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Birthday Dinner on a Monday in Baltimore??

I really wanted to try BlueGrass but its closed.

Some of my fav places are Cinghiale, Chameleon, Blue Hill, Jack's Bistro, and Meli to name a few.

My go to Bday place was always Pazza Luna but they closed. *Anyone know where Davidde, the chef, is now?)

I was thinking Mr. Rain's Funhouse....but just checked and they are closed Monday.

Just looking for some ideas...

Italian restaurant near BWI

Pasta Plus in Laurel would be perfect.

Birthday Dinner on a Monday in Baltimore??

Where would you go?

The few places I wanted to check out are closed Mondays.

Pizza in Baltimore

I can't believe no one has mentioned Pazani in Columbia....great pizza and even better pasts dishes.

Howard County dining on Thanksgving Day

I would stay away from Victoria' is really just a place with mediocre food and very overpriced beers. Great beer list but the food is never up to par for my tastes.

I once very politely told a bartender that he served my beer in the wrong glass and he told me to go somewhere else. Have not been back since.

Sun. nite football in Balt.

I would go to Abbey Burger Bistro in Fereal Hill. Good burgers and excellent wings. Flat screens and a comforrtable bar. Fantastic beer selection too.

Abbey Burger Bistro
1041 Marshall St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Rehearsal dinner

It's kind of a small place...but my favorite Annapolis restaurant has always been Aqua Terra. If the numbers work out right, you could have the whole place to yourselves. Great seafood and steaks.

Good but inexpensive place for a rehearsal dinner

I recently had my rehearsal dinner at MELI in Fells Point and it was cheap in comparison to others.

Looking for good sandwich rolls in the Baltimore area...

I'm ooking for something like you can find in Philly and the South Jersey Shore.

Wegmans and Whole Foods have decent ones. Wawa has has okay ones too.

Suggestions for business dinner near Inner Harbor needed by DC resident w/embarrassing lack of knowledge of Baltimore

Tabrizi's would work perfectly for you. Great view and great food.

Review - Chap's Pit Beef

I totally agree with Chaps being overrated......I would take a Canopy or Pioneer pit beef sandwich anyday over Chaps.

Raw onion, horseradish, and a little bbq.

Ocean City, MD

Check out Tequila Mockingbird for great margaritas and good apps at the bar.


It is made with a rice flour with xanthan gum added for that "gluten" texture. I ordered 2 bags of pitas last week and I will report back once I have tried them.

Great restaurant easy to get to from Baltimore beltway

I second Catonsville of my favorite new restaurants.

Anyone have a good recipe for pearl onions?

I have a bag of mixed red, white, and yellow pearl onions.

I was thinking maybe something along the lines of an au gratin (creamy and cheesy) or maybe roasting them with bacon and red wine.....

Any ideas are much appreciated.

Nov 25, 2009
abovethewaves in Home Cooking

Crabcakes for lunch near Columbia Gateway Drive?

Try Gunnings or Timbuktu for some good crabcakes.

Amazing Soft pretzel in Baltimore

"I knew I was right. Hah."

Good job pretzel boy!

So, IF the stand in Fells Point was to become an Auntie Anne's, would it still be considered a cheap drunken late night munchie place?

Need suggestions of places to get Buffalo wings in MD

Kislings is the best in town.

Quick and good Baltimore lunch?

Baba's Mediterranean Kitchen

Great food, great owner, and a great atmosphere. There is a nice little counter you can sit at too. It is also just minutes off 95 and easy to find.

Gluten-Free Baltimore

There is also a great restaurant in Bethesda called Visions that has a very nice glute-free menu.

Authentic Italian subs

I recommend Trattoria AnnaMaria also.....get the "Real Guiseppe".

Gluten-Free Baltimore

My girlfriend is gluten-free and I do all the cooking. Giant, Whole Foods, and Wegmans all have great gluten-free aisles.

As far as restaurants with actual gluten-free menus....

Baba's Mediterranean Grill (no pita bread of course)
Lebanese Taverna
Sweet Sin Bakery - desserts and bread
Kali's Court Mezze - more than half of their plates are gluten-free

There are a bunch more but I can't think right now. The website below should be very helpful.

Fun place to go this Friday

Catonsville is a great seafood restaurant with the freshest selection around. I would call it an upscale casual dining place.

It s also BYOB and there is a wine store directly across the street.

Bistro Blanc in Howard County

Are you talking about a black gentleman by the name of "Trevor"? If so, he came from IXIA and yes he is very fake and rude.

What About Ship's Cafe in Catonsville?

I have only had crabs there twice and they were really good.

Catonsville Gourmet is wonderful though. They have a great seafood market in the back also.

Baltimore Seafood Restaurants

Don't forget about the tuna, mahi, flounder, mako, and clams regularly caught out of all the marinas around OC.

Buddy's in Annapolis?

Mike's or Cantler's for sure!

Baltimore Seafood Restaurants

Catonsville Gourmet is a great place for seafood even though they are about 10 mins outside the city. They always have a variety of fresh fish to choose from and a great oyster selection.

It's BYOB with a wine store across the street and my one of my new favorite restaurants.

Baltimore Seafood Restaurants

Oceannaire has great fresh is just rather overpriced. I will agree with Blue Sea Grill though.

I would steer clear of LP Steamers. Everything they serve is frozen out of a box except obviously the crabs and the oysters.


The pulled pork is the only thing going for them. The sides were all atrocious....especially the beans, which seemed to be right out of a can.