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Looking for sushi DT.

We're looking for a sushi place downtown that serves fresh, fresh, fresh sushi. Rice must be done just right, not too sticky but definitely not underdone. Spicy wasabi is also an absolute must. After having asked around, I haven't been told the same place twice. I have searched all the boards, but nothing's jumping out at me. Thanks.

Amazing Ottawa and Montreal style pizza in Toronto - Dundas Pizza

Sarah Cat,

I am super glad that you thoroughly enjoy this pizza. This was my first post on CH. I've also eaten Vesuvio's and King Slice, and I completely agree they are worlds apart from Dundas Pizza.

Your welcome for the recommendation.

Amazing Ottawa and Montreal style pizza in Toronto - Dundas Pizza

Sorry for the delayed response. In Ottawa, my faves are Joe's Pizza and Lorenzo's. I would highly recommend you to stop in or call in (416.763.2121) to order a pizza. I wouldn't follow those who have not ordered a full, fresh pizza.

Amazing Ottawa and Montreal style pizza in Toronto - Dundas Pizza

Yes, most of the toppings are under the cheese.

Ottawa-style pizza is one that has alot of cheese, alot of toppings, thicker crust and flavourful sauce. In short it is pizza that fills you up in a slice or two of pizza goodness!! IMHO this the best pizza in the city..hands down!

Amazing Ottawa and Montreal style pizza in Toronto - Dundas Pizza

I had to register to Chowhound for the simple fact that I can't believe Dundas Pizza (3088 Dundas ST W, Tel: (416) 763-2121) hasn't been brought up here at all! Ottawa pizza and Montreal pizza are some of the best styles of pizza around (IMO). For those who know what I'm talking about - I know there are many of you out there... I found this tiny place on Dundas just east of Runnymede a few months ago and can't stop ordering for myself or to share with others who have become hooked as well. The pizza is very reminiscent of pizza I've had in both these cities.

The details:

3088 Dundas ST W (east of Runnymede)
Tel: (416) 763-2121
Dundas Pizza is call ahead and pick-up only.
The price is very reasonable.

The pizza:
The pizza is very flavourful. The toppings are plentiful. The cheese goes all the way into the crust and the dough is a good dense dough, but interestingly still very light and always perfectly cooked; just brown enough without being over cooked.

I've ordered different pizza toppings from here, veg only and meat - both have been completely delicous all around.

Their slices are good for lunch - which I've grabbed quickly if I'm lucky enough to be around at lunch.

The place:

This is a small pizza place - no tables. The pizza baker (owner, I think) is really friendly and takes good care to make sure your pizza is exactly as you like it.

If you like pizza (which really, who doesn't?) and are sick and tired of paper thin pizzas or those that taste like cardboard, then try this place out.