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Dinner with kids close to St. Regis in Dana Point

Take them to the Dana Point Harbor. Fun to see all the boats, paddle boarders, dolphins, seals etc. Many places to eat that are OK, Harbor Grill for fish, outside patio at Wind and Sea, etc. Can walk around and push a stroller. Or, if you can find parking, take them to the San Clemente Pier, Fisherman's.

Aug 13, 2012
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Wine bars with small bites, the culver city area....

Well, I am back again after getting such great suggestions about Thai food in Culver City area. Now can anyone suggest fun wine or bars with small food bites in that area. The area is totally new to my 23 year old granddaughter, who works long hours, does'n't cook much and has many friends (who don't live in the area, but visit often). We can't thank you all enough for any info. She really loves her new area after living in South OC all her life. Any fun food, bars, etc. will really help her. Thanks so much.........

Mar 04, 2012
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Thai in culver city area

My granddaughter has just moved to the Culver City area. She loves Thai, take out or sit down. She likes most everything, especially spicy noodles (don't know the name). She eats curry, etc. Any places within the area that you can recommend? Thanks............

Feb 29, 2012
jsl in Los Angeles Area


You have a point. No problem, just wanting to know about the food there and if it is still good. It has been around for ages, so people must not care about the name being French instead of Cuban. Perhaps someone will know why, still has great food, at least the last time I went to the R
edondo location. So the question is the food at the other location?

Feb 04, 2012
jsl in Los Angeles Area


Is it still good. We used to love the pork at the Redondo location with the Pork, garlic chicken, plantains, rice and black beans. But my granddaughter has moved to Culver City and is close to the one near there. Are they still good? Which location is the best? Is it worth taking our family to that location? I know there are many restaurants in that area that are good and I'll do that later but we loved Versailles in Redondo and now need to know if it is worth going there.

Feb 04, 2012
jsl in Los Angeles Area

zona's, san clemente

Tried this new restaurant, sports bar this afternoon. They have a special $10 menu and everything we had was very, very good. I had the Chicken Marsala and enjoyed it and will have it again. With it came fresh mashed potatoes and very nice fresh veggies in olive oil and garlic.

the people were nice, the place is rather dark and lovely. At one time it was the Melting Pot. My only complaint is that we ordered the house wine by the glass and each glass, about 1/2 full was $6.00. That doesn't even out.

Jan 08, 2012
jsl in Los Angeles Area

2 dinners in Long Beach

Enrique's Mexican on PCH. Get the pork shank, it is great!

Jan 05, 2012
jsl in Los Angeles Area


Ok, going to a thai resto and it has been years. Love the food but need help on what to order. I remember the great coconut, chicken soup and also a curry, but don't remember which one. We love spicy food and I really need help on what to order. i remember i didn't care for the peanut dish. any help I will really appreciate.
We live too far from thai nakorn because we are in san clemente. any help with what to order will help because we love everything. Pad thai had too many peanuts, so maybe that was the problem. please help to us. Thanks, sorry I have a new computer and the dictionary, spelling etc. I am not in touch with yet.......

Dec 11, 2011
jsl in General Topics

Take Out Thanksgiving Dinners

Just stay away from Ralph's. Did that years ago and it was terrible. The memory still haunts me........

Nov 08, 2011
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Elbows On The Table & Other Bad Habits - A Poll...

Sorry Jarona, but that is disgusting....................

Sep 04, 2011
jsl in Not About Food

Appetizers for someone that is handicapped and can't cook!

All your suggestions sound wonderful. I am limited, so I am unable to stand, have to sit to cook which takes much time and energy. So obviously, something that is easy and not time consuming. Thanks so much for your help...............

Aug 10, 2011
jsl in Home Cooking

Appetizers for someone that is handicapped and can't cook!

II am going to a gathering that has been going on for 35 years and have to bring a appetizer that will ultimately be made into a recipe book for all of us. But , I am not able to cook because I am handicapped. I was thinking about shrimp with a good sauce, etc. something totally easy that I can work my way through. Any other ideas? I can get help from my son but still need something that I actually do myself. By the way, I used to be a good cook, sad I can't anymore. So what would you all suggest? Love this site!

Aug 09, 2011
jsl in Home Cooking

PAGEANT OF THE MASTERS! (Laguna Beach) Early dinner suggestions?

Just keep in mind that Laguna during the Pageant is a zoo, people from all over the world are wandering around trying to find parking and eating places etc. The trolley is a great convenience but for your sake, allow plenty of time. Laguna is a great town to people watch and just walk around..

Aug 03, 2011
jsl in Los Angeles Area

I like Christina Ferrare's Big Food of Love on OWN

I enjoy the cooking that she prepares and sometimes has interesting co-hosts. She is just a pleasant person. Try watching again to see if you like her and what she cooks. She seems down to earth and not like Giada who is too theatrical, at least for me.

Jul 31, 2011
jsl in Food Media & News

I like Christina Ferrare's Big Food of Love on OWN

I think Christina is so like able, has great food and recipes and is generally totally appealing. I tape all of her shows and enjoy them more than the rest of food shows on TV. She's a change from most of the other food shows on FN etc. except PBS.

