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Best Butcher in NYC?

I am looking for a great butcher in NYC. I currently live in the Bronx, but will travel weekly to get some great quality meats cut by a great butcher. I am sick of the supermarket crap, and the local butchers aren't really that great. I realize that in NYC a full functioning butcher shop is unlikely to be had. When I say full functioning I mean they do everything from slaughter to sale. But id like to get as close as I can. Id also like to know where my meat comes from, I don't want meat from Canada or China. I want my meat products from Local farmers who know what they are doing and I want a Butcher who is also a master at their craft. I dont want to deal with the 18 year old at the supermarket who hasn't a clue. When I say meat I mean all Beef, Pork & Poultry.

Thanks all, I appreciate it.

Jan 08, 2009
Bird_eye in Manhattan