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Black Mtn./Asheville 30th Bday Fine Dining

We will be staying in Black Mountain for a long weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday. If you had to choose just one fine dining restaurant for dinner where would you go? We are very open to food styles. Is Black Mountain to Asheville and back a hefty drive for a night out?

Any other can’t miss places for other meals are welcome; though I see there are some recent threads.

ISO Chef who's into Farmers Markets--in NC, SC, GA or AL

In Charleston, SC you have Mike Lata of FIG, Jeremiah Bacon of Carolina'sand Sean Brock of McCrady's. I can't say for sure that they shop at farmer's markets but I know they are local enthusiasts. I believe McCrady's and Carolina's farm their own vegetables.

Local Hound Seeks Dining for 10 Downtown [Charleston, SC]

I need to start thinking about dinner for our group of 10 for Saturday 7/5 downtown, majority will be out of towners. I’d like to keep the pricing mid range so Peninsula Grill, Oak, etc. are likely out. Cru Café was my first thought. FIG may be an option but I’ve noticed very mixed reviews of late. If it helps, we are fans of neighborhood places like Langdon’s and Al di La but need to stick downtown. Any suggestions?

Charleston on the Cheap

I always love Santi's (mexican) and Miss Kitty's (soul food) for inexpensive and delicious meals. Both are on the upper end of the peninsula. Also, if you are here on a Tuesday the Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market has a fantastic hot BBQ line.

I'm afraid I'm in agreement with DavidA as I have had some very poor meals at Mustard Seed in Mt. Pleasant recently. I really have no desire to return which is a shame because I was always a fan.

Mustard Seed -- Shockingly Bad in Charleston

I'm relieved I'm not the only one who doesn't understand the hype. Three out of four of our party ordered the Pad Thai in March at the Mt. Pleasant restaurant. We were all very disappointed; it was cold and soupy with very little flavor. I love Sette, Boulevard Diner and just tried Long Point Grill for the first time on Thursday. After visiting Uno Mas twice the jury is still out.

May 17, 2008
charlestonebayer in Southeast

Charleston - anniversary itinerary

Voodoo is fun and if you are here for a week would be fun after dinner at Al di La. I haven't been to Al di La since it changed ownership but I'm told the atmosphere and food have remained top notch.

You've made some great choices. Try to get to the Wreck before sunset, it will be beautiful. Langdon's is also fantastic, I would try it if you are looking for something new.

The farmers market are worth a visit. Downtown's begins 4/12 and runs from 8-2 on Saturdays. You can get pizza from EVO, local crepes and other goodies. Mt Pleasant's begins 4/8 on Tuesday afternoons and also has crepes, pizza and local bbq.

Charleston Food + Wine Festival Reviews

So, there are bound to be some Chowhounders that attended the festivities. What did everyone think? My thoughts are below.

Grand Tasting Tents/Culinary Village
This was markedly improved from last year. There was much more room with the additional grand tasting tent and outdoor café seating. I’m still craving the roasted cauliflower soup with truffle oil from Middleton Place.

Bubbles & Sweets
This was very well-done. The selection of desserts from local restaurants and national outfits (Le Bernardin!) was excellent. This got a little crowded but was definitely manageable. Will attend this next year.

BBQ & Blues
I enjoyed this even more than Bubbles & Sweets. Friendly & casual atmosphere with a fantastic selection of BBQ. Chicken, pulled pork, ribs, collards, mac & cheese, so delicious! Fantastic hog display from Charleston Bay Gourmet. Awesome music too.

Carolina Cup Camden, SC Good Eats

The Crescent Grill has a lively bar scene, that's probably your best bet.

Old Armory Steakhouse also has a bar but I have never been there so I can't vouch for it. San Kendall's may as well.

Carolina Cup Camden, SC Good Eats

My husband is from Camden and we go to the Cup every year. Camden is by no means a foodie destination but there some options for when you are in town. Camden is small so the town is packed that weekend, I would make dinner reservations. Here is some information from the Chamber:

I can reccomend:
Crescent Grille (dinner
)Everyday Gourmet (lunch)
Mad's Restaurant (lunch)
Camden House of Pizza (dinner)

I can't vouch for these but have heard positive things:
Sam Kendall's
Old Armory Steakhouse
Mill Pond Steakhouse (in Rembert)

Have fun at the Cup!

Is Charleston Food + Wine Festival worth a visit?

If you frequent Chowhound and are in Charleston at the time I would definitely recommend the Festival. I have tickets for Bubbles & Sweets, BBQ & Blues and a visit to the Culinary Village. Bubbles & Sweets is supposed to be pretty fantastic. They sold out of almost everything last year so keep that in mind when deciding.

Best Steak in Charleston?

I can only attest to Oak which fits your description. Pricey and delicious steaks, the atmosphere fits the bill for a date. I have been discouraged by others to eat at Grill 225 though have no personal experience.

Congratulations on your baby!

Dinner in Charleston... Help!

We had 10 for dinner at Cru Cafe on Friday, 11/23. We didn't try for reservations anywhere until that day and I was pleasantly surprised they could accomodate us at 6:30. It is small and charming and was well received by our out of town guests. Check to see if the menu interests you.

Make Ahead Thanksgiving

What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes that can be partially or fully made in advance? There are some helpful older threads on this topic but would love some fresh advice.

