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Zenon Taverna, S'Agapo or Aegean Cove?

I love s'agapo. Best Grilled octopus...however many of their dishes weren't available and I only had found out after me and my guests had ordered. It's a great place and I will definitely be back!

Apr 27, 2009
marsmarsmars in Outer Boroughs

TOP "essential" New York Restaurants $ to $$$$

Best Burger-Shake Shack
Best Hot Dog- Dogmatic
Best Soup Dumplings-New Green Bo
Best Service/Food-ANY of the Blue Ribbons
Best Artichoke dip-Freeman's
Here are a few ideas....from a REAL NEW YORKER

Apr 12, 2009
marsmarsmars in Manhattan

Jolibee, the Filipino fried chicken chain about to open in Woodside (Roosevelt/63rd)

Talk about feeling like your back home...JOLIBEE opening makes this FIlipino girl purrrr

Mar 29, 2009
marsmarsmars in Outer Boroughs

Best Pizza in Queens ??

No love for Gaby's on Hillside!! Great crust and the cheese is stringy!

Mar 29, 2009
marsmarsmars in Outer Boroughs