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Casual Eats in Montreal

Super casual, but I would recommend burgers at Burger de Ville (on St Laurent, just up from Lawrence but on the other side). A burger each, and maybe share the de Ville salad, or some fries, and you have a delicious dinner for two for less than $20.

Indian Restaurants near Laurier metro any good?

I've been to the Indian restaurant situated between Kg and Luck Hop Foo (not sure of the name sorry) It was good, but did not compare to price or flavour to what you can find around Jean Talon/Acadie/Parc-Ex. However, if you live in the area, then it is much closer to home than those restaurants, and is a reasonable option.

Non-touristy near Prince Arthur

Janos and Prato are better than YOO, in my opinion.

I've only eaten at YOO once; I had the pork and apple pie that Fintastic mentioned above and was thoroughly disappointed.

Garde Manger reservations question

Isn't that the night before the GP weekend starts? Maybe the restaurant is reserved for a special function?

You could try tweeting @ Chuck Hughes. Or call Le Bremner, and see if you can leave a message on their answering machine, asking if they could get someone from GM to call you back.

Great salads in Montreal

There is also a Mandy's on Laurier West, at the back of a clothing boutique. Great salads!

in search of decent weekday breakfast options in downtown Montreal

Brilliant, thank you Eater Bob!

in search of decent weekday breakfast options in downtown Montreal

Does anyone know if any of the Asian restaurants in Chinatown 2 open early and serve "breakfast"?

Quebecois Tourtiere or First Nations meat pie??

I feel that we need a Chowhound Tourtiere Taste Test now, porker vs sophie.brunet!
Your posts, descriptions and pictures are seriously making my mouth water - your families are very lucky that you take the time to make such big batches! Enjoy the feasts on your labour :)

Jan 02, 2014
unlaced in Home Cooking

Best yule log

Kem Coba sold out of yule logs days ago unfortunately. I have ordered one through Les Givres - I am not sure if they are still taking orders though.

For future reference, Patisserie Rhubarbe also had a buche menu, which looked fantastic, but orders needed to be placed by last Thursday. You could always call them, or Fous Dessert, to see if they have any extra or spare (or cancelled orders!)

Cross Rib/Shoulder Roast...vs....Chuck Roast/Blade Roast Challenge , Roasted Low and Slow @ 210* With Pictures

Thank you for these instructions fourunder, I used them to make a delicious roast sirloin last night and I couldn't believe how uniform and delicious the meat turned out! What a great technique, thank you for sharing and for explaining in more detail, and giving tips, in various posts and threads on this board!

Dec 21, 2013
unlaced in Home Cooking

Prepared Christmas Dinner delivery to your door in Montreal 2013

Here are the prices. You can buy the Full Meal Deal with everything, or can order things separately, based on what you require.

[ ] Single Serving -- Strawberry ‘Cheesecake’ Pain Perdu -- $6.50
[ ] Double Serving -- Strawberry Cheesecake Pain Perdu -- $12.50

[ ] 250 ml -- Dilled Lemon Caper Smoked Salmon Tartinade -- $4.50
[ ] 500 ml -- Dilled Lemon Caper Smoked Salmon Tartinade -- $8.50

[ ] Deep Dish (4” diameter) Tarte -- Classic, Oh, So, Classic Tourtiere -- $8.50
[ ] Deep Dish (9” diameter) Tarte -- Classic, Oh, So, Classic, Tourtiere --$24.00

[ ] Single -- Full Meal Deal -- $15.50
[ ] Double -- Full Meal Deal -- $30.50

[ ] 500 ml -- Herbed Whipped Potatoes -- $4.00
[ ] 1 liter -- Herbed Whipped Potatoes -- $7.50

[ ] 500 ml -- Portabella Mushrooms & Green Beans w/ Toasted Cashews -- $5.00
[ ] 1 liter -- Portabella Mushrooms & Green Beans w/ Toasted Cashews -- $9.50

[ ] 500 ml -- Pomegranate Basil Glazed Baby Carrots -- $4.50
[ ] 1 liter -- Pomegranate Basil Glazed Baby Carrots -- $8.50

