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Five Super Supermarkets

The Shoppers in Potomac Yard really does not sound like what you are describing. They have a produce section that is fairly large (larger than any Giant, Safeway or Magruders I have been to in the same area). A nice Kosher section, a pretty good Gluten free, etc. I

Good Location for Big Group Lunch?

Places we have done with the above crowd: Chevy's, Chammps, Joe Theisman's, Marriott Crystal Gateway, Hamlet, Olive Garden (Bailey's), Sine. I discovered that no one really wanted to go anywhere "fancy" and that the chains seemed to be the biggest hits. Let me know if you have specific questions.

Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans and reviews

Vermilion and Bastille

Brisket -

I always get mine at the Costco in Pentagon City.

Cookie Cake from Metro-Accessible Bakery?

There is a place in Pentagon City Mall, but I do not know the quality.

Where to buy Chimay Blue (not at a bar)?

Trader Joe's carries several of the Chimay varieties including the blue. (At least in VA)

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

Duke Street. It is a pizza place, plus some greek and italian.

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

1) Vermilion
2) Rasika
3) Central
4) Ray's Hell Burger
5) Ray's the Steaks
6) Bangkok 54
7) Los Tios
8) Rio Grande (sorry, I love the fajitas)
9) Teaism
10) La Casa

Suggestions for Rehoboth?

I like Dogfish's pub in Rehobeth.

Jul 29, 2009
maoj in Mid-Atlantic

Five Super Supermarkets

1) Wegmans (I do drive from Alexandria) - Great produce, etc
2) Trader Joe's - Old Town
3) Costco - Pentagon City
4) Harris Teeter - Duke Street
5) Giant - Alexandria Commons (Because I can walk there only!)

Hard ice cream in NoVA?

Pop's in Old Town is decent.

Park City/Deer Valley Utah

I will be in Park City Saturday, any fresh suggestions? Thanks!

Jul 22, 2009
maoj in Mountain States

I-95 en route to new york and then back again?

There is not one that I know of until you actually hit NYC. My in-laws drive down from Paramus when they want deli and do not want to go into the city. Katz's has the best Pastrami, but we actually prefer Harold's Corned Beef to Katz's, hmmm ... my family's favorite place actually closed corned beef wise, so I am not sure what to recommend for that, I would stick with Harold's unless lawhound can help you.

Brunch in Alexandria on Sunday

I like Vermilion for brunch, but you will have to look and see if it qualifies as affordable to you.

I-95 en route to new york and then back again?

Ah, but the pickle bar .... Plus any of this is significantly better than one can get here. (Pastrami and corned beef wise). When we have gone I would probably give it a B+.

Good strawberry rhubarb pie? Anywhere?

Trader Joe's version was OK, but no rave reviews and probably a little sweet for you.

I-95 en route to new york and then back again?

We normally stop in Edison NJ for some deli:

Zatinya - still good?

You must eat a lot more than we do! Four of us went and spent around $120.

CSA for flowers only?

Try these:
Cedar Rock Farm produces a wide variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs, as well as honey for CSA members in Garrett and Allegany Counties . Pick up sites are in Cumberland and Frostburg and at the farm in Mt. Savage . Full, half and working shares are offered. Flowers and herb shares are an additional cost. Contact: Sam White or Amanda Paul, 301-264-4162, or email:
Fresh and Local CSA grows vegetables, fruits and herbs using biodynamic methods. Deliveries are made weekly to Maryland locations in Tacoma Park, Silver Spring, Bethesda, and near American University, as well as Arlington and Shepherdstown, WV. CSA members may also purchase separate shares of flowers pasture-raised eggs and chicken. Grass-fed beef, naturally raised pork and lamb are available by order throughout the season. The season runs for 20 weeks from June to October. For additional information, contact Allan Balliett at 304-876-3382, email:, or go to
One Straw Farm CSA is an organic vegetable farm located in White Hall, Baltimore County . The24 week harvest season begins in early June and ends before Thanksgiving. Shares of vegetables, flowers and herbs may be picked up at several locations throughout Baltimore: Boordy Vineyards (15 minutes from the Baltimore Beltway); Church of the Messiah, Northeast Baltimore; Harford Rd, Catonsville; Charm City Run Timonium; 32nd St Farmer’s Market in Baltimore; Federal Hill - Baltimore, Home-White Hall. New Sites may be started - 10 share minimum. Contact Joan Norman, 410-343-1828, or email:, Website: (Certified Organic)

One Solo Dinner in DC. Where to?

Komi seems to be a place you should look at.

Potato Flour - Where can purchase?

Potato starch can also be found in the Kosher section of just about any grocery store.

Cucumber Based Cocktails

Was at Vermilion last night and they have a cucumber drink.


Went to Vermilion last night for our Anniversary and had a great meal.
Amuse bouche: Salmon Tar tar - very good, even to a raw fish hater (normally I hate the texture)
We ordered one tasting menu, then a salad and another entree:
Scallop appetizer: Two scallops perfectly cooked, crunchy outside, not over cooked inside, with a bread salad stack. Bread salad had a toast on the bottom, then a wonderful tomato, a cucumber and some pickled onion. All with a pesto underneath - YUM
Butter Lettuce: Butter lettuce leaves with olives, capers, tuna and string beans on top. Herb viniagrette. Tasty, husband did not let me have much, but the dressing was good, and the string beans (the only part I managed to steal some of) were perfect.
Salmon: Salmon over fresh peas, morels and a foam. Very good. Loved the fresh peas! I ordered it cooked over recommended (which is medium rare). Slightly saltly, but when eaten together with the peas, perfect.
BBQ Chicken: Chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes and succotash, house made sauce. Great! There were VA ham bits in the succotash, wonderful. Husband ate most of this too.
Hanger steak: (when not on the tasting menu, this is a rib eye preparation) Hanger steak with a beet and greens side. Onion ring with blue cheese one top. Loved it! The blue cheese and the onion ring were great on the hanger steak, creamy and crunchy. There were several types of beets, and the greens had onions and garlic (I think).
And the best part:
Rice pudding fritters with a bitter sweet chocolate dipping sauce. YUM! Crunchy, creamy, tart, and chocolate. An excellent dessert.

Zatinya - still good?

I went on Saturday and had a very good experience. We had:
Dip Trio (Tzatziki, Labneh, Htilpili (sp?))- Excellent, each person had their favorite, mine was the Htipili (roasted red pepper, feta ...)
Crab Cakes- Yummy, especially with the sauce
Squash Blossoms - stuffed with vegetables and cheese, then fried, I loved them
Bean Salad- Great flavors
Two lamb dishes - I do not like the taste of lamb, so I cannot comment personally but my companions loved them
Red Mullett - The dud, could not taste the fish for the batter
Shrimp - sauteed, very yummy
Desserts - uniformly good, personally loved the labneh sorbet
It was a really good and fun experience. (Was less than $30 per person at the end)

Foodie Faves in Alexandria, VA?

My husband and I go to Vermilion for special occasions and we love it. We have gone to Flying Fish and had awful service, but the food was good.

Restaurants In Frederick

I like Brewer's Alley, Dutch's Daughter and Pane e Vino (Mt. Airy MD

Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?

I had Holy Frijoles weekly when I lived in Baltimore. Yum!

Who has the spiciest and/or best chicken hot wings in northern virginia or DC area?

I love those Tandoori wings!

key lime pie

Just had a slice at Ray's on Saturday. YUM!

Best Mojito in the DC area?

Had a Caipirinha at Vermilion last night that was very good. They also have a mojito on the menu.