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Spicy Plum Chutney

oh man this is delicious! the red pepper flakes and cinnamon were a great addition, too...however, i didn't add the lemon juice because my plums were already tart.

wanderingt, if you're using a sweeter plum (like the dark purple ones) lemon juice and a little underripe would be best, i think...but tart plums of any variety will be lovely, too.

May 05, 2009
mmmaria in Recipes

Braised White Beans with Chard

mmmm! I made this tonight (although I couldn't find the beans suggested so I used canned white kidney beans and cooked them for about five minutes longer). I, too, couldn't find chard, but aidam is correct, spinach stirred in moments before serving wilted perfectly. Also, I didn't have any white wine vinegar on hand, so instead I spritzed each plate with fresh lemon (we were having seared fish, so it worked) and it added the same pop I think the vinegar was meant to give.

Lol, I guess I adapted this recipe pretty thoroughly, actually, but it was amazing! It will definitely become a great winter side-dish staple in my home!

Jan 07, 2009
mmmaria in Recipes