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In Home Easter Dinner Caterer In Mississauga Wanted

I am looking for a caterer who can delivered a semi-tradtional easter dinner to my home on Easter Sunday. I am getting married the following weekend and don't have time to make dinner for all my house guests.

Any recommendations?

Vancouver Dinner Reception Location for 40 - 45 People

Thanks for the feedback. I will check out The Alibi Room.

Other venue recommendations are more than welcome!

Vancouver Dinner Reception Location for 40 - 45 People

I am getting married in Toronto and are planning a dinner reception for my family and friends in Vancouver in June who are unable to come to Ontario for the wedding.

I am looking for a restaurant or hotel with a private or semi-private room which can accomodate our group. The guests will range in age, and about 10 of the guest being junior or highschool aged, so hoping for something trendy, but not ultra modern.

Budget is about 40 - 50 per person before alcohol, tax, tip/

Although not mandatory, we would like somewhere with a west coast flare and a view of the city or waterfront.

We are also going to be wearing our wedding attire again, so it can't be too casual.

Recommendations would be appreciated!

A few places we are considering (feedback welcome)

The Cannery
Gold Fish Pacific Kitchen
The Observatory - Grouse Mountain

Stag Dinner in Downtown Toronto or Mississauga/Oakville

Looking for a restaurant/bar/lounge for a stag dinner with good food (preferably a pre-set menu of 3 courses - he wants a good steak, but nothing too ethnic) and a good selection of draft and red wine. There will be about 30 people attending.

Wholesale Apples (Candy and Regular)

thanks for the recommendations! I will check these out.

Wholesale Apples (Candy and Regular)

I am getting married shortly and am looking to purchase 120 Candy Apples within the GTA at an affordable price. Any suggesions? My wedding colours are granny smith apple green and chocolate brown, so I figured that would be a fun thing to give my guests.

I am also looking for plain granny smith apples to use to fill vases and stack as pyramids? Anyone have suggestions on where I can source a few cases as a reasonable price? I asked my local Loblaws and they gave me a weird look.