or Echo. Coco is Asian Fusion and has sushi, but it isn't the feature. Echo is in the Breakers resort and has more of a sushi focus. For less high end but great sushi, try Yu-mi sushi in either WPB or PB Gardens. Best casual sushi in the area. For just seafood in general, you'll find a lot of talk on the board (and for good reason) about Leftover's Cafe and Foodshack in Jupiter. THey're by the same owner and similar concept/menu, but hands down the best fish in the area, and done in creative ways.
Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach, is the best all around restaurant, IMO. It's a french-american menu from Chef Daniel Boulud. They've also been running a prix fixe 3 course menu for $35 which is a great value.
I'm not big on italian so I'll let someone else give recs there, but I hope this helps.

Cafe Boulud
301 Australian Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Prime 112 Restaurant
112 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Palm Beach Cafe
206 S Olive Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

I Hope
708 N 11th St, Immokalee, FL 34142

Asian Fusion Cafe
17043 S Dixie Hwy, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

Chef Daniels Cafe and Restaurant
108 N Magnolia Ave, Ocala, FL 34475

Mexican Coca-Cola or Throwback/Natural Pepsi in Pinellas County?

Throwback pepsi will be back Dec 28th for an 8 week period. Stock up!

Oct 16, 2009
ash0529 in Florida


Agreed. The wings are great too. Definitely worth getting both.

Oct 12, 2009
ash0529 in Florida

Anything new or coming to Dade late '09?


I was hoping you would go! Good to hear...I'll put it on my list for when I'm down in the area.

Sep 01, 2009
ash0529 in Florida


Has anyone tried the Bistro Burger or any burgers for that matter at Big Bear Brewing Co in Coral Springs? The New Times is already claiming it is the burger of the year.

It looks great!

Sep 01, 2009
ash0529 in Florida


Burger Beast mentions them in his write-up saying they are "fall off the bone".
I've heard from others the same...some love it, and some prefer the traditional strictly fried wings.
I recently had Charm City Burgers wings, which were also very tender and are finished off on the grill. The volcano sauce isn't the traditional buffalo sauce, but is vinigar based and very tasty, although not that spicy. If you're in the area they're definitely worth a try.

Aug 28, 2009
ash0529 in Florida

Charm City Burger Company, Boca

I went last week after reading all the good things on these boards and I, too, was underwhelmed. The burger was cooked perfectly, but it lacked the wow factor that everyone seemed to be writing about. I made the trip from West Palm too and wouldn't do it again. If I was in the area and needed some eats, I would probably go back though. The volcano wings were really good. Chargrilled with a unique vinigar sauce. I would definitely get them again. Next time I may try the volcano burger which has the sauce on it.

Orlando Dining Month in September

Any good recs around the Universal area?

Aug 26, 2009
ash0529 in Florida

Palm Beach Shores / Singer Island area recommendations (groceries and restaurants)

**Typo** - I meant leftovers and food shack are same owner. Sorry

Flavor Palm Beach (September Discount Month) is back

I'm interested to see Grease's menu on how they can offer enough food to merit a $30 price tag.

Palm Beach Shores / Singer Island area recommendations (groceries and restaurants)

