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Demeyere vs Wolfgang Puck cookware

Sitram made in france, and paderno made in canada (not paderno world cuisene) are really high quality cookware, which are much cheaper than demeyare. I personnally have sitram and really like them, yea the sides are not as thick as the bottem, but I have not had a problem with it. It all depends on what you are looking for, if you are concerned with where it is made go with somthing from a developed country. But if you do not care it is made in china, I would say heck with the wolfgang puck stuff and go to your local restaurant supply store and get some Wilco, or Update cookware. I would second earlier posts as well in that a set is not really necessary, as you will likely never use all those pots and pans. Good luck, and remember do your research, why buy good ingredients to prepare them on junk.

Apr 08, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

andalos bakery

I bought "biscuits au noix de coco macaron" at a middle east grocery store, and was hoping someone might have the recipe. The ingredients were listed as only coconut, eggs, sugar and water.

Apr 06, 2009
wilmot in Home Cooking

how is the food scene in taos?

I agreee with the earlier posts in that there are only a few chinese places in taos, and the one I went to was nothing special. I personally liked michaels kitchen, good sopaipillas, and a cheap price, but I dont know if they are serving dinner there right now, or if its just breakfast and lunch. I heard good things about la cocina but never went. The Guadillajara grill (north/or south) is nothing special but has consistintly good mexican at a low price. For a high end place I heard that josephs table is good as well, but a lack of funds prevented me from going. Its a really great area though, I was sad i had to leave

Jan 28, 2009
wilmot in Southwest

Fry pan vs dutch oven vs saucier etc

I have been saving up for one really nice piece of cookware lately, and cant decide on whether to get an all clad saucier pan, or fry pan, or an LC dutch oven or a Staub dutch oven, or maybe a sauce pan. What would you go with for one piece of cookware a fry pan/dutch oven/sauceir/sauce pan? Other than a cast iron skillet I dont have any "good" cookware so it would be the most used piece, and start of my collection. I have about $150 to spend on this as well

Jan 27, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

Staub Round Cocotte

I will agree $200 is alot for a dutch oven but it is a purchase for a lifetime. if you get 20 years of good meals the price, seems small. It is a generational gap in my opinion in that few invest in qaulity goods these days, everybody buys the cheapest product made by laborers in terrible conditions. there is somthing to say about saving for ad investing in good cookware, though I agree there are several other brands that are cheaper.

Jan 27, 2009
wilmot in Features

My two Staub Cocottes have pits...normal???

A little off hand but is your staub from the line they made for QVC(staub elite, white interior?), Or is it their normal line of cocettes(black interior?). I am trying to figure out whether to go with a Staub, LC, or a Emile Henry.

Jan 23, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

Cast Iron seasoning peals everytime I make stroganoff (sp?)

From my experience older cast iron made in america is of a higher quality. Personally i have never had any "peeling" and would agree with earlier posts that seasoning is a treatment of the metal, not a coating. In my opinion you could have inferier cast iron, or may have comparmised the coating of the metal by sanding it. has good info on old and new cast iron as well. not saying newer cast iron is worse its just I doubt the purity of the metal from developing countries.

Jan 21, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

What inexpensive piece of cookware do you love?

my chromed griswold cast iron skillet from my grandfather

Jan 15, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

dansk copper pans

thanks for the info it really helped

Jan 11, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

dansk copper pans

I did not get any responses earlier and am hoping a new title might get me some info. I really have no experience with copper pots so any info would be great. I found a dansk copper fry pan that was 8 to 10 inches and in good shape. Has anyone ever heard of or used a dansk copper pan? Is dansk a good company for cookware? would you buy it for $75? I am debating getting it, but would like a little more info first, thanks

Jan 10, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

Green Pan totally safe?

I would go with a cast iron skillet, its not totally non-stick but pretty darn close, and probaly pretty "green" Go to a flea market/antique store and get a "wapak" "piqua ware" "griswold" or "wagner ware", as they should all be made in america, and of a higher quality cast iron, really smooth and good for eggs. It takes a little more oil, and doesnt quite make as good looking of an egg as a nontsick but pretty good.

Jan 09, 2009
wilmot in Cookware

is a $75 dansk copper pan a good buy?

I found a dansk copper fry pan that was 8 to 10 inches and in good shape. Has anyone ever heard of or used a dansk copper pan? Is dansk a good company for cookware? would you buy it for $75? I am debating getting it, but would like a little more info first, thanks

Jan 08, 2009
wilmot in Cookware