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Macarons (French cookie) available in DC?

Praline Bakery and Bistro in Bethesda has some great macarons. The coffee macaron is my favorite - so far.

Birthday Dinner Recommendations in DC or......

It's about 45 min according to Google Maps. Worth it for the night but looks like you are right about the price range.

Friendly's on Jericho TNPK still open?

Yes, it is still there. They are far and few between nowadays but this one is still up and running.

Birthday Dinner Recommendations in DC or......

I would say between $100-150, including a couple drinks for my husband and tip.

Birthday Dinner Recommendations in DC or......

My husband and I are new to the area (living in Rockville) and since we have a 2 y.o. and no family nearby, we have not had a big night out yet. My birthday coming up and my mother has graciously offered to visit for the weekend and give us a night out. Should I head straight to Volt? Somewhere in DC? Georgetown? Any recommendations are appreciated. Would like to stick with American fare, Italian, Mediterranean etc. (no Asian, Indian). The only other diet restrictions I have is that I am pregnant so no need for spectacular wine pairing, no organ meats, things like that. Thank you in advance!

Prime aged beef on Long Island

Check with Ceriello in Williston Park.

Cupcakes- Nassau Cty, Long Island

There is Cupcake Contessa in Williston Park although I doubt that will fit the 'inexpensive' requirement. Have not had cupcakes from Costco. What about Whole Foods? I once went to a baby shower where the cake was ordered from there and it was great.

Thanksgiving near Mineola?

I've been to Mitch & Toni's before and thought the food and service was great. I drove by Cafe Formaggio today and saw a sign that the are open on Thanksgiving (with limited seating).

Madisons - Williston Park

He was as you describe. That being said, we had a fantastic evening and I would return again. My meal was incredible. I would think that fish is the way to go since head chef Jeffery Slade once worked at Le Bernardin (and also French Laundry and The Farmhouse). According to the owner he is in the kitchen every night.

Madisons - Williston Park

Forgot to mention the wine list was very nice...lots of variety. However prices were only listed by the glass and no bottle prices were given. They also do wine flights which was not indicated on the wine list and I did not realize until after we ordered the bottle.

Oak Room Tavern (Sea Cliff) and Madisons (Williston Park)

Wrote a review of Madisons and wound up being a little long so made it a new thread.

Madisons - Williston Park

Had dinner at Madison's on Saturday night. Same dining/bar set up that Ivy Cottage had but completely redecorated. Very nice inside, warm, clean and comfortable. Husband and I shared the crab cake appetizer which was fantastic. Served with a microgreen salad and spicy remoulade. I ordered the halibut which was served with sauteed spinach, spaghetti squash and wild mushroom wonton ravioli with a truffle brown butter sauce. It was outstanding and possibly one of the best meals I have ever had. Each component was delicious and everything worked so well together. The fish was cooked perfectly and was so tasty and the ravioli were divine. My husband ordered the NY strip and was served with steak fries and sugar snap peas. He enjoyed his meal but did not think it was the best steak. I am not much of a steak eater, I tasted it and thought it was good.

Food aside I would say our experience was mixed. Our waiter was good. We wanted to order a bottle of wine so he sent over the "wine expert". I assume he was a sommelier but no one said so. Perhaps being the youngest couple in the place by a good 10 years it was assumed we would not know what that was. Anyhow he was knowledgeable but not overly helpful. The owner was walking around, seemed to personally know some people in the place. The first time he walked by us he noticed we were sharing the crab cake and made a joke that there was a $135 sharing charge. Okay, kind of funny. Next time he walked by my husband was taking a bite of my dish, made another joke about another sharing charge. Eh- kind of awkward and not so funny. Next time he finally asked us about our meal and my husband said the steak was 'pretty good'. He then proceeded to tell we should never order steak or chicken in a restaurant like this one. A bit off putting. Possibly true but saying so was a bit arrogant. He didn't ask me about my meal which was a shame. I ate every last bite.

Overall the food was fabulous, service okay.

Oak Room Tavern (Sea Cliff) and Madisons (Williston Park)

Saw the reviews for Madison's on Yelp - 3 of 4 are positive. I have reservations for this Saturday night - will report back next week.

Labor Day Weekend in San Antonio with a 2-year-old

Thank you so much for the suggestions. We had a great weekend. Did not make it to most of the places listed however we did manage to get to Mexican Manhattan. The food was great however changing time zones and taking our daughter completely off her schedule did not make for a long lasting meal. We wound up taking it back to the hotel. But it was great food and very generous portions. I would warn other visitors however that the place does not look like much from the outside and the inside is sort of cafeteria looking. We could not sit on the patio because of the heat.

