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Stores that sell Bison/Buffalo steaks?

Thanks for all the help guys.

I'll give a bit of a summary of my findings.

Costco: I was pointed here for ground bison, and they have it. It wasn't the best, but atleast they had it.

Wegmans: None in the Silver Spring area, or even remotely close, but I did happen by one while in Northern VA at one point. Steaks and ground bison, but didn't buy anything.

Whole Foods: The Silver Spring location has it sporadically, and I've seen it a lot more frequently in other locations since my original post. The butchers usually cut whatever they have and put it out, so there's not much room to talk with the butcher and get different cuts. Which is unfortunate in that they seem to always cut the steaks 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick and leave you without an option for thicker steaks or different cuts.

Cibola: Sundays finally freed up for me and I made it to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Cibola is phenomenal. Great selection, nice thick steaks. The ground bison was very good as well. It was great to have a burger at home again that wasn't turkey for a change. (Fiancee is not a fan of the red meat, but was won over by how much healthier the buffalo is)

Stores that sell Bison/Buffalo steaks?

Thanks for all the input everyone. Unfortunately, it looks like I've got some driving on my hands, but atleast I know where to go now.

Stores that sell Bison/Buffalo steaks?

I'm in Silver Spring and looking to buy Bison/Buffalo steaks. I've been told Whole Foods, but the local one said they didn't carry Buffalo in their meat department. I've also been pointed towards Cibola Farms for the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, but upcoming Sundays are tough for me.

I searched the topic and just found restaurants that sell Buffalo/Bison burgers/steaks. I'm looking to cook my own.

Has anyone had any success finding this?


Oscar Mayer Lil Smokies

They definitely have them at the Giant in Downtown Silver Spring, just off East West Highway. I got them about a month ago for make little pigs in a blanket appetizers. Nevertheless, I remember 3 varieties, all beef, smoked sausage and something else. They were with all the sausage in the fridge section. I imagine all Giant stores will have them.