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Philly Native Just Moved

Hey, I just moved to the Seattle/Tacoma area from Philadelphia. Looking for some pleces worth eating. Seattle. Tacoma. Olympia. Wherever. I'm also a RABID football fan, so if anyone knows of a decent bar & grill, especially one where eagles fans are known to hang their hats, I'd be eternally gratefull. Thanks a bunch!!!

Jan 17, 2009
alwayslkp in Pacific Northwest

Braised White Beans with Chard

I'm going to make this for the eagles/cardinals game tomorrow. I've been throwing football parties for a few weeks now, running recipees as testers for the big super-bowl shindig I throw every year. I've got high hopes for this one. It sounds great. I'll be posting my SB menu next week some time. Check it out!!! Go Eagles!!!!

By the way, I'm not Allstonian...Don't know why it said he posted that...

Jan 17, 2009
alwayslkp in Recipes