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Any good Korean restaur. in between Lynnwood and Burlington?

HoSoonYi, if you don't mind going a little further south on 99 to Edmonds.

May 06, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest

Great Eats on North Shore

We're staying at Turtle Bay. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm not leaving until May 20th so I have plenty of time to plan the trip around food, as I usually do. I'll let everyone know where I went!

Apr 22, 2009
ladeeluk in Hawaii

Great Eats on North Shore

Hi everyone,
I'm driving up to the North Shore (after 2 days in Honolulu) for a week and want to know if you would recommend any good restaurants/joints/dumps/trailers/shacks, etc. on the way or around there that are a must-try while I'm there. I'll try anything the natives can throw at me (I lived in China for a year and half). I'd prefer to stay away from all the tourist traps but if there are any that really stand out, please share!


Apr 20, 2009
ladeeluk in Hawaii

Walter's Waffles

Victor's is great. It's our mid-ride (the road bike kind) stop for coffee and a baked goody of some sort when we head out to the eastside. In fact, I can't even imagine riding to Redmond without stopping there. Just remember to bring cash, they don't accept plastic. I will have to try the waffles next time.

Feb 23, 2009
ladeeluk in Greater Seattle

Okinawan-style sushi in SEA?

Thanks for the explanation!

Feb 20, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest

Okinawan-style sushi in SEA?

Grrrrrr, the link I had in my bookmarks no longer works.

I actually have no clue if it's totally different from standard sushi. I'll have to ask my friends who are stationed over there right now. They were making a big fuss about how the sushi places I took them to in Seattle and how they don't come close to the Okinawan -style sushi they get over there...

I was hoping someone on this site would know and point me to a place so I could check it out!

Feb 18, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest

Red Line Burger (Great burgers in Lynnwood)

I'm gonna have to swing by there tomorrow. Glad to have places to try up here instead of having to drive down to Seattle.

Feb 07, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest

Okinawan-style sushi in SEA?

Does anyone know if there are any Okinawan-style sushi places in or around Seattle? Thanks!

Feb 04, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest

Favorite type of raw oyster? (Seattle)

Kumamotos for me as well. Small but the sweetness is fabulous. Next on the list would be the Totton Virginicas (sp.)

Jan 25, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest

Dahlia Lounge/Pink Door/Assiaggio/Wild Ginger!

I second caraely's comments and say Pink Door is your best bet. I'd skip the other two as well.

Jan 12, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest

Best Seattle Sushi?

Wasabi Bistro has a great selection of innovative rolls. For more traditional fare, I'd head to Shiro's. Both are within a block of each other in Belltown.

Jan 10, 2009
ladeeluk in Pacific Northwest