From PB Shores, you're equally as far from WPB as you are PB Gardens and Jupiter so you have some options.
For grocery stores, there are none on the island, but there is a Winn-Dixie just over the bridge and N of US1. I would rec going the extra few minutes to a Publix - just a better all around experience with better and fresher food, and usually more selection. For a gourmet grocer, you can go up to Palm Beach Gardens and check out Carmine's Gourmet Market on PGA Blvd. Also just off of PGA is Whole Foods.
Two buger places to check out nearby. The first is Brass Ring Pub. Complete and total dive bar, but great burger and great wings. Very mixed crowd from preppy to biker. The other is somewhat newly opened Grease Burger Bar on Clematis in WPB. Good burgers, but a little more pricey. Brass Ring is also dirt cheap. $5 burger vs $9-10ish at Grease.
I'll let someone else give a steak rec as I haven't been anywhere in the area that is a non-chain. There are, of course, Ruth's Chris, Capital Grill, Morton's, and Three Forks nearby.
For the best seafood, there are three great places nearby. Food Shack (Jupiter), Leftovers Cafe (Jupiter), and Reef Grill (Juno Beach). Leftovers and Reef are the same owner and similar concept/menu. Leftovers is the newer of the two. Reef Grill is where the owner began, and it shows, as it has similar menu items as well, but prices are a little lower. I usually go to Reef and share several apps as there are about 20 on the menu and theyre all really good. Good wine prices at Reef too. At Leftovers or Food Shack, the tuna roll app is awesome!
You have a few options for breakfast. Jim's place in Jupiter is one of the best greasy spoon breakfasts around. Be prepared to wait on the weekends though. If you don't mind driving a little, down in Lake Worth (about 15-20 min from you) there is John G's and Benny's on the Beach. John G's has the better food offerings, but Benny's is located on an old pier directly atop the ocean, so the view factors in to your choice plus you can sit outside, and Benny's food is pretty good too, so I usually go there. The wait is never as long as John G's either, which is across the street from the beach, so no view. Crab cakes benedict is usually what I go for at Benny's.
Best all around restaurant, IMO, is Cafe Boulud on Palm Beach. They, as well as many other quality restaurants are participating in Flavor Palm Beach, which runs the entire month of Sept, and offers $30 Prix Fix menus for dinner and $19 for lunch. Check the list out at . Cafe Chardonnay, also on the flavor list, is a great local place as well, on PGA in PB Gardens. I can't personally give a rec, but Solu right on PB Shores is also supposed to be good.
There really aren't too many places that are actually "on the beach" and casual. Since the beach is on Palm Beach and Palm Beach Shores, casual is virtually out. There are waterfront casual places though, that are good and relatively nearby. Square Grouper in Jupiter is a waterfront beach bar (outdoors w/ sand and tiki huts). Food is very limited, so I would just go there for a few drinks. They usually have live music there as well. There's also Boston's on the beach in Delray (technically across the street from the ocean), but it has good atmosphere and pretty good seafood. They also have an upstairs that has a more upscale atmosphere and food, and better views of the ocean. There's the Tiki Waterfront Sea Grill that overlooks Peanut Island. It's probably the closest to where you'll be staying and also has live music frequently. A few other places you might want to look into that are worthy of consideration but a bit futher are Old Key Lime House (Lantana), Old Calypso (Delray Beach), Two Georges (Boynton Beach), or Banana Boat (Boynton


Hope this helps!

Looking for HELP w/ FUN and DELICIOUS place West Palm - Ft. Lauderdale

I live in west palm, so I'll give you my thoughts on that only. Only a few places come to mind when I think fun (unfortunately). The first is Rocco's Tacos on Clematis St. The atmosphere is great. It's hip and trendy, but not pretentious and not stuffy. Great chips and guac, but everything else seems to be hit or miss food-wise. It's right in the heart of WPB nightlife, so if you're up for some drinks after, you can walk to a number of bars. My other suggestions seem fitting for your circumstance. I generally wouldn't rec CityPlace if it were strictly for food, but for a large group looking to have fun, it definitely works. For greek, try Taverna Opa (if you're closer to FTL, there's one there too). There's also a new place that just opened called Carousel Can Can Café. I haven't heard a thing as far as reviews but the concept is a french cicus for lack of better words - can can dancers (obviously), french maids, a carousel shaped bar, etc. The third suggestion, although not the same level of fun, IMO, is Saito's. It can be fun if you do the hibachi, as any of the chefs I've had have been fun and playful with a few tricks up their sleeves. All three restaurants at CityPlace are large and good at accomodating big groups, so you shouldn't have to wait as long as you may at Rocco's. There are also bars there if you feel like grabing a few drinks afterwards.

need review of the new "brooklyn water bagel" store in Delray

There was a writeup on SeriousEats today about Brooklyn Water Bagel. According to the article, theyre plannng as many as 1,200 locations. From the reviews they may be getting a little ahead of themselves.

West Palm Beach Open Late?