Jul 30, 2011
jsl in Food Media & News

Durkee's Dressing -- WLA

Apparently not all Gelson's carries it. I go to the one in Dana Point and it is never on the shelf. Guess I'm going to have to ask the manager if he can supply it. I've looked at Ralph's, Von's and Albertson's in this area also with out any luck. I too love it, deviled eggs, potato salad, sandwiches, yum. I am now at the point where I'll drive anywhere to find it.

Nov 18, 2010
jsl in Los Angeles Area

75th Birthday Celebration in the OC

I second Sabatino's................they make their own sausage. It is a little hard to find but worth it, fun place.

Nov 13, 2010
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Greek in Orange County but can drive to LA if it's the best

Looking for a traditional Greek restaurant that serves great lamb, lemon chicken, lemon potatoes, good mezze plates etc. I want what we had in Greece and am willing to drive anywhere for the best. Live in So. OC, been to Aegean in Laguna but it just doesn't work. By the way, it will be an experience for a large group/family. Thanks for your help.................

Nov 05, 2010
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Sad week in OC

Also feel sad about Gordon James closing in San Clemente. Gordon is such a nice guy and ran a good place. I also liked that he hired local kids to wait tables, hostess etc.

Aug 25, 2010
jsl in Los Angeles Area

OC Restaurant Week: Feb 28 - Mar 6

Thanks for posting this list...............fantastic help!!!!

Mar 01, 2010
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Harbor Deli in Dana Point

We've been going to this place for the past 4 years or so and its is the only Jewish Deli in south Orange County that was very good. We know that this area is not a mecca of this type of food but it was the only one near. But, this past week we ordered lunch for 4 to go. We ordered 2 deli plates to go which consisted of chopped liver, pastrami, corned beef, potato salad, cole slaw, dill pickles and rye bread, etc. What happened to Harbor Deli? The only thing that was the same was the rye bread. Everything else had changed, was tasteless and very disappointing. I know they have changed hands but for awhile was still the same as the old deli. So sad, that we do not have a decent jewish type deli in this area. We all won't be back.......damn!

Harbor Deli
34667 Golden Lantern St, Dana Point, CA 92629

Oct 31, 2009
jsl in Los Angeles Area

ISO Tasty Pasta Meals in South OC

Bogey, just to let you know this is not the old fashioned red sauce and pasta place even though they have it. Its very simple and its where the locals go. Sit in the patio, (no view) order the appetizer I mentioned, dipping your bread in the sauce that comes with it., If you drink, just order the carafe of red wine and I'll tell you that I order the 1/2 order of linguini with clams, extra garlic but that's my option. If you check the menu there are many 1/2 orders or the $8 specials. I've been going there for years even when I lived in Newport. Hope you like it and I'm not making it sound better than it is. Just a good deal. If you go let us know if its ok with you.

Sep 13, 2009
jsl in Los Angeles Area

ISO Tasty Pasta Meals in South OC

Try Mario's by the Sea which is in Laguna Niguel just over the border from Dana Point. It is on Golden Lantern in the Ocean Ranch shopping area. They have specials going now for $8 to $10. They also have small plates dinners that are still huge. Try the asparagus appetizer, excellent!

Sep 13, 2009
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Beat my street: best food within 2 miles of your house.

Ditto your list but I'll add.
Mario's by the Sea
Las Golondrinas

Aug 31, 2009
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Fra'Mani Meatloaf at Venice Costco

I purchased it at the San Juan Capistrano Costco. It was ok but way too salty. I'll stick with Billy's Market in San Clemente for my m,eatloaf which is not precooked.

Apr 21, 2009
jsl in General Topics

Best Mexican, comfort food and sushi in Anaheim/Newport/HB areas?

In Balboa is Great Mex which is a hole in the wall Mexican place next to the theatre.
That's where all the locals go and it is very good.

Mar 26, 2009
jsl in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: Greek Garden Grill, Orange

Thanks Das for the review. It sounds as though you have tried it many times to test most of what's on the menu. We have been wanting a decent, moderately priced Greek in OC for a long time. The lemon potatoes sound wonderful. Can't wait to try it!

Mar 20, 2009
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Greek in Oceanside

Any good Greek restaurants in Oceanside or nearby Oceanside? Thanks for any input.

Feb 13, 2009
jsl in San Diego

chicken pot pies to go in OC

I love to take out the pies to have them in the freezer ready to bake. Where in OC can I get them. I've checked back on this site but they are outdated. I'm thinking of places like Moffett's in Arcadia. I'm willing to drive anywhere so I can fill the freezer. Love the ones with good crust, lots of gravy, don't care if they are white or dark meat.

Jan 19, 2009
jsl in Los Angeles Area

Delaney's Newport Beach is open !

Great News KC. Missed them. Do they still have the good salad dressing too? I am trying to figure out the location.

Dec 05, 2008
jsl in Los Angeles Area