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Two Boston 'Hounds Headed to Miami

Two thirty-something foodies are leaving winter behind to spend a fun, 4-day weekend in Miami. We'll be staying in a resort (pool AND beach access won out over the scene of Ocean Drive) but want to set up some fun dinners for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings we'll be there.

We are adventurous eaters- and love a good cocktail. What I don't want is a high-priced, over-rated meal at a trendy restaurant that's more about model-watching than good food. Where do the locals grab a bite? Where's the best cocktail or bartender? Where are the hidden jewels?

Price range: $15-25 per entree?

Thanks for your suggestions!

Jan 26, 2007
looking4delicious in Florida

Lunch Around Newbury Street

I'm at a loss for where to take my brother and his wife (both in their late 20's) for lunch tomorrow. They're staying that the Hotel Commonwealth and want to eat along Newbury so they can combine their one free afternoon in Boston with some shopping. Normally, I'd suggest Petit Robert, Eastern Standard...or even a jaunt over to the South End but they have their heart set on that neighborhood.

I should also admit that the idea of going to Stephanie's, Sonsie or Vox gives me the willies.

Any ideas that include good location, reasonably priced and not a cookie cutter restaurant that will be mobbed by tourists? I'm drawing a blank here, folks.

Dinner before the Pavillion

I thought about LTK...And Lucky's is a great idea. Is there anything else I'm forgetting around South Station that will make it easy for a jump onto the Silver Line?

Dinner before the Pavillion

Any suggestions for a *reasonable* dinner before a concert at Bank of America Pavillion? Something not too formal, not too expensive but great food...