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Mobile search of specific Chowhound boards is broken

Hello all,

At some point some mobile site redesign seems to have broken mobile search of specific Chowhound boards. Right now, if you want to search a particular chowhound sub-board, it seems like you're SOL.

Steps I'm taking:
1. Point my mobile browser (Chrome for Android) to (redirects to as I would expect)
2. Click "View Board List"->United States->Northern New England
3. Press the search magnifying glass in the top right, search box drops down.
4. Type my search, that I would like localized to the Northern New England board (my search query: "Concord NH")

After step 4 I receive search results that are not at all localized to the Northern New England board.

Am I performing the search wrong, or is this just broken?

May 24, 2014
Keithel in Site Talk

Wow, Fantastic Sichuan in Billerica, Ma. - Sichuan Gourmet

I can attest -- beef tendon is just like the others you mention -- excellent, excellent, excellent. If you like their Dan Dan noodles, you'll no doubt love their Jia-Jiang noodle soup (I'm probably butchering the romanized spelling).
The eggplant is also excellent.

Oct 04, 2009
Keithel in Greater Boston Area

Girls night dinner in Natick/Framingham area.

link to Sichuan Gourmet II

Sichuan Gourmet II
271 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701

Girls night dinner in Natick/Framingham area.

Sichuan Gourmet II is also an option.
Run by the same family that runs the one in Billerica - awesome authentic sichuan cooking.

The Peking Pork and Dan Dan noodles are fantastic there.

Lowell WinterFest - Soup Bowl Competition this weekend??

I'm not surprised that French's took top honor in a soup contest. They have some really killer soups. Highly recommended for lunch. Their subs and salads are fair, but not great, but pair well with their awesome soup.

Their clam chowder is really great there.

How is the "Club Car Cafe" in West Concord, MA


Anyway, I was wondering if the construction they were doing last year on this is all done, and how it's changed... (not that I've been there to begin with, but I'm curious what people think)

Oct 31, 2008
Keithel in Southern New England

Looking for Kozy Shack pudding....

I'm pretty sure Market Basket only carries the common varieties though -- Chocolate and Vanilla, and *maybe* Tapioca.

Any classic MA diners open on Thanksgiving?

I don't know about MA, but I do know the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, NH is open every day of the year except Christmas day, and several friends of mine have raved about it.

Caution though, as it's pretty tiny, and always has a line out the door. :)

Savannah Dry availability in New England?

Ooh handy list.. looks slightly promising seeing Connecticut and Rhode Island "TBD" instead of not on the list at all.

I've just gone on without having any of that tasty beverage since I last had it in oh, 2000 or so... I do miss it though.

Anyone have any other similarly dry hard ciders that might be easier to come by?
Savanna Dry has SA Granny Smith apples in it giving it it's dry, not too sweet flavor, and so they say, it's naturally brewed, with no chemical additives.

Oct 29, 2008
Keithel in Southern New England

Village Grille in Chelmsford, MA?

I've been to Rosie's a few times, but I just like the atmosphere of Owl better. After all, it's actually in a dining car :)

I've also been to Glenview (grill I presume you mean -- near the rt 4 rotary) -- tons tons of choices, definitely a local joint that's been around forever. Good food too :)
atmosphere is hrm.. catering more toward and older crowd... homey. But it's good!

Village Grille in Chelmsford, MA?

Ditto what Lexpatti said. Their Eggs Benedict is awesome -- nice juicy thick slice of ham and great hollandaise sauce.

Village Grille in Chelmsford, MA?

If their food is good, I can excuse a little bit of inconsistency on the service end (unless it's entirely atrocious). I may have to go up that way for lunch some day. It's a bit far for lunch during the week, but worthy of trying once, if at least to get an idea for a weekend place to stop by.

Village Grille in Chelmsford, MA?

Not quite local, but not too far away I live a few towns away, and work in Burlington, so Chelmsford is definitely not too far out of the way for me.

After all, I'll travel to Owl Diner for a good diner breakfast occasionally :)

Village Grille in Chelmsford, MA?

