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Il Fresco, Orangeburg

We were there a couple of weeks ago and thought it was really good. My wife and I both got steak and they were cooked perfectly. Our meals were great and we plan on going back.

Fairway Nanuet Mall Rumor

I went on Tuesday and it was packed in the usual areas (fish, deli, butcher), but the check out lanes were deserted. I heard a lot of, "this is cheaper in shop rite, etc." from quite a few people while I walked around, though.

Dining out for Thanksgiving 2013 25 people - Northern Bergen County or Rockland

The 76 House in Tappan, NY does Thanksgiving. I think there's a thread from last year on here somewhere.

Oct 12, 2013
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Lake restaurant? romantic? Near Wanaque, Pequannock, or Ringwood?

I remember this review in The Record of a place on Greenwood Lake. It's the first thing that popped in my head while reading your description.

Jan 27, 2013
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Piermont, NY (Rockland) Devastation

The Lighthouse posted this on their Facebook page back on November 2nd :

"The Lighthouse suffered external damage due to loose boats and high tides. But with the help and efforts of our dedicated crew, we will be back and open for business shortly. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. Hope you and your families are safe."

Not sure if they're open yet, though.

Best Hudson Valley Farms for Apple or Pumpkin Picking

They have pumpkin ice cream, too! I had it last weekend along with the rest of the s'mores my wife couldn't finish. Both were delicious!

Bamboo Sushi AYCA Northvale NJ

Not sure, we ate in the restaurant part. Sushi was up front when you walked in, restaurant in the back area.

Feb 21, 2012
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Bamboo Sushi AYCA Northvale NJ

Well, the other place was terrible. I won't post a review of it here because it's now a different restaurant. I would've chosen a new, different name to avoid confusion.

Feb 21, 2012
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Bamboo Sushi AYCA Northvale NJ

Did they re-open under new ownership? A sushi/Japanese place called Bamboo has been in that location for a few years now, but I thought they closed.

Feb 20, 2012
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Fairway Nanuet Mall Rumor

I would love if they opened one there or in the Crossroads mall in Mahwah, if it ever gets built.

Found this from over the summer. Looks like there's definitely a plan to build one in Rockland, just not sure where.

Lunch in or Near Suffern

There's a Greek place, Plaka Taverna, downtown that's really good. It's on Orange Ave. (Route 202), almost at the corner of Lafayette (Route 59) and across from the train station. Ravi is another option and it's also on Lafayette.

Shannon Rose Irish Pub -- Ramsey

I went to the one in Clifton when it first opened; it wasn't anything special. I have been told that, "anyone can get laid at Shannon Rose" because it's just that type of crowd later on at night on the weekends.

Nov 30, 2011
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Mahwah eats - State line diner??

If you want Greek, head up the road from Roxanne's and go to Plaka Greek Taverna in Suffern. It's right across from the train station, close to the corner of Lafayette. We've eaten there a few times and the food was always great.

Greek Taverna
292 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042

Nov 22, 2011
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Rockland County chow?

A new Greek place, Plaka Greek Taverna, just opened in Suffern. Their website is for a place in Randolph, NJ, but it mentions that they've moved, so I guess they'll update it to reflect the new location shortly.

My wife had been waiting for it to open ever since we saw the "coming soon" sign because there aren't any Greek restaurants in the area. We went on Monday and they had only been open a couple of days. It's a nice place, could use a bit more wall decoration, but the food was really good.

We both got the beef & lamb gyro platter, hers with salad and mine with Greek fried potatoes. They start you out with a basket of pita, olives, and a fantastic garlic bread. We split a bowl of the Avyolemono soup and it was very good, with a nice amount of chicken in it. My wife would've preferred a little more lemon flavor, but I liked it the way it was. The gyro platters were excellent. The meat was very flavorful and the tzatziki had a nice creaminess to it. We didn't have room for dessert, but the waiter brought out two, I believe they were kataifi, with the check and they were fantastic.

We're definitely going back to try a few more dishes and hopefully save room for dessert.

