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Egg Salad at MoMA in NYC - help me recreate the recipe

YES! They still serve that lovely sandwich and I'm trying to recreate it, too. The first thing that struck me was the texture - just like that famous tinned deviled ham. The second thing that struck me was that it tasted exactly like the quiche base I use. Just the barest hint of nutmeg and nice little punch of cayenne and black pepper.

So far, I've made one little batch - two boiled eggs chopped (not fine enough), two good shakes of cayenne, one shake of nutmeg, and three shakes of dry mustard, course ground black pepper, and Kirkland mayo. We shop at Costco, what can I say? Anyway, I've gotten pretty close but I'm missing something. I didn't season with additional salt because the mayo has a fair amount already. It occurs to me that I may have used too much mayo, making it too creamy.

I completely forgot about the pancetta so I'll want to try that. I'm sadly dairy-sensitive (I went off the reservation for that sandwich) so I won't try your excellent suggestion of cream cheese. Next time I'll chop the hell out of it really fine, add the spices, then begin adding mayo a little bit at a time until I get the consistency right. I feel really close to the right taste.

Sep 08, 2012
erinkristi in Home Cooking

What's Your Happy Food?

Ruffles and Bacon Horseradish dip. Just addictive and so bad for me. My husband's homemade tomato soup. Aloo Gobi - I could eat it forever.

May 20, 2011
erinkristi in Features

La Bella in Ghent - Norfolk VA

We ate at La Bella in Ghent in April and although it did seem a little (only a little) pricy, my SO and I were very pleased with our dinners overall. They allowed us to sample a couple of wines before we settled on a bottle. The bread is amazing and we've gone back to their deli to purchase some for take home. Some might consider it neglectful, but I like that they left us alone to enjoy and didn't come around every five minutes to see if everything was okay. When they did come by to clear, ask questions, etc., they were pleasant and attentive. We did the prix fixe menu. It was refreshing to have smaller portion sizes for a change, and we were full buy the end of the meal anyway and took home doggie bags. The ceasar salad was very garlicky - which I loved. SO's tiramisu was fab. My canoli was okay. His lasgana was this best I've ever tasted. Fresh and light but meaty and filling all at once. I had eggplant parm, one of my favorites. I like a more Americanized version with cripser eggplant. Theirs was okay but I'll try something else next time. We definitely intend to return, partly because overall the food and service is good, and partly because the atmoshphere is really comfortable. Very nice not to be "turned" in 45 minutes or less.

Jul 02, 2009
erinkristi in Mid-Atlantic