So far, we’re planning on a fried turkey, baked turkey breast, ham and outsourcing a carrot soufflé for 10. I’m not crazy about freezing whole dishes in advance but am open to it and any other suggestions/recipes. Many thanks!

Oct 25, 2007
charlestonebayer in Home Cooking

Charleston: new restaurant from Al di La cook?

My husband and I tried Bacco on Friday, sit tight this may be long.

We just moved from West Ashley to Mt. P and were/are around the corner from both restaurants. We adore Al di La and it's impossible not to draw comparisons but that’s all I could do while there. The server said they have only been open 6 weeks so of course they are finding their rhythm. We arrived about 8 p.m.; it was half full so we were seated immediately. The menu is laid out the same as Al di La with antipasti, insalata, primi, secondi, etc. You can also order small and large versions off the primi menu. We ordered a bottle of wine and grilled calamari. They bring out slices of bread right away, though these were plain and lacking the herbs you find on the bread at Al di La. My husband ordered the swordfish and I ordered shrimp risotto. Our calamari never arrived but we never mentioned it because the server comped wine, which was delightful. My husband rarely orders swordfish because he finds it’s not often prepared to his liking. He said it was excellent. I found the risotto to be a bit salty and “stiff”. It’s a much denser risotto than the scallop risotto at Al di La. I really enjoyed the wilted greens (arugula?) incorporated into the dish. Part of the allure of Al di La is the intimate atmosphere which is lacking at Bacco. All in all it I think we’ll go back in a few months and check it out once they’ve hit their stride, which I trust they will.

Side Note – John Marshall removing himself from Al di La is heartbreaking news to me. Anyone have further details? A new restaurant in the works?

Slightly different tourist take on Charleston

I third Peninsula Grill, it fits the bill for romantic.

Best fried chicken and breakfast in Charleston, SC?

I had some delicious fried chicken recently at Kitty's Diner on Morrison Drive. Somewhat of a dive but delicious and reasonable. They also do breakfast but can't vouch for it.

Caterer recommendation in Charleston, SC

I plan events so here's my take:

I've worked with:
Charleston Bay Gourmet - known for Lowcountry fare, they do an excellent job and are quite reasonable

Granville's - Planned a recent cocktail party with them, very well done

Good Food Catering - Used twice and have found them to be professional yet exorbitant, $6 a head for peach cobbler anyone? These are the only ones I've used for a seated dinner and they forgot to set bread plates.

Hamby's - Old standby, too many other good ones to choose from IMO

I haven't worked with:
Savory Market - Did a friend's wedding, excellent presentation

Cru Cafe - Heard wonderful things, restaurant is fantastic

I've never heard of Winship or Providence.

What foods have traveled in your carry-on?

I just realized in reading these responses where my "food souvenir" roots began. As a child of the 80's I was obsessed with the Hard Rock Cafe restaurants. My first and only visit to one was in Dallas, upon which I transported my leftover french fries on the flight back to Atlanta. Of course, I left them on the plane. I'm sure my mom accidentally on purpose forgot to remind me to grab them. I did however manage to remember my neon pink logo t-shirt.

Ketchup Lay's from Nova Scotia
Sugar Cane Skewers, Kona Coffee & Pineapple from Maui

What foods have traveled in your carry-on?

The X-Ray tech at Laguardia didn't blink a minute at the 14 bagels I schlepped in my carry-on to Charleston on Sunday. What types of foods have traveled in your carry-on baggage?

Marie Laveau -- Charleston, SC

I recall reading that they were reopening under the sake bar theme to kickstart some bar busine$$. I was also there on their last day and think it will be missed. Where else in town can you get fresh beignets?

favorite school cafeteria food for a party

How fun! If you wrap the sandwiches suggested above be sure to put a little post-it with an encouraging note on it.

Also, they sell jamaican beef patties at Costco.

Can you order red plastic trays from somewhere for the guests to prop their food on?

May 31, 2007
charlestonebayer in Home Cooking

Bluffton - Beaufort - Port Royal Recs

Try Harold's Country Club for a BBQ "experience." Be sure to check out Old Sheldon Church nearby. Here is a link. http://www.savannahoffthebeatenpath.c...

In Beaufort the Beaufort Inn is high-end southern fare. Also Sgt. White's for more BBQ.

I second a stop at the Chocolate Tree for sweets.

Stop into the Squat & Gobble in Bluffton, not sure if they can accommodate a large party.

Bakery in Charleston, SC

Ashley Bakery supplies rolls to caterers, I don't think you walk in and pick up. Normandy Farms supplies bread to many high end restaurants and you can pick up fresh from behind the counter.

Rehearsal dinner in Charleston/ Mt. P. SC?

Old Village Post House, High Cotton, Upstairs at Rue de Jean, Fish. I'm not positive but Blossom, Magnolia's or Cypress may have private rooms.

Cake in Charleston, SC?

Also late to this reply but Ashley Bakery and Frosted Monkey Bakery are both in West Ashley and are excellent.

Caterers in Charleston?

Very late in my reply but Charleston Bay Gourmet specializes in outdoor catering. Their website is

Savannah Dining - Reasonable for 12 Women

I'd love some reccomendations for a group of 12 women in their late 20's for reasonably priced dinner near River Street. I know there are a ton of options but really need to narrow it down and make reservations for Saturday. Doesn't have to be seafood per se but would be ideal to have some seafood on the menu. Thanks in advance!