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Maine-born chefs & food pros in NYC

Other than Luke at Luke's Lobster, is anyone aware of any executive chefs/wine or food pros in NYC with Maine roots? I want to support my fellow Mainers!

Mar 01, 2010
Jstrelitz in Manhattan

Freeport, Maine dining recommendations?

I would suggest Morrison's for some hand-held seafood, but be ready to stand

Or head to Brunswick and get:

-- A sandwich, soup or treat at Wild Oats -- it's only about 15min down Rt. 1 - in the heart of town in the Tontine Mall

Or something savory from Back Street --

Fuel: Lewiston ME

Good to hear it is getting some traction -- I sent both of my parents there in the past few weeks with mixed reviews. The menu looked great when I was there and I am excited, as a girl who grew up in both Brunswick and Auburn, to get something new and FUN to try north of Portland, but not a 2-hour drive away.


Is it time? My father is coming in this weekend and I want to treat him. Live in Arlington but will travel a bit -- any recs?

Birthday in South Beach

Delicious! And tx!

Oct 07, 2006
Jstrelitz in Florida

Birthday in South Beach

Celebrating in December with 4 women in their 20s, 30s -- want something FUN, but good food is a MUST. Any suggestions? NOT Michys as a party member was just there and I want to try something new for everyone.

Sep 30, 2006
Jstrelitz in Florida

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

Can't stand Cakelove. We need better, fun bakeries in this city and it's near burbs.

But LOVE me some Cashions.

DC Coast

Four of my friends and I are headed there early tomorrow as well! Looking forward to it!

DC Coast

Does anyone have scoop on what they're doing for a RW menu?