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Weekday Lunch somewhere between Niagara on the Lake and Burlington

The Lakehouse in Vineland is good or Spencer's at the Waterfront in Burlington has a good lunch menu.

Restaurant du vieux port

Any opinions??

Love is in the air

Thanks everyone!

Love is in the air

It is most important that we absolutely love the food! We don't get away that often so I'm not going to stress about the money...anything goes!

Love is in the air

We are staying at the Fairmont Queen it as nice as the website promises? We are most definitely meat-eaters. I love spicy food, my boyfriend not so much...
Awesome food is definitely a must but a great atmosphere is really important to me as well.

Love is in the air

My boyfriend of six years and I are planning our first trip to Montreal Feb. 13 to 15th. February 14th is his birthday and I have a funny feeling will be a big night for other reasons as well (an engagement perhaps???) Can anyone suggest a cozy and romantic restaurant for dinner that night? No particular cuisine in mind, we like almost everything! Any suggestions for after dinner drinks or a special dessert? Thanks!