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North Adams Chow?

Um, watch out for those locals, they're not to be trusted for half the distance you can throw them. They're much more fishy than the sushi. ;)

The owner is actually a guy named Jae, so that wasn't him. I don't think our waitress was trying to upsell though. That would require extra effort, and I just don't think she was quite with it. Service can be pretty laissez faire there; the servers seem unable to overcome their own inertia at times.

How to Eat Shark's Eye / Atlantic Moon Snail / Polinices Duplicatus

hmmmm...i tried to beat it out of google, but no luck. i did get this page:

it's a little rough, but gives a pretty good overview for someone totally ignorant (like me) about harvesting one's own molluscs. sounds like a dicey proposition to me without more specific info on the particular shellfish in question. hopefully someone else knows better. from some of the sites I was looking at, it sounds like red tide might also be something to really watch for.

The above mentioned site does have a listing of edible molluscs and on this page

in which there is an entry for "Moon Snails". Not sure if it is referring specifically to the Shark's Eye which appears to go by different taxonomic names (Neverita duplicata, for another). It says "Northern Atlantic Moonsnail". If I were you, I think I'd be your devilishly handsome dog instead and follow his obviously exquisite sense of taste.

Jul 21, 2009
mothly in General Topics

North Adams Chow?

I'm surprised. The local paper just had a story that said they were shutting their doors on Sep 15.

North Adams Chow?

LOL, I didn't realize Key West was a "Lounge & Deli," but I guess they didn't have a "Dives" category....

To answer your question, however: yes some of those have closed down. Some of the info isn't correct either (like some of those restaurants are not in North Adams but adjacent towns). It's a no good list.

North Adams Chow?

Here is a recent thread that might be useful:

I like Jae's (usually a lot). If you like sushi, they have the best around (in Northern Berkshire anyway). I had sushi at sushi thai garden (which is about 10-15 minute drive away from North Adams) recently and it was pretty bad. It was at the end of the night, somebody else had ordered it, but i wouldn't bother at the beginning of the night ( at STG). if you love sushi and are really particular, you might want to forget about it altogether. At Jae's I usually get the sushi, but I like the rad nar (with pan fried noodles) and their pad thai. They have non-Asian menu items as well; probably best to check their menu.

There's some support for Cafe Latino in the other thread, I don't really eat there a lot but they've been pretty good the few times I've gone (they are also closing in September, incidentally). Lickety Split serves Herrell's Ice Cream (a la Herrell's in Northampton, MA if you're familiar); they're a good option if you're looking for something sweet and good afterward. Those are both in the MASS MoCA campus; CL is to the left of the upside down trees as you walk to the museum entrance; LS is right inside the museum.

The Hub is on Main Street ; it wasn't bad the one time I ate there. I got the jumbalaya. I like the atmosphere and decor but it's a little "cozy" which could be good or bad depending on your tastes.

Hope that helps. I'm sure the show will be good, they do a really good job over there. Welcome to North Adams and MoCA!

trip to Mass Moca

Haven't been in a while, but I've always had good meals at Gramercy Bistro (walking distance to the museum too). I think they are out of your price range though, but here's the link to their site:

Red Sauce is an okay Italian place (I would definitely rather go to Jae's if I had the choice, if that means anything). Prices are in your range:

Only have a little experience with Cafe Latino, but it's been good. As BT mentioned, it's right in the MoCA complex.

Hope you have a good time, always makes me happy to hear someone is heading to MoCA :)

U.S. across Mass.

Speaking of Herrell's you can also get it at Lickety Split in North Adams at MASS MoCA (about half an hour north of Pittsfield). They have upside down trees there as well, but those are not to be eaten.

If you do make it up that way, BrewHaHa cafe in North Adams has some pretty good sandwiches. I like the Eggplant Panini with Spanish olive relish (it's got a nice sweet flavor). The Spinach wrap (usually vegetarian, they are always changing the ingredients) is usually pretty interesting and tasty. They might be a little pricy, but I like the value for what they serve.

I usually get non-meat items there so the strength of my recommendation is on those, but it's one of my favorite local places.

U.S. across Mass.

Hinsdale is a very small town that is kind of close to Pittsfield (everything's pretty much spread out in the Berkshires), and they have a really nice Ice Cream shop, Topsy's Treats. I went a couple times last summer and the frozen custard was awesome. I think they do soft serve too, can't remember what else they have.

Jae's Spice in Pittsfield...has anyone been?

i briefly lived in northampton a few years ago; i think moshi moshi was just opening at the time. i've never eaten there however. i've been to osaka (also in downtown northampton) a couple times; i only had sushi there once but i liked it. i've had sushi at teapot in downtown noho as well; that's a grade down, probably comparable to the sushi thai garden and chopsticks. from a northern berkshire county perspective, northampton is a drive, as visink mentions (an hour plus), but it is a favorite place of mine anyway so i would have to agree that it's worth it on that measure alone.

Jae's Spice in Pittsfield...has anyone been?

hey cimui, glad to be here! jae's inn opened in north adams a while back, then the restaurant moved to williamstown (an adjacent town to n. adams) and recently moved back to north adams. so, yes, still open ;) As for sushi competition, not so much. there is the sushi thai garden and chopsticks in williamstown (i like jae's better than those two) and i'm pretty sure that's it for northern berkshire county. pittsfield is the largest city in berkshire county, kind of right in the middle of the north-south axis, i don't eat there too often, but i'm guessing they've got more than jae's spice. i know south county has some places as well (in lenox and great barrington) but now you're talking an hour or more drive from north adams.

Jae's Spice in Pittsfield...has anyone been?

Jae's has been around a while now in North Adams/Williamstown and locally it is pretty well-reputed. I usually like the sushi there but I can see how it wouldn't be for the very discerning (I affectionately call it "hillbilly sushi"). Kimchi fried rice is not my favorite, but I don't really remember it being significantly sweet. The spicy basil fried rice is pretty good--it's usually very spicy.
Haven't been to Spice yet, but probably will give it a whirl at some point.