West Palm Beach is a fairly large area, so it does depend on where exactly you'll be near and/or how far you are willing to travel. Assuming you're somewhat flexible, you can go down to Clematis and grab a drink and bite at Grease Burger Bar (good burgers, good atmosphere, open late) or Rocco's if it's Fri/Sat as they're open until 10 Sun-Thurs and until 12 on the weekends. Rocco's has a great atmosphere, and awesome guacamole. They also have something like 100 different tequilas. Clematis is also the hub of WPBs night life, so if you want to get a few drinks, this is the place to be. North - check out Brass Ring Pub. Dive bar with great wings and burgers. Super cheap and a very interesting mix of people from bikers to yuppies. South check out Havana Hideout (actually in Lake Worth) which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and is usually open until 2am.

Best Key Lime pie

Joe's all the way. I'm surprised it took this long to get mentioned. I know many northerners who have it shipped up at least once a year to cure their cravings for it. At nearly $70 for a pie (including overnight delivery), I think it speaks for their opinions on the quality.

Aug 18, 2009
ash0529 in Florida

Neomi's for Miami Spice - anyone been?

I haven't been, but you may want to call first if you're counting on that being on the menu to confirm that it is, in fact, still on their menu since they change the offerings quite frequently.

Burger&Beer Joint Bay Road, So. Bch

Thrillist did a small write-up describing the three spots -

some off the chain appetizers?

Tempura Baja Oysters - Saw these pics the other day and have them next on my list of things to make.

Thai Shrimp Burgers - these are super simple to make, yet a bit fragile, but are quick and really good. Also not something you'll find anywhere else. To make into an app, just make them sliders, or they can be served like crab cakes.

Conch Fritters - who doesn't love conch fritters!

Aug 06, 2009
ash0529 in Florida


I could not disagree with you more! Clean, friendly and nice atmosphere; yes. Super fresh and unique menu; absolutely not. Not that their fish is not fresh, I just wouldn't go as far as SUPER fresh and their sushi offerings with the exception of some americanized rolls w/ fruit, they're all just slight variations from one another. Don't get me started on every roll having cream cheese either...

Aug 03, 2009
ash0529 in Florida

Gainesville...anything special?

Sisters is a great breakfast spot! They have a creative menu, which you don't see enough for breakfast, and the place has a really cute feeling which fits well being in Haile Village. The menu is always changing too, so you can try various fritatas, quiche, etc... It's worth the drive to check out at least once.

Aug 03, 2009
ash0529 in Florida

Advise on restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens

There are three places right there for sushi - Saito's, Sushi Jo, and Sushi Yama. Sushi Yama is the new one and is in the Publix center. It's on par with the other two although has a bigger all around menu and sushi menu than Sushi Jo and is probably similar in menu size to Saito's. Rolls are priced on par too - $8-10. Of the three it's probably the best, but, IMO, it's not a GREAT place. You can get half price certificates at though, which may be reason enough to check it out. Yu-mi is still my overall #1, and second in the area for me is Asian Fin, which is small, but the quality of fish was top notch.

Very small wedding in Broward/Palm Beach/Naples?

I would second that. I was having a hard time thinking of a restaurant that would have a romantic enough atmosphere for a wedding, but Sundy House is spot on. My only other suggestion would be to put a call into The Breakers Resort at Palm Beach. They have 11 dining options, plus beautiful grounds and would definitely be able to accomodate you.

Jul 30, 2009
ash0529 in Florida

Palm Beach County closings

If you take Northlake and make a right at US1, there's a place called The Brass Ring. Arguably the best buger in PB county. Great wings too. It's a true dive, but always packed, and generally a mixed crowd. ex - Last time I was there there was a ferari next to a group of Harleys.

Rocco's Tacos????

Great Guac and chips, although it'll run you $12! Good atmosphere - hip and fun without being pretentious. I have to agree with freaker that the food, overall, is just slightly above average. Rocco's is in my regular rotation though, b/c overall I just like going there. I'm happy (not thrilled) with the food and really enjoy the atmosphere. It's slightly pricey, but won't break the bank.

Advise on restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens

I haven't been and don't drive on Northlake too often so I couldn't tell you. Yu-mi is probably less than a mile from there though and I can guarentee you it will satisfy!