Anyone know anything about the Village Grille in Chelmsford?

Looks like it's good, but I don't know any more than that a friend has passed by it expressing interest, and a review I cooked up from the web from a year ago.

Anyone have any experiences with it?

The homemade potato chips make my mouth water :)

Good Cake Bakeries in Central MA

Nashoba Brook does more than the reported great bread?
I've actually never been there.. I'll have to head over there some time soon.

As to what happened with the need in question -- My father ended up getting a cake from Crown Bakery in Worcester. Personally, I thought it was so/so (cake was a bit dry) -- but then again, they're well known for their streusel, from what I've heard. The cake was pretty though!

Good Cake Bakeries in Central MA

Hello all,

I live in the seemingly foodie-free area of Acton/Concord/Chelmsford and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a bakery where I can get a good birthday cake.

Anywhere ranging from Lowell/Chelmsford down to Hudson would be the desired area of search.

Paul's Bakery (long since gone) in Maynard used to be one of my favorites for a good cake, but they've been gone for quite a few years now, and I have no idea where to go.

The new Sweet Bites Cafe (West Acton, MA), which is in the location where the Contintental Cafe used to be has EXCELLENT little cakes and other confections, however they seem to only make small treats (for a relatively premium price, however it is so worth it!).

I'm looking for something that can feed 4 or so people plus leftovers (I figured a typical 8" round would be what I'd end up getting, but I have an open mind).

Any ideas?
Doesn't have to be too fancy, but definitely has to be yummy.

Quarterdeck in Maynard - Gone?

I worked in the fish market when I was in High School. The brothers were an interesting bunch of guys...

The food was always good, IMHO, and the brothers were always making sure that the cleaning processes were in place to make sure the fish was fresh.

Dang, wish I would have known about this, so I could've gone back over there and had my usual lunch when I worked there on the weekends -- a fried haddock sandwich with lettuce tomato and mayo -- mmm mmm -- it was always really tasty.

One thing I won't miss: preparing soft shell crabs.

Ice Cream Season is now open!

I presume you mean "England's Microcreamery LLC" in Haverhill, MA that I find via google?
From the name, it sounds good.

Ice Cream Season is now open!

I just thought I'd give a heads up that lots of seasonal ice cream places are opening or have already opened up this month.

Kimball Farm Ice Cream in Westford, MA - Opened April 2nd
Bedford Farm Ice Cream in Bedford, MA -- Was open April 4th, but looked like it was open before Kimball's was.

Kimball Farm Ice Cream in Carlisle, MA - Opens April 9th

Anyone else have news on ice cream places opening up?

I've already been to Kimballs, and to Bedford Farms (for a shake).. had to have that first ice cream of the season -- even if it was a little cold. :) Now I'll hold off for a while so I can burn those calories!

Two Weeks in Worcester - Cheap Eats and Must Eats?

wow! Everyone here has some great recs!

My suggestion is for good very very cheap breakfast.

Head over to Gold Star Restaurant. Great traditional diner food, but at amazingly low prices. Their corned beef hash is freshly made every day - yum!

It's located on Gold Star Boulevard, in the same building as the eastern boarder. Don't trust google maps' directions because it's wrong - at least last I tried. From 290 to 190, take gold star blvd exit, follow gold star blvd a few blocks down (4?). Entrance is on the very corner of the building, and it is right across the street from a non-brand name gas station. Parking is on the other side of the building (same street) past the eastern boarders entrance. Street parking is usually what I've done (easy convenient) because the small lot is usually full.

Comfort food in/around Hudson, MA

Just thought I'd post a followup to this!

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions, and I'll definitely have to try some or all of them in the future.

I was amazed, but I actually got my father to be ok with going up to Gibett Hill.
Turns out, the guy who rescued the farm, and has his relatives working there is a former colleague of his - way back in the days of Multics (timesharing operating predecessor to Unix), so he was curious when I mentioned it.