Sep 04, 2012
nmurawsk in Texas

Labor Day Weekend in San Antonio with a 2-year-old

My daughter and I will be traveling to San Antonio over Labor Day weekend to visit my husband who is at Ft Sam Houston right now. We are staying on Market St (not really sure where that is in relation to anything else although on the website appears to be close to the Riverwalk). Looking for a variety of places to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also will probably be doing take out for dinner a couple nights as we are staying in a suite and (luckily) my daughter goes to sleep pretty early. Coming from Long Island, NY so I'm looking for it all - great Mexican, Tex Mex, BBQ and anything else that is not to miss while we are there. Not looking to break the bank and also do not want to hit any chains. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!

Aug 20, 2012
nmurawsk in Texas

Best of Garden City, LI?

Grimaldi's is a must try. Great pizza with a nice, thin, crispy crust. Nice and casual atmosphere.

For sushi I really like Mumon.

Bruce's Cheese Emporium Greenport LI

Bruce's is such a great spot in Greenport - I almost wish it was kept a secret!! Fantastic sandwiches, great brunch, and Greenport Harbor on tap!

Restaurant Private Room- LI

Mim's in Roslyn has a separate area that should be accommodating for you. Nice menu with something for everyone. They also have a location in Sysosset but I'm not sure about a private dining area.

Where can I get Macarons on LI??? I am moving from NYC to Nassau County in a few months

I can't vouch for the them, as I haven't had them, but Cupcake Contessa in Williston Park sells them. Don't go Mon-Wed thought - they are closed.

Hamptons Clambake Caterer?

I went to an engagement party in Jamesport a few years back. They did a clambake catered by the Jamesport Country Kitchen and it was fantastic. Maybe they would go out to the Hamptons for you.

Fairway coming to Westbury, LI

Ooh that's interesting. I think it's a good location for that. I have to be honest, Plainview is not that far but it's sort of a pain to go to for me. I'm excited about this new location.

I'm even more excited about Trader Joe's also coming to Westbury. Going into the brand new complex that is also to hold Shake Shack among a bunch of other stores. Traffic is going to be even more of a nightmare, if that is even possible.

Bridal Shower help!

You should probably post this on the Outer Boroughs board. Even though Long Island City is technically on Long Island, it is part of Queens - one of the 5 boroughs. Also, Long Island City is minutes away from Manhattan. That may open your options a bit, although probably not price-wise.

Good Luck and congrats to your sister!

One day & night on Las Olas

Enjoy your trip! Hope you come across some delicious eats to inspire more poetry!

One day & night on Las Olas

Sushi Rock is great if that is something you are looking for.

Garden City

Vincent's Clam Bar has been around for a long time and I just tired it for the first time this weekend. I really enjoyed it. The food was great, very large portions - bit overwhelming actually. The atmosphere was very lively and the service was really good. Looking forward to going back!

Freezing in Cast Iron

Success! No issues whatsoever with the integrity of the pot or the food. I moved the pot from the freezer to the fridge Thursday evening - the party was on Saturday. Left it room temp for a couple hours before popping it in the oven then cooked on 350 for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Next time it may be easier to put into a large aluminum pan and then freezing but, I guess out of sheer laziness it was move convenient at the time to just store as is. It was a ton of meatballs. But, if need be this method did work just fine.

Nov 27, 2011
nmurawsk in Cookware

Freezing in Cast Iron

Well I will report back after next weekend and let y'all know what happens. Hoping that the gradual hot to cold to frozen and back again will be OK.

Nov 19, 2011
nmurawsk in Cookware

Freezing in Cast Iron

Is this OK to do? I cooked meatballs in a sauce in preparation for my daughter's birthday dinner next weekend. It's in an enameled cast iron (not Le Crueset, but similar). So I cooled them overnight in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap today and the put in the freezer. I plan on taking it out Friday night to thaw and then reheat in the oven on Saturday.

Nov 19, 2011
nmurawsk in Cookware

Rec's for Irish Pub that can accommodate party for Moms 80th Birthday

Look into the St. James in Mineola. However I wouldn't describe this as a true Irish Pub but it does kind of have that feel. They could probably accommodate your larger party.

Irish Pub
58 South St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

BBQ or Southern Cuisine close to donwtown Hyatt Regency

We ate at Mary Mac's last weekend and it was amazing. Seriously delicious friend chicken, really great shrimp and grips, very tasty pot licker (liker?? sp). One of the diners I was with had roasted pork which was awesome. Omg cinnamon rolls in the bread basket! We got dessert to go and the peanut butter pie was crazy good, the banana pudding was also very good but not the best I ever had.

Aug 26, 2011
nmurawsk in Atlanta