[ ] 500 ml -- Herbed Wholegrain Stuffing -- $5.00
[ ] 1 liter -- Herbed Wholegrain Stuffing -- $9.50

[ ] 500 ml -- Our Infamous Turkey Gravy -- $5.00
[ ] 1 liter -- Our Infamous Turkey Gravy -- $9.50

[ ] 250 ml -- Clementine Cardamon Cranberry Sauce -- $4.00
[ ] 500 ml -- Clementine Cardamon Cranberry Sauce -- $7.50

[ ] Single Serving -- Chocolate Brownie Pudding Cake with Fresh Strawbs & Hazelnuts -- $6.50
[ ] Double Serving -- Chocolate Brownie Pudding Cake with Fresh Strawbs & Hazelnuts -- $12.50

Brunch at La Raclette

We went to brunch at La Raclette this morning and I was impressed enough that I wanted to bring it to the attention of Montreal Chowhounds. We chose the restaurant as, whilst walking around the Plateau, we had noticed their sign which offered a BYO mimosa offer for brunch - bring along a bottle of sparkling wine to brunch and they would supply a carafe of fresh squeezed orange juice. I think this must be one of the only brunch places to offer a BYO option, and since we were in the mood for some festive cheer, we made a booking.

This was my first time at the restaurant, and the room is lovely, quality settings on the table, and service is friendly. Prices are a little higher than your average brunch place, however, taking into account the size and quality of the meals, they are very reasonable (meals $14-$19).
Coffee or tea are included in the prices, and the meal started with a little taster of marble cake with orange syrup, and concluded with a clementine each. Between the three of us we had
the Full English breakfast, with an added side of Blood Pudding and Caramelised Apples
Omelette of the day - bacon, asparagus, brie and mushrooms
Pancakes with ricotta, blueberry compote, praline ice cream and bacon.
The meals were fantastic, excellent quality ingredients and nice, different touches (although the feve au dinde were a bit too different from the norm for my friends, I liked them as they were quite light and savoury, especially with the added rosemary). The blood sausage was fantastic, one of my favourite versions in Montreal to date.

Also on the menu was a breakfast fondue, which I will probably try next time!‎
1059 rue Gilford

Prepared Christmas Dinner delivery to your door in Montreal 2013

Here is the menu from the seekrit list
Orders must be placed by 6:00pm Sunday the 22nd, so if you think this is an option, don't forget to place an order!

Fresh Strawberry ‘Cheesecake’ Baked Pain Perdu
Dilled Lemon Caper Smoked Salmon Tartinade
Tarte of the Week -- Classic, Oh So Classic, Tourtiere
The Full Meal Deal -- Roast turkey, herbed mashed potatoes, green beans w/ portabella mushrooms & roasted cashews, pomegranate basil glazed baby carrots, classic whole grain bread stuffing, clementine cardamon cranberry sauce, and our low fat full flavour turkey gravy...definitely a full meal!!
Chocolate Brownie Pudding Cake with Fresh Strawberries & Hazelnuts

Prepared Christmas Dinner delivery to your door in Montreal 2013

You could email Chanty on the Seekrit list
They will have a Turkey list with Christmas food options coming out over the weekend, for pick up on the 23rd/24th.
Email here:

student budget local gift ideas?

Yes, I liked them very much! If I wasn't potentially leaving Montreal soon, I would have purchased much more. In the end my favourites were their mead, their raw honey and the honey mustard (the yellow variety - I was surprised that I liked this one more than the dijon honey mix!) Their buckwheat honey was so flavourful, I would imagine it would be incredible in different baked goods.

I had a flick through the book and there were some delicious looking recipes in there! I think that kind of pack would make a wonderful gift!

student budget local gift ideas?

Here are some of the treats that I take back to family or send to friends (though I am from Australia, so apologies if some of these are readily available in Vancouver). Some of these have been mentioned by others..

Granulated maple sugar and maple butter (I like the grinder of maple sugar you can get in the epiceries - it is about $10 and a nice gift, which is lighter than a can of QC maple syrup!)

