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Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Wow, this thread has taken on a life of its own! Thanks to everyone who has passed on tips.

What I'm looking for now is a decent Chinese delivery place. Rice To Go is sometimes good and sometimes not very nice; Tangerine is OK but every now and then you just want some pork (and anyway they don't deliver); the place in Whitby just below the Four Corners on the west side changed hands and went off; the less said about Shanghai Kitchen the better...

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

So I find myself moving back to Whitby, after 15 years away, during which time I came to the realisation that there's more to good eating than lousy roadhouse chains and dodgy sushi places.

And so my question, friends: are there any restaurants in Whitby Durham region that you can unreservedly recommend? I've heard Mexico Lindo is pretty good, and the Greek Tycoon used to be a decent choice for untaxing Greek. And Starr Burger is there of course. But other than that... There seems to be a real current of mediocrity and pretension flowing through a lot of restaurants out here -- any recommendations for reliably good restaurants would be gratefully appreciated.

Any thoughts?

Eye Weekly on Ramen in Toronto

Re the ownership of Kenzo, haven't been to the downtown one but went once to the North York location, shortly after it opened. The signs and menus were written in Japanese, but the management was Korean.

This was several years back, but the food was dire. Place was full of people, which might have explained the 45 minute wait to receive our order. In a ramen shop. For some reason they delivered the "gyoza" first -- which were without exception the worst thing I have ever eaten under that name. They were small, tasteless agegyoza -- badly deep fried, dripping with oil, and very nasty. The ramen was just undistinguished -- probably about on a level with a bog-standard Japanese ramen place. Haven't been back, don't intend to.

Not surprising, really, given that in Toronto we seem to have a very strong line in "Japanese" restaurants run by people who know what the food is supposed to look like, sort of, but absolutely no idea how it's supposed to taste. The "takoyaki" place in T&T in Markham was the worst offender in that regard. Order, wait 20 minutes (!), and receive six golf-balls that taste almost, but not entirely, unlike takoyaki. I guess buying the franchise and reading the manual is no substitute for real-life knowledge of the food you're selling.

Chinese/East Asian grocery in Whitby/Durham?

Is there a Chinese or East Asian grocery in Whitby or elsewhere in Durham region? Can't seem to find one. I guess it's easy enough to go to T&T in Scarborough, but I would like to shop local if possible.

looking for spumoni ice cream

Second your take on the Dorgel, except that in place of "understated" I would say "insipid". Which is what I suspect you may have meant.

Spumoni seems to have disappeared utterly in the past few years. The Avondale ice cream factory in Niagara-on-the-lake, which makes three dozen or so flavours, including such classics (?) as chocolate donut and graham cracker crunch, no longer makes spumoni. Even the Italian supermarket in St. Catharines doesn't carry it -- "We used to have it and people used to buy it, but nobody asks for it anymore," the owner told me.

And yet 15 years ago it was mainstream enough that one of the 12 flavours in my university caf's ice cream bar was always spumoni.

Old Spaghetti Factory is no help either... not only do they not sell it to take away, the manager described the stuff they do provide to diners as "chocolate and vanilla, and mint". So they may be affected by the Great Spumoni Famine like everyone else.

I guess Fiesta Farms is the next place to try... Or surely there must be some market along College that sells it (of course, I thought the Italian market in St. Catharines would be a sure thing).


Niagara pub breakfast?

Hey all.

I've been looking, so far without success, for a decent pub breakfast in the Niagara region. People who have lived in Kingston may know the kind of thing I mean -- a couple of fried eggs, sausage, potatoes, baked beans and toast (or some variant thereon) for not a huge amount of money, ideally in a pub-like setting with some decent beer.

For those who misspent their youth in Kingston in the same way I did -- the Welly or the Toucan's Sunday breakfast are what I'm after.

Haven't had any luck finding anything like that out here though -- the Angel in NOTL is the closest thing to a real pub, but they don't do breakfast (and indeed are quite snotty about it when asked).

Any suggestions gratefully received.