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Scotch Blends

Do people have an opinion on Grant's which is another whiskey I've heard good reports about? Like some of the others here, not often seen here in Massachusetts. (I see Teacher's in New York but not here.) I'm particularly interested in scotch for cocktail-making.

Oct 30, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits

G. Miclo or Hermes creme de violette in the States?

This should get you to the English-language homepage for Wynand Fockink:

I've heard about that Orange Cinzano and want some bad but I think I've read it's not being imported at this time. Somebody, prove me wrong!

Oct 24, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits

DC Hound Visiting: Need Recommendations

Seeing Toro suggested reminded me of Coppa in the South End, which features incredible cured meats and a funghi pizza that is absolutely out of this world. Good wine list and inventive cocktails all made with wines and amari/liqeurs (Coppa doesn't have a license for hard spirits). Busy but usually possible to get a single at the bar without too much of a wait. I find Toro rather overwhelming in terms of bustle and noise; perhaps because it's much smaller, Coppa feels lively but not crazed.

Best price in Boston on Fernet-Branca?

I think the Nardini Amaroi is a great gateway amaro. Really a wonderful drink, less aggressive than Fernet but hardly a wallflower. Unfortunately not always easy to find.

Greenhook Beach Plum Gin Liqeur

This summer, I saw the Greenhook Beach Plum Gin Liqeur on sale on the eastern end of Long Island and was intrigued. Did some online research and stayed intrigued. I've never experimented with sloe gin, or with the Averell damson gin liqueur. Now I'm just back from a trip to NYC with a bottle of the Greenhook. I'd welcome suggestions for using it in cocktails from those who've tried it or its cousins.

Oct 16, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits

What type of cocktail glass is this?

I can report that the ones from Boston Shaker are really very nice, not too clunky but not too delicate for everyday use. In fact, I am having a Manhattan in one right now!

Oct 11, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits

Found it! Hard to find ingredients and where to find them

Ball Square had a tasting of La Foret yesterday and it was very impressive especially at a modest price point. I bought a bottle of the Pierre Ferrand today and it made a great Pegu Club.

Oct 07, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits

Found it! Hard to find ingredients and where to find them

If you're still looking, Liquor World in Porter Square has Dimmi.

Oct 01, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits

fernet branca

Fernet is amazing stuff. I'm always shocked how much I like it. (It's true that it needs to be used very carefully in cocktails as it will quickly overpower its glassmates.) And if you've over eaten it really is instant relief! On the amari front, one wonderful, perfectly balanced one that I like is the one made by Bartolo Nardini. It's hard to find here in Boston but I think well distributed around New York. It has a really lovely balance of strength and smoothness. Highly recommended!

Sep 23, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits

Green Chartreuse - what recipes are out there?

If you like rye at all, I heartily recommend the Diamondback, which is 2:1:1 rye, applejack and green Chartreuse. I first had it at Pegu Club in NYC where it masquerades as the Copperhead. It's a spectacular drink!

Sep 17, 2012
historikerstreit in Spirits