Food was great, and the ambiance was even better!
My sister got some wonderful steak tips that were flavored nicely from their marinade.
My father and I got the prime rib -- I love prime rib, so I couldn't say no.
My grandmother got the pot pie. The pot pie looked delicious.
And to boot, they have Wachusett Country Ale on tap, which is one of my favorites.

Comfort food in/around Hudson, MA

Ooh! I think we may have a winner!
O'Connor's sounds good to me...
My sister just now is mentioning that my father doesn't like Irish food much..
I imagine they have some non-irish food choices, but I suppose I should push it off for a non-occasion meal out :)

Hmm I want to go there now :)

Comfort food in/around Hudson, MA

He's tired of the Way Side Inn (He complains that the menu has never changed in the entire time I have lived).. but your other choices sound good!

Personally, I would love a trip to Way Side Inn -- I love their tavern area -- nice n dark -- makes you really feel like you're in an old 18th century tavern.

Hmm.. Willy's -- he might like that. Romaines would be a good choice, if he wasn't specifically asking for 'comfort food' (which I would, knowing him, define as not Italian) -- but it definitely is an option!

Hmm Kennedy's -- I think once he poo-pooed it (not sure why!) -- I might be able to drag him there! :) I like the food there - though I've only been once, and long long ago.

Wildwood is also a good suggestion -- I was thinking about that one before I posted for some ideas.

Best Burger in Worcester?

ooh man, I'm going to have to bug some friends in worcester for a get-together and stop in at Ralphs some time to get a burger and a brew.

More recently I have been less and less in the worcester area. :(

Comfort food in/around Hudson, MA

My father is celebrating a birthday very soon, and expressed an interest in comfort food when I asked him where he wanted to go out to dinner.

I'm at a loss for what to decide. I have my own selections of comfort food, but they tend not to be for something like a birthday dinner (Brew City in Worcester), and I also don't quite live where my father does.

I'm up in the Acton area, where the pickings are even slimmer, but at least a drive up to Nashua or into boston isn't too hard, and I'm more willing to drive a distance for good food than my father, and I'm also more willing to spend some $$ on good food.

I can probably get him to accept going to Worcester (though he still groans sometimes -- I don't understand!), especially since I'm pretty sure that we'll have to go at least that far for something good.

He's a meat-n-potatoes sort of guy, and the pretty-food concept will loose many points. -- Taste of food comes very first, and the look of the food doesn't have any impact.

111 chop house comes to mind, but alas, it's been there forever, and we've been there together at least a few times over the years. Is there something else?
Since it's hudson, we'd also be willing to travel, say, to Marlboro, and a bit into sudbury, and likewise north.

Will he be ok traveling into Boston or Providence (even with someone else driving?) no.
I wish! I'd drag him down to Providence anytime! I know he'd love the food choices down there! I still need to get down to Sienna.

Hoping some folks will have at least a few suggestions!
Thank you!

Oh, and I will be posting my views on Acton's "Cantonese Eatery" soon - when I get a chance (short answer -- quite good! great tea selection in addition to food, owner definitely has a passion for food).

Best Burger in Worcester?

My favorite is the beer burger at Brew City on Shrewsbury St. They'll cook it the way you want, and you get nice caramelized onions on top too - yum.

Italian in Providence

Well, that rules out Sienna -- great food, but too loud :)
I'll leave the experts to give you a positive answer.

How is the "Club Car Cafe" in West Concord, MA

Does it pull off decent diner food?
How is the ambiance? Is it suitably dinerish?

I see one mention of it in the Boston + New England boards, and that was long ago -- in 2003, and not much has been said for it. Should I take that as an indication that it's not worth going to?

Nov 16, 2007
Keithel in Southern New England

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

Oh, yes, I forgot when I was posting that I was in the Providence thread :)

Nov 15, 2007
Keithel in Southern New England

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

The pies -- do they have veggies in them, or are they just pastry, meat, and sauce?

I would imagine they probably are the latter, but if they had veggies in em (carrots, peas for the chicken ones, not sure about others), I'd absolutely love it. In any case, I'll have to drop by there sometime when in Worcester :)

Nov 14, 2007
Keithel in Southern New England