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Why Is the Bottled Water Market Crashing?

I think it's also thanks to the incredible popularity of Nalgenes and Klean Kanteens, at least here in Northern California. It seems like everyone, including myself, has a reusable bottle covered in stickers and paint... Much more fun than disposable. Plus San Francisco tap water comes from Hetch Hetchy (Yosemite) and tastes great.

Sep 17, 2010
fluffhead in Features

Squirt imported from Mexico - where to buy?

You can buy it at nearly every little Mexican grocery store at Mission/16th. When I am shopping this week during my lunch break, I will take a closer look and give you some specific store names.

Nuts in the shell?


Longtime reader, firsttime poster. I'm scared!

I am currently addicted to shelling and eating nuts. I sit on my couch and just crack those puppies open for hours... Walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, and even the brazil nuts. I sit there and munch until I am thoroughly covered in nut shrapnel.

I was buying the walnuts for a while at Bi-Rite. They are awesome and, of course, expensive as all get-out. Worth it, though! I buy my other nuts at Andronico's, but the bags are wimpy small and they only carry them a few months out of the year.

Please inform me where I can buy nuts nuts nuts. Maybe in bulk, so I can get crazy and mix it up and what-not.

I live in Berkeley and am generally afraid to go to Berkeley Bowl because it makes me hate everyone. However, I would be willing to go there if you tell me they have the nuts I so dearly covet. I also work in the Mission, so.... I just went to Rainbow and they did not have nuts. :( :(

Thank you, and have a nice day.