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Dining in Nairobi - An Overview

If you are vegetarian definitely go to Chowpaty. Get the chili paneer and your husband will not miss the meat. Lots of unusual options you don't usually see in Indian restaurants in Europe and the US.

Aug 25, 2011
duma in Middle East & Africa

Dining in Nairobi - An Overview

Hi, I have a few recommendations to add:

Abyssinia - Muguga Gardens, Brookside (behind Safaricom House)
New Ethiopian which I like more than Habesha, the food tastes fresher and the flavours are brighter. The setting is similar to the Hurlingham Habesha, with a big garden with lots of tables and many different separate seating areas, so good for big groups.

Tamambo Tapas - Village Market
Pretty much the same food as Tamambo in the Mall but cheaper. Same reliable quality, with lots of small plates and good Belgian-style frites with spicy mayonnaise.

Nihonjin Club - Dennis Pritt Road, Hurlingham
My favorite Japanese, though not for sushi. Good for gyoza, yakitori, ramen, katsudon, teriyaki. Very peaceful with low tables in the outside area.

Phoenician - Karuna Road, Westlands
A Lebanese-pizza-sushi restaurant that manages to do at least 2 out of 3 (Lebanese and sushi) quite well. The Lebanese food is a bit overpriced but quite tasty, and most of my friends seem to agree that the sushi is the best in Nairobi.

Zen Garden - Lower Kabete Road
A huge place with three separate areas for a cafe, bar and Asian restaurant. The breakfasts are good, and the Asian food, particularly the dim sum, can be patchy but generally not bad (for Nairobi...). The mushroom dumplings and salt-and-pepper prawns are particularly good.

Jun 29, 2009
duma in Middle East & Africa

looking for sea-salt caramels

Thanks so much for all the great suggestions! I do see salted caramels on the Paul Young website so I'll have to get some, and the Burnt Sugar and Melt ones too... can't wait!

Jan 19, 2009
duma in U.K./Ireland

looking for sea-salt caramels

I'm craving sea-salt caramels (not chocolate covered), does anyone know where I can find them in London or anywhere they can be ordered from in the UK? I found one French website but the shipping costs were ridiculous...

Jan 08, 2009
duma in U.K./Ireland