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I am quite happy to try all 8 or 9 breweries!!

Nov 08, 2010
ragamuffin in Mountain States


Thanks for playing. Restaurants, unfortunately, often close, while new ones open all the time, so I wanted the most recent information (despite some good info being present in earlier posts). Excellent suggestions- we will try them all.

Nov 01, 2010
ragamuffin in Mountain States


My sweetie and I are moving to Boulder County, and would like to know from each of you what your very favorite places are for the following types of food and drink:

1) Thai
2) Pizza
3) Sushi
4) Burgers and Fries
5) Fish and Chips (and/or general pub food)
6) Doughnuts
7) Mexican
8) Central and/or South American
9) Vietnamese
10) German, Viennese, and/or Central Eurpoean
11) Authentic Tacos (corn tortillas, meat, onion, cilantro)
12) Take-away Burritos
13) Beer
14) Coffee
15) Unusual sandwiches
16) **Best happy hour, in terms of low food and drink prices, as well as food quality**
17) Any very favorite place that does not fit into one of the previous categories

Oct 27, 2010
ragamuffin in Mountain States

French Quarter Finds

Thank you for the excellent suggestions!! A friend of mine said that Maspero's and Felix's are good, but he's not from NO, so I don't know if the recommendations are any good. What do you guys have to say about those two places?

601 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130

May 14, 2010
ragamuffin in New Orleans

French Quarter Finds

I will be traveling to NO for a business conference in June, staying in a hotel at the edge of the French Quarter. I will only have time to visit restaurants that are within quick walking distance. I love small, fantastic, inexpensive (cheap) places, with any type of food. Do you have any suggestions for such places in the French Quarter (or am I hoping for too much, given the tourist focus)? Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.

May 06, 2010
ragamuffin in New Orleans


Any more suggestions? We will be in Boston next week.


Found the thread- Vinh Sun sounds great!

Vinh Sun
58 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111


My sweetie and I will be in Boston for 4 days in December. I haven't been back since I graduated from college quite a few years ago, so I am no longer familiar with the good restaurant spots.
We will eat one meal out per day, a late lunch, and are looking for excellent, local restaurants that serve a real meal for a good price. A great place in the North End would be appreciated, as would a couple in the Beacon Hill area and in Back Bay, and one in Chinatown. (Sweetie has never been to Boston, so we are going to be sightseeing.) We are staying in Cambridge, and will be traveling around by T.
I would love to expose him to some great Boston fare (including ethnic fare), but want to avoid touristy spots.
(On another note, what one Boston attraction should we definintely visit, other than the obvious ones?)


I would love to know about the best deals on good food in the Kansas City area. I'll provide four (4) that I know about, and hope that you guys know many more.

1) Extra Virgin: 1/2 price plates and $2.50 beer from 11am to 6pm each day.

2) Granfalloon: $4.50 for any burger with fries on Mondays

3) Pierpont's: very reasonable bar menu from 11am to close, including an 8oz KC strip with sides for $8.95 and $2.50 beer

4) Hereford House: happy hour bar menu of starting at $4.95, including calamari and a steakburger, with drink specials


I will be in Omaha for one day (Saturday, September 19) and am looking for a fantastic place to eat lunch. What one place would you most highly recommend, given all of the following criteria?

1) Truly luscious food
2) Locally owned
3) Inexpensive

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!

Kansas City Cafe

I went to Kansas City Cafe (16th and Grand) for lunch for the first time today. Had a jerk tenderloin sandwich. Fantastic!! My friend had a seafood sandwich that was also magnificent. The Cafe makes everything from scratch on the premises. Please, please, I hope people try this place. It is the kind of quality, local restaurant that is a great addition to the restaurant scene and needs our strong support. I would truly hate to see it go out of business.

Everything on the menu is $5.99. Open Monday-Friday, 11am to 3pm. The Cafe has its own little parking lot to one side.

Please let me know if any of you have had the same experience there.

(In case you are suspicious, this post in not a plant by the restaurant. I am simply a KC resident who has found a wonderful place and wants to pass on the recommendation.)


I adore fantastic cheeses, and wish I could afford to eat them every day. The problem is, every place I have found that has a decently extensive selection (eg Better Cheddar and Whole Foods) charges exorbitant rates for them. Are there any shops in the greater Kansas City area that have a good variety of high quality cheese, but at more reasonable prices?

Jul 08, 2009
ragamuffin in Great Plains

Kansas City Tacos

Far better than Cancun Fiesta Fresh: There is a Michoacan grocery store at the corner of 12th and Minnesota in KCK. The lunch counter inside has tacos (and burritos, tortas, etc) that are 100% authentic. Best tacos I have ever had. You choose your meat(s) (incl. pastor, barbacoa, lamb, lengua, carnitas, etc), the woman puts them on corn tortillas, with a sprinkling of cilantro and onion on top. FABULOUS!!

Jul 02, 2009
ragamuffin in Great Plains

Fantastic hole-in-the-walls in San Antonio and in Austin?

I'm going to be in San Antonio for one week and in Austin for two days. What are the best, authentic, inexpensive hole-in-the-wall restaurants in those towns? I want great, cheap food of any kind. Talk to me, you Texans!!

Mar 12, 2009
ragamuffin in Texas

Inexpensive and fantastic seafood along the New England coast?

I'm arriving in the area on April 22. Hope the place is open by then!

Great restaurants at a reasonable price in Maine and New Hampshire?

For lunch, $10 and under, preferably.

Great restaurants at a reasonable price in Maine and New Hampshire?

After driving up the coast of New England, I'm going to be spending a couple of weeks in Maine and New Hampshire. I'm looking for good, local, one-of-a-kind restaurants serving fresh food at a reasonable price. What are your favorite little places?

Inexpensive and fantastic seafood along the New England coast?

I'm going to be driving up the coast, from Providence, RI to Eastport, ME, over the course of a week. I would love to eat at fantastic, inexpensive, hole-in-the-wall types of places along the way. Seafood is preferable. Any suggestions?

Poor student in Kansas City wants decent food!

I'm in midtown KCMO, but any location in the metro area is fine. I like exploring.

Poor student in Kansas City wants decent food!

I'm a new student in KC on a seriously tight budget. Any cheap places serving good food??

What happened to Delaware Cafe (KC)?

Does anyone know what happened to Delaware Cafe? (Located just west of City Market in Kansas City.) There is a posted sign saying the place is closed for the holidays, but the sign has been there for about a month and a half.

Recs for Good Eats in Overland Park Area

Casa Paloma changed owners about two years ago. (The original owners moved to Mexico.) Though the previous owner/chef taught the new owner/chef all of the recipes, the place is not as good as it used to be.

Meeting Biological Korean Parents for the 1st time in KC...where to eat?

On Barry Road, a few blocks east of I-29, is a wonderful little restaurant called Malay Cafe. The lunch prices are extremely reasonable, and the food is fantastic. I cannot recommend the place highly enough. I am sure that your Korean parents will be able to find something on the menu that they will like. Have a good visit!

Best inexpensive restaurants in Kansas City

There is a new blog page, , that is seeking suggestions for the best reasonably priced restaurants in the greater Kansas City area. I am curious about that myself. Excellent food, cooked fresh, and inexpensive to boot. Does anyone have any suggestions?