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(real) Tourtiere in Calgary?

Spud sells one made by a local producer, originally from Quebec.

fresh chantrelles

A few weeks ago, my friend bought some for me at the Crossroads Farmers Market (Calgary) from Green Eggs and Ham.

CALGARY, what's the latest in great dining?

For another hole in the wall, try South Silk Road in Kensington. They serve Yunnan cuisine. I'm also a fan of some of the South Indian places in the NE, such as Curry Club and Marina Dosa and Tandoori Grill.

Lobster in Calgary??

Thanks, I just checked their Facebook page, their pricing seems competitive. I'll keep them in mind!

Calgary or Banff for most of a day

Another vote for La Belle Patate.

Calgary or Banff for most of a day

You should try Valbella Deli & Cafe. They make their own deli meats. If you like soda, drop by Grizzly Paw and pickup a case. I love their ginger beer. IMHO, Canmore is less of a tourist trap than Banff.

When we were in Austin, we had lunch at Kome Sushi Kitchen. You guys have good sushi.

Calgary or Banff for most of a day

Hello and welcome. It depends what on what you like. For another suggestion outside of Banff, in Canmore, you can walk the Grassi Lakes trail. It has an area where you can watch the rock climbers, a really nice waterfall and emerald colored lakes.

Dinner in Calgary is also good, we have good restaurants here. I can't comment on the food at The Bow Valley Ranche, as it has changed ownership, but the atmosphere and scenery are nice,

I went to Houston last year. The biggest attraction for me was to go to Hill Country, rent a house and visit the local parks, including the Longhorn cavern. Your state capitol is also nice.

Cassoulet in YYC?

I second that!

Best Calgary restaurants?

Sorry I don't actually know... I'm a teetotaler.

Best Calgary restaurants?

How about Sushi Bar Zipang? When I was there last, I had a whole shrimp. They offered to fry the head when I was finished consuming the rest.

Winter Holiday at Banff Springs!

What a delightful itinerary! Reminds me that I need to get out more in my own backyard. You will love the Willow Stream Spa.

Winter Holiday at Banff Springs!

Skoki is awesome. I have not actually been to the lodge but I skied up to the halfway hut last year. I have never snowshoed the Lake O'Hara fire road, but my guess probably half day to day trip return depending on your fitness level. It's quite the downhill on the way back on skis. If I remember correctly its 2-3 hours uphill on skis. I've never been to Baker Creek but it sounds great. Oh if you are in Lake Lousie and looking for a snack, I recommend Laggan's bakery. Get there in the morning for best selection. Great for quick takeout breakkie or snack on your way to the hill.

Winter Holiday at Banff Springs!

Trough Dining Co. would be good for dinner. For lunch, a stop at La Belle Patate perhaps. The owners are from Quebec and I enjoy their poutine. I also like Valbella for their locally made meats and meals. More for lunch or takeout.

Winter Holiday at Banff Springs!

I have not been there, but if you cross country ski or snowshoe, lunch at Lake O'Hara Lodge is worth a visit. It's offered seasonally, call ahead to see if they're open. The ambience and satisfaction that you get from skiing11 km uphill to have lunch is fantastic.

Winter Holiday at Banff Springs!

It's been years since I've been to Eden, but it was a wonderful experience. Fine dining, complete with sommelier and great service. Don't confuse it with Primrose, their other restaurant.

For casual and rustic, I like the Sleeping Buffalo Restaurant and Lounge. It has a lodge style atmosphere complete with fireplaces. The cuisine is regional; they raise game on the CRMR ranch. Good for dinner. Have a look on urbanspoon for reviews and photos.

Have you considered a drive down the road to Canmore? They have some nice places to eat too.

Best dishes in Calgary?

Chicken shawarma - Jimmy's A&A
Baked pork chop - Calgary Court
Laksa and roti canai - Tropical Delight

Second the chicken @ Olive Chicken and salted caramel from Village
.. and the Chili gomae ramen

Wild game meat, grass-fed, organic, etc.

I'm from Calgary, I would love to try the fish!

Bringing back fresh salmon from Vancouver

That's correct. I fly live lobster from Halifax to Calgary whenever I'm down east. I did this last year. They can pack it in frozen veggies (peas seem to be the preferred choice). Direct flight, no problem.

YYC stampede treats 2013

The chocolate covered bacon was interesting. I thought the deep fried cheesecake was heavy.

Where to go for the best Ramen noodles in Calgary

I haven't seen this particular dish anywhere else in Calgary.

Where to go for the best Ramen noodles in Calgary

Shikiji. I love their Chilli Goma Ramen.

Good, cheap eats near Univ ?

I would avoid Saigon Y2K, I've eaten there before and wouldn't go back.

Good, cheap eats near Univ ?

Big T's is good. Close by is Juree's Thai Place on 16 Ave. I really like their food. Nicks used to be good, but I've heard they have been sliding over the years, If you don't mind a 20 minute walk, in the Stadium Shopping Centre, there's Saigon Star for Viet and Billingsgate Lighthouse Cafe for seafood. If you want cheap, you can try the food court at the UofC (Mac Hall). I like Bake Chef there for their Vietnamese subs. I also like Fuel for Gold for their healthy options. Also 20 min away. If you really don't mind walking and are starving... Jimmy's A& A for their shawarma and donairs. (25 min)

And well, if you are just too tired to care, then there is Boston Pizza, Red Lobster, and McDonalds in Motel Village. There is also the food court in North Hill Mall, but nothing remarkable.

Banff 2013

I second Buffalo Mountain Lodge. I've gone there a few times over the years and always enjoyed their food. Another vote for Barpa Bills. I also like Chaya for their noodles. The Fairmont is expensive, but their weekend brunch is a delight.

Caramels in Calgary

Thanks I will have another look.

Caramels in Calgary

I'm looking for some caramels for my holiday baking. Safeway carries the Kraft Caramels at Halloween and I haven't seen them at any other time. Kraft Caramel Bits will also do.

2012 Calgary food trucks.

Disappointed with Alley Burger today. The toppings on the Whole Truck Burger were not what I had ordered. The patty was dried and cold when I got it. There were a lot of people in the lineup. I will only give them a second chance if they are not busy.

Yamato Dessert Cafe - Calgary

I love their cakes. If I'm downtown I'll pick some up to go from their 7th Ave. location.

Trans Canada road trip

Juree's Thai Place is on the TC in Calgary.

Where do you get great eggs in Calgary??

I buy Burnbrae Farms' free range and Omega-3 eggs at Safeway. Love the deeply orange coloured yolks. No more pasty eggs for me.