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Best Ethiopian?

Ethiopian House, at yonge & Irwin is by far the best i've had. Lots of choices/great spices & have a great coffee service at end of the meal.

Yonge / Bloor area

all i can think of is bloor st. diner, but i have never been there for dinner...

Toronto Area - Bridal shower cake / cupcakes / dessert?

dessert trends does amazing stuff...have to order in advance though.

Where can I find Ginger Delight (like turkish delight, by the Ginger People) in Toronto?

maybe try st lawrence market? i have found some great ginger candies there...not sure about delight though

Yonge/Bloor Asian joints

sounds like "ginger", close to bloor? I used to go to a sushi place on charles and yonge, called masa, Lots of choices, nicely decorated and they have a teppanayki table as well, haven't been for a while though.


Theres sushi train just south of yonge & bloor, it has a conveyor belt, modern looking, didnt suit my tastes when i was there but they have a some different choices..i think there is another sushi place close by across the street that just opened last year havent tried it but i think it has the belt thing as well.

Unique Toronto Breakfast Recs.

Dessert Trends has a creative weekend brunch menu, with lots of options for those not so into the whole bacon and eggs breaky.
I love the potato pancake with smoked salmon, great french toast too.
Reservations on Sunday recommended.

Is there anything like Pret a Manger in TO?

I believe MBCO is based on the same concept, The one in Yorkville used to have take out boxes that said pret a manger on them, not sure if they still do.
But there quality is not up to par these days..

Selection of loose-leaf black tea in TO?

to have at a cafe or to make at home?
Theres a company called Tea in the Sahara and they have huge selections, almost any kind of tea you can imagine, although it is hard to find places that sell it.
They usually provide for restaurants/businesses however..there are a few

african caterer

its hard to find a lot of restaurants that have ugali.
theres new bilan downtown, serves somalian cuisine i believe they cater they were a part of afrofest. great chipatis, pretty cheap too. not the fanciest restaurant but the food is good and authentic.
they do goat, beef and chicken stew, bbq chicken. i love their rice as well..

theres a lot of ethiopian options as well.

Specific dessert recommendations for Dessert Trends?

Edible thoughts- You really cant go wrong with any of the dessert there, but if you are looking for chocolate, my fave is the flourless chocolate cake, it melts out chocolate and is served with amazing fruit coulis. They do a lot of mousses and tarts, not a lot of sponge cake choices or pies. Lots of fruit choices i recommend the mango passionfruit tart, very fresh tasting.. They also have homemade gelato & sorbet.