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What to Order at Victor Tango's?

My favorite drink is the French 75 and the Airmail. They're both similar and champagne based, but the Airmail isn't on the menu so I guess if the bartender knows it they'll still make it for you. Sometimes it's on the specials board.

I do always get the chicken and waffles (even though sometimes the waffles are overdone, weird right?), mussels, lollypop lambchops, french fries (love the dip), and I think last time I got braised pork belly, but I can't remember if it was on the regular menu or if it was a special.

I was not a big fan of the lobster sliders, but I have read very good reviews about them from other places, so it might just not be the right taste for me. :)

Have fun!

[DFW] Restaurant Week 2009

I went to Abacus last night at 8:30 with a group of 6. The food was very good, and the presentation was very nice. The waiter was a bit snooty but oh well.

I had the crispy pork belly confit and the pork porterhouse. All of my food was delicious and the porterhouse had a lot of flavor! The bread was very plain and the pomme frites weren't worth the extra money.

J.S. Chen's, Plano. Comments on Dim Sum Please

I actually like their Dim Sum restaurant on Legacy and 75. I just order a bunch of different dumplings and some chinese broccoli and I'm happy! :)

Sunday Guys Night Out (Dallas)

I second Nick and Sam's!

Sushi in Plano

Sake Toro in Frisco is absolutely delicious! They have a lot of inventive/interesting rolls that should please anyone. The special chef's rolls range from 9 to 14 dollars each, but they were really filling. I believe their other regular rolls are much cheaper.

That's the link to see the names of the rolls, but not descriptions. I really enjoyed the Ex-Girlfriend roll.

What are everyones favorite restaurants in Frisco?

I second Sake Toro! :) Lots of interesting sushi rolls!

[DFW] Restaurant Week 2009

I got an email about Craft's Menu

First Course
for the table
Mixed Baby Lettuces & Hazelnuts
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Pork Rillettes & Mostarda

Main Course
choice of one
Diver Scallops & Mushroom Jus
Yellowfin Tuna & Roasted Lemon
Wagyu Tri Tip & Bordelaise Sauce
Braised Rabbit & Ricotta Cavatelli

for the table
Assortment of Farmers Vegetables
Assortment of Mushrooms
Braised Fingerling Potatoes

for the table
Lemon Buttermilk Tart
White Chocolate Panna Cotta & Richter Farm Berries

[DFW] Restaurant Week 2009

FYI, The Mansion is completely booked!

I got reservations at III Forks, Abacus, and Five Sixty. I'm trying for Craft and Stephen Pyles. I can't wait!


I went in May as a Girls' Night Out outing. We had 7 girls in our group and they seated us right in front of the kitchen where we could see everything going on.

It was a fun experience and we were pleasantly full, but if we had brought our boyfriends they would've been starving.

We each got a different souffle and tried almost all of them except for the escargot one. They were all good and savory, but I think after a few bites on the sausage souffle, you really didn't want any more.

We tried the Praline Pecan souffle because the waiter raved and raved about it, but I really didn't like it. One of the girls LOVED it, but the rest of us didn't.

It was a fun and different place to go to though!

Road Trip - From Dallas to San Antonio

That was on the plan! :) Thanks for your input on bbq. It's just hard to narrow it down to a few places.

Jul 02, 2009
dianaxpooh in Texas

Road Trip - From Dallas to San Antonio

Sorry not being too specific, I meant places NOT off of I-35. I attended UT in Austin and I know that highway and czech stop, Gerik's and what not. I was thinking about Marble Falls or Fredricksburg for some pie, Luling for some bbq, Taylor, etc.

What road do you take to make it from Dallas to San Antonio in 3 1/2 hours?!? It takes me that long to get to Austin. I'm traveling from Frisco though...

Jul 02, 2009
dianaxpooh in Texas

Road Trip - From Dallas to San Antonio

I'm going to San Antonio for a wedding in Late July. I'll be leaving Friday morning and just need to get to San Antonio any time during the night. I'm looking for some good places to stop by!

I'll stop for good desserts, bbq, sushi, mexican, italian, country fried steak/chicken, etc.

I already know that I'll be stopping in Driftwood (I know some people abhor Salt Lick, but my boyfriend loves it).

Any suggestions??!? :) :) :)

Jul 01, 2009
dianaxpooh in Texas

Plano - Sashimi Platter to go

At Dr. Fish on Harry Hines in Dallas, they sell fresh sashimi platters with a pretty big variety sliced and wrapped and ready to go. Is there any place like that in Plano/Frisco/Allen?

I think Bliss Yogurt in Cedar Hill Is Gone

The one in Frisco has closed also. :(

DFW - Valentine Group needing suggestions

I had never heard of Eden's before. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I'm more excited about the pastries and the basil burger with mozzarella! :)

We have decided on Amici's! Everyone agreed to extend our budget and we are going to have each couple bring a wine. Thank you everyone for their suggestions~ We already made reservations too so no worries.


DFW - Valentine Group needing suggestions

I'm going to try Rise no. 1 for girls night next month. This month we're going to Victor Tango's. :)

DFW - Valentine Group needing suggestions

I love First Chinese BBQ, but we go there after church on sundays so it's not really on our list for Valentine's Day. :)

I recommended The Grape to the group also but no one seems to be up for it, so I think I'll have to make that a private date. :)

They're starting to open up to a whole new range of prices now so it might be between Amici or Warsaw I hope!!! :)

You guys are so helpful. You've named restaurants that I've always wanted to try. Thank you!

DFW - Valentine Group needing suggestions

Thanks for the great ideas! I've eaten at most of those places which are great, but wanted to try something new for Valentine's Day. I really want to try Lola, but unfortunately it's not going to be in the budget set by my group. I'm going to try to see if we can extend the budget so that we can try different places.

DFW - Valentine Group needing suggestions

First time posting! :)

I am in a group of 4 - 5 couples that are looking for a restaurant (non-chain preferably) with entrées ranging from $15 - $25. We can go from downtown to addison to richardson to plano to frisco.

We like asian, italian, steakhouses, etc.

Any suggestions? :)