Sortilege - even people who don't really like whiskey (myself included) like this

Ice cider - my favourites are from Ciderie du Minot

Jams from Preservation Society (they will be at Puces Pop this afternoon, go if you have time, try some of their limited edition jams. They are $10 each)

Honey from Miels d'Anicet
This is a new one for me, I had the idea after reading about them in the Gazette on Wednesday. They has a stall at Les Salon des Metiers at Place Bonaventure and are very happy to offer tastings and chat about their products.
These were also incredibly reasonably priced, much more so than many of the other food products available at the show. $6.50 for a jaw of raw honey, $5 for a jar of their homemade honey mustard.

Sachets of St Hubert gravy mix, and the mix for the Hot Chicken sandwich. Any "ready to mix" things that you find in the supermarket here that would be unfamiliar to those back home.

Brownies from Kem CoBa - these were a hit with a friend in the States - freeze them before you leave and them pack them in your checked baggage - they will definitely maintain freshness! I think they are $3.95 each

Have fun shopping!

Bier Markt anyone?

The 5 a 7 from Mon to Thurs, with $6 beers and dollar oysters looks interesting...
If you go for brunch, please report back!

Local gift for 50 dollars

Thank you!

Local gift for 50 dollars

Did you buy it through their online shop or is there another stockist?

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

I am not sure if it is the same this year, but on previous years when I have booked for the apple or the maple season, it has sometimes taken weeks for them to follow up with the booking, even if I had sent an email right on midnight! Don't stress!

Authentic Sushi with Japanese Chef

The chef at Aka-Fuji is Verdun is Japanese - he and his wife run the restaurant themselves. It is quite traditional, with only a few weird rolls and things to cater for the masses. That said, I wouldn't say it would knock your socks off, but it is solid and dependable and reasonably priced.

Openings in 2013

For any Aussie expats out there, they have jaffles (a kind of toasted sandwich made in a special press) on the menu! I walked by on my way to Hof Kelsten this afternoon but didn't pop in. I am guessing it is run by Australians, will be interested to see what the coffee is like, and whether they offer an "off menu" flat white!

Openings in 2013

Just enjoying some of their signature rye and caraway seed loaf now - it is very good! The guy at the counter (I think it must have been the owner) was very friendly and was describing how they would expand step by step with their range. This week it is just breads, some sandwiches and coffees, soon pastries etc. They have a thriving wholesale business, supplying restaurants and cafes. I quite liked the space, it had a nice feeling. The bread is delicious!

Bakeries/Coffee Shop for an overnight stay?

Thanks for the update Anthony! I hope the OP will be able to drop by now before he/she needs to leave.

Bakeries/Coffee Shop for an overnight stay?

Just to note, I think Myriade only opens at 8am, so if you want a coffee first thing, before you leave, you may have to try and pick one up on the way to the airport/train station etc

In Montreal - seeking Chinese Lunchtime Buffet that have Siu Mai - Chinese Dumplings

I have only been to Keung Kee once, but have been to Ethan maybe 10 times now. Extremely reasonably priced, quite a few hits, some misses.

The BBQ pork is a favourite, I'd say out of the 9 times we have ordered it, it has been excellent 7/9 times, the other two times we received the very fatty parts of the meat, so whilst it was delicious, the value wasn't as good.

Yu Hsiang eggplant is delicious, as is the General Tao eggplant (not an every day dish, but deliciously sweet and sticky, and crunchy and creamy all at once)

The Chinese greens dishes and beans with pork are also good staples. And it is one of the only places that I have seen prawn/shrimp toast on the menu, which is a standard on Australian Chinese restaurant menus, and something that I miss.

prepared foods? for everyday eating

Comptoir du chef have several locations downtown and offer prepared meals. I don't know what your budget is but they are reasonably priced given the quality/quantity of the food. I find them a little lacking in taste but the portion size, mix of ingredients (eg a meal normally has protein, starch and vegetables) and quality of ingredients make it a fairly good option.


Sana (655 rue Jarry west). The owners are Pakistani, and food is sensational. For the reasons mentioned above (inconsistency etc) we don't go anywhere else anymore. Service has improved recently too, which is nice.

Moonshine BBQ

Cult Montreal just posted a review

Food Events 2013

But there is nothing to suggest that there will be tastings available?