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Caesar Dressing

I like to add a tiny bit (1/2 tsp) of dijon mustard to egg mixture to help emulsification. Plus adds a nice zing to it :)

May 10, 2010
jcdaizy in Recipes

New Tortilleria opening in Corona

OmG... I am very picky about how much heat i can take but i must say THEIR TAMALES WERE SOOOO GOOD! They have a red one and green... THE RED IS AMAIZINGLY HOTT BUT INCREDIBLE IN FLAVOR! But i must say I will stick to the green one which is just as amaizin in flavor but lighter in heat (yesssssss). And yes they are not your lightly filled tamale... BUT LOADED WITH PORK! absolutely loved it. Cant wait for the chicken variety. Shauna is a great person and is very enthusiastic about what she does. YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE =)

Jan 14, 2009
jcdaizy in Outer Boroughs