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Best place in SF/East Bay for Belgian beer?

Phil's right on all accounts.

The Trappist and La Trappe have an awesome selection of belgian/belgian style ale, but both bars are on the small side. The Trappist is practically the size of a closet. My vavorite is La Trappe. It's got a cozy, plush, tavern feel, and it never get unreasonably loud. Great environment to enjoy some good brews.

The Monk's Kettle has a great selection of beer, but what drives me away is also the unaccomodating size of this pub/restaurant AND the fact that the same beers at La Trappe and The Trappist cost several dollars less. This place is INCREDIBLY PRICEY.

The Toronado is simply a great place. Tons of beer, a fun rowdy environment. However, this place of the four Phil mentioned has the smallest selection of belgian ale...but the prices are the best, especially during happy hour!

Jan 08, 2009
nephilae in San Francisco Bay Area