Plaka Restaurant
2904 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

Graduation dinner was not up to the usual standards, slightly off

We went to the Suffern Pasta Cucina last Friday and it was great. It was just like the New City one was before they moved buildings. I always got the tortellini with shrimp in a pink sauce and once the location in New City moved from the little strip mall into the larger building next door, I noticed that the quality of the dish went downhill. I had it in the Suffern location last week and it was excellent. The portions in Suffern seem to be a lot larger than I ever had in New City because we brought home half of our dishes and had them the next day.

Pasta Cucina
253 S Little Tor Rd, New City, NY 10956

Tipping at NJ Banquet Halls

I just got married with past November and the price included 18% gratuity for the staff. Not included was a separate charge of 5% for maitre'd, who was also the catering manager. I'd say 20% is basically the benchmark.

Jun 22, 2011
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Best breakfast sandwiches in Northeastern NJ (Bergen County area)

The Quaker Creek Store makes a fantastic breakfast. Their sausage patties are homemade and one of the best I've ever had. They also make a great kielbasy and eggs.

Mar 07, 2011
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Rockland wedding shower

My wife is a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding and they're looking for a place to hold the shower. The guestlist isn't finalized yet so the range could be up to 100 people, but will probably be closer to 60. They're looking for a place in the southern part of Rockland (no Stony Point or Haverstraw area) or very nothern Bergen county (just the border towns). They're looking to spend less than $25 per person and it would probably be around the 1st week of April. Any ideas? Thanks.

Wedding Venues in Northern NJ or Rockland county with great food

The Old Tappan Manor (formerly Colonial Manor) has just undergone a major reconstruction/renovation. Might be worth checking out.

Aug 25, 2010
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Jonesing for some Coconut Cake

If you're in NE Bergen county and don't mind taking a 10 minute trip over the NY border there is a place called Lanie Lou's Cafe in Blauvelt, NY. They have a fantastic coconut cake, among other things. It's across from Bailey's Smokehouse, right off of Route 303.

Feb 23, 2010
legendarystarbolt in New Jersey

Anthony Bourdain does the Hudson Valley

The Polish place in Pine Island is fantastic. My fiance's family has been getting stuff from there for about 20 years. The article makes it sound like a restaurant but it's more like a deli with a few tables.

Drinks at Applebees

Anytime I've ever gotten a drink at Applebees there's barely alcohol in it, so I can't see how 3 would really do any kind of damage.

Jan 17, 2010
legendarystarbolt in Chains

Bailey's Smokehouse Fried Chicken

I tried Backwoods when it was a stand alone and wasn't all that impressed. Maybe I'll give it another shot, but I certainly don't think they beat least not from what I've tasted.

Bailey's Smokehouse Fried Chicken

I hope so. Where ever he goes though, I'm following. Here's the email he sent.

"I don't work there anymore. I will be taking catering orders for the spring at Keep an eye on for updates!! I should have a smoker equiped kitchen too work out of in a few weeks.
Thanks for your support,
Fink "

Bailey's Smokehouse Fried Chicken

In a Facebook email sent out yesterday, Fink said that he is no longer working at Baileys. It looks like he was fired. I hope the place doesn't go downhill now since it's the only decent bbq in the area.

Best Red Velvet Cake in Hudson Valley Area?

Lanie Lou's Cafe in Blauvelt has phenomenal red velvet cupcakes and an even better coconut cake. It's across from Bailey's Smokehouse so it's a great dessert after delicious bbq.

looking for milk in glass bottles in north nj

If you're up way north in Bergen, Auntie El's on Route 17 in Sloatsburg, NY has chocolate milk in the glass bottles. It's right over the border.

New Sandwich joint in White Plains, MELT, anyone try?

Does the same guy who used to own Melt in Jersey City a few years go own this one? It was the same name and same concept, well minus the meat.

Prudential Center?

The area isn't that bad, I was just there for a Devils game and it's fine. I didn't get a chance to try it yet, but right across from the Devils' Den store on Edison Pl. is Brick City Bar and Grill. I think it opened a few weeks ago.

NYC Food Challenges

I was just about to post a similar topic. I've been watching Man vs. Food and really want to find a local place too.

Jan 14, 2009
legendarystarbolt in Manhattan