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New Q! Stack BBQ

Visited for the 2nd time yesterday. Ribs, burgers and Pulled Pork sandwich blew us away, and based on my visits, are among the best in the city (bold statement I know). The owner came by the table with a sampling of some pork JUST pulled off the bone, and OMG it was incredible.

I will absolutely keep going.

What restaurant would you gladly spend $500 in?

Toque in Montreal. My god! For my money, the best Italian in the city is still underpriced. Il Sogno on Yonge near Davisville is incredible! We ate for two (brought a BYO wine) and paid $200.00. had we paid for 2 bottles (which is our norm) and had a few cocktails we would have been in the $350.00 range, and left stuffed and satisfied with the expense.

Things I ate/drank in college that I will never eat again

I shudder when I think of 'Purple Jesus' made lovingly in a scrubbed out (mostly) garbage pail. We'd pour in a number of 60 oz bottles of vodka, several packages of grape juice crystals, then fill it from the shower until it tasted just right. This of course was reserved for special Wednesdays.

Jan 19, 2009
dwyld71 in General Topics

Healthy foods you crave

After a few days of indulging we do a big salad with lettuce, and plenty of raw veggies. Cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, mushrooms, peppers. All cut into bit size and enough that it's tough to see the lettuce. It's amazing how much we devour these veggies after a few days of roasts, gravies, heavy desserts etc.


Jan 17, 2009
dwyld71 in General Topics

Restos Around Summerhill LCBO?

Il Sogno at Davisville and Yonge. Not fancy, just great quality, good prices and the owners are often your waiters. Ask for Ross.

Best Diet Recipe Websites?

Christmas was great, but the 10 lbs I added isn't. I'm new to cooking as I usually eat out. Can anyone recommend a good website with low calorie cooking that tastes like real food? (if it exists! :)

Jan 15, 2009
dwyld71 in Food Media & News