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Toronto Restaurant Recommendations

Buca is great. Daisho is fine, but I actually prefer the Noodle Bar. Dailo got badly panned by Toronto Life yesterday. If you want to go for Asian Fusion, I would definately try Bent, its another Susur Lee place, I was there on Saturday. Everything about it is first rate

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

This has been a very good post to track the trials and triumphs of the new location. I went to the new location for the first time today. Obviously the location is a vast improvement over the Monach, and whatever the problems with service appear completely resolved. The food however , specifically the smoked meat is no where near where it was at the Monarch. I tried the 7oz Smoked Meat today, and it was cold and chewy, almost impossible to eat in a sandwich, so I did what it appeared most others were doing take the top off the sandwich and eat it piece by piece, not exactly world class smoked meat. The waitress asked how it was , so I told her not so good, she took it away immediately (Like I said really great service) and brought me another, unfortunately it was identical to the first. I really think this is a 911 for Zane, its been 6 months in the new location, and it appears consistancy is a huge issue. I really want him to succeed, I will not give up on him yet, but I doubt I will be taking any of my Montreal friends there anytime soon.

Dim Sum restaurants in Mississauga?

I have been going to the Emerald for years, its one of my favorate Dim Sum places anywhere in Toronto.

where to find cake decorating supplies in toronto canada

The best place I know is Mcalls on Bloor at Kipling (near 6 points Plaza) all they sell is cake decorating supplies. Its a pretty big place. They also have classes.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

Made our second visit here on Saturday, this time with our second BBQ critic, my son. He had the pulled pork and slaw, this time I tried the brisket and meat loaf. The brisket was first rate, very tender, nice smoke ring, smokey, clearly fresh.. The slaw was also fresh crunchy. The meatloaf was I thought amazing. My sons pulled pork was consistant with my first visit. Very good.
I am completely cool with the idea that you serve what you made that day , and if you run out..I guess you have to wait. I way prefer this to reheating BBQ.I was at a highly rated BBQ place in TO and I couldnt believe it when the actually boiled the individual servings for the sandwiches right in front of us. Just give me the old school. Other than chains in the US, thats pretty much how it works.

Beer Bistro..Worth a Visit?

Very worthwhile place excellennt food. Thier Pulled Pork sandwich was voted by Toronto Star as the best in the city about 18 months ago. On Saturdays they used to roast a whole suckling pig. Not sure if they still do.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

A week ago I was driving around Dundas and Burnamthorpe when I saw "Paul and Sandys Real BBQ" with the full requisite Pig Neon type sign. I pulled over immediately and walked in . They were closed but Paul opened the door for me. We talked and sure enough this is the real Mcoy, a fully valid BBQ joint right in my neighborhood. He let me know that they smoke everything on hickory, they make all thier own rubs and sauces
I went over there for lunch today, I had the pulled pork sandwich. It was served not on a fluffy white wonderbread bun, but more like a sourdogh type of bun. The meat was beautifully juicy, nice chunks of bark, a beautiful smoke ring and a very nice vinegar South Carolina style sauce, also served on the side.They also have an amazing hot style sauce. I would say that the pork was very nicely smoked. I have heard some complaints on the board that some of the BBQ places in town you just dont taste the smoke as you might in the USA, (and I agree) but here I'd say thats not the case.
You get a choice of typical BBQ sides like coleslaw and beans. I picked the beans, at the suggestion of the waiter, and the enthusiastic support of neighboring diners. The beans were amazing, they had chunks of meat that Paul identified to me as thier own smoked Canadian back bacon, so boy am I ever impressed now..on the plate also a couple of thick slabs of garlicy pickles. Lunch all in with a coke and tax was $8.16.
I didnt try the other stuff but Paul did show me the ribs and they certainly looked beautiful.They also have brisket, smoked chicken and smoked meatloaf (Paul reccommended).
The decor is nothing special, and that suits me just fine.
I am not going to use this space to compare this spot to others in the GTA particularily since I havnt tried everthing on the menu, but I would say if I could only go to one place for a pulled pork sandwich it would be Paul and Sandys.
I do really love "Real BBQ". Maybe a bit over the top.This year I became a certified Kansas City BBQ Association Judge, and I have travelled to Austin, Dallas, and Memphis in May in a quest for ultimate BBQ. I am tickled pink that we have this place around now.