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Seattle - Breweries that serve good hard cider?

Most cider places in the Pacific Northwest are like wineries... big ol' plots of land to grow apples in. That said, you can find some ciders at places like White Horse Trading Company or Three Lions Pub. Just look for English Pubs. Sadly, you won't find any microbrews instead mainly stuff from England.

Nov 30, 2009
DoomGoober in Greater Seattle

Alphonso Mangoes?

"Alfonso" is actually the correct original Portuguese spelling. The New York Times did report that Alphonso trees are being grown is Mexico, so it's possible that Costco's Mexican Alfonsos are actually Alphonsos... I'll have to check it out next year when they're in season. Thanks for the heads up!

Sep 15, 2009
DoomGoober in Greater Seattle

Alphonso Mangoes?

Are there any stores that sell Alphonso mangoes in the Seattle area?

Importing Alphonso mangoes was legalized in 2007. It's 2009 and I still can't find them. Given the relatively large Indian and foodie populations in Seattle, I can't believe nobody carries them...

Thanks in advance.

Jun 12, 2009
DoomGoober in Greater Seattle

East Coast Products in Seattle?

I'd heard you can get Schweppes Bitter Lemon at Metropolitan Market. Unfortunately, the kind Grocery Manager told me they don't carry it anymore and that "It's really tough to find. I think they're looking for a new distributor." If that's the case, that probably means there's no West Coast distributor which means you're only going to find it at a specialty store as an "import." I tried British Pantry in Redmond, but they don't carry it. carries it but shipping liquids is really expensive.

Apr 27, 2009
DoomGoober in Greater Seattle

Whistler Restaurants or Local Treats?

Old post, I know, but for any Googlers stumbling on this page here are some down to earth, cheaper, locals type restaurants:
1) Wild Wood Cafe at Function Junction. Function Junction is a couple of kilometers before Whistler Village where 99 meets the railroad. FJ's dominated by a bus depot and auto supply shop and has a couple of cafes/bakeries. Wild Wood Cafe specializes in sandwiches and breakfast food but it's out of the way location guarantees mostly locals and simpler food. Wild Wood also operates more fancy restaurants in Whistler Village.
2) Pasta Lupino in Whistler Village North. In the more down to earth part of Whistler Village, next to a dollar store, this tiny pasta shop makes all of their own bread and pasta.
3) Samurai Sushi. A cheap sushi place with decent food that's always packed with locals and tourists in the know. 7011 Nesters Road RR 7, Whistler. (604) 935-0006‎

Kaiseki meal in Kyoto

My kaiseki experience at Nishiki was delightful! The restaurant edges a small little island which is dominated by a public park. The path onto the island is the famous bridge Togetsukyō which is lit with colored lights. Little modern shops line the road to Togetsukyō, which my girlfriend quite enjoyed.

We had our own little private room with tatami mats and a beautiful flower arrangement. Fortunately, the waitress knew most of the English names of the key ingredients and my girlfriend managed to read some of the Kanji. Each dish highlighted a special ingredient, with some being boiled, pickled, stewed, grilled or cooked in stock. Many of the dishes were interactive, cooked at the table or requiring the eater to mix some ingredients.

If you're ever in Kyoto, Nishiki it's well worth it and much cheaper than most of the Kaiseki meals offered around town. Making reservations was a bit difficult as no one speaks English (I had a Japanese speaking friend make the reservations for me.)

We had the $73 USD/person ten course meal which was a bit too much food but the minimum required for a private room.

Feb 09, 2009
DoomGoober in Japan

Kaiseki meal in Kyoto

I hear really good things about Nishiki. It is featured in the book "Old Kyoto" ( pg. 197.) The prices look very reasonable though Nishki has changed their pricing a bit since jb1973 posted. They've upped the number of courses and lowered some prices. If I'm reading it right:
8 Course: ¥4,600
9 Course: ¥6,100
10 Course: ¥7,300
There's still a ¥21,000 option (about $230 at time of posting) and you must order the 10 Course meal to get a private room.

Jan 13, 2009
DoomGoober in Japan