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Great Mexican food catering in Fairfield county?

I"m headed to Tacos Mexico in Norwalk for lunch today will see if they have a catering menu.

Jun 06, 2012
greguar in Southern New England

Ships Restaurant Westport, CT (back in the day)....

Great memories of Ship's, escpecially their Seafood bisque. Tucker's in Fairfield has the closest version.

Jun 06, 2012
greguar in Southern New England

bodega taco and tequila bar

It was well worth the price. While I love the tacos at El Charito, Tacos Mexico in Norwalk and la Michoacana in Bridgeport. Bodega is a different type of place. The flavors and ingredients are so fresh and delicious but used in a different way than a traditional tacqueiria.

Give it a try, this place is good for Fairfields restaurant scene.

Tacos Mexico
82 Fort Point St, Norwalk, CT 06855

Jun 11, 2011
greguar in Southern New England

bodega taco and tequila bar

Bodega Taco Bar is open, stopped in last night for a quick taco sampling. Michael Young has done another great job. the space looked great, menu was so interesting and staff was spot on. This will be a great addition to Fairfield.

On my very quick visit, i tried two tacos, that cam in soft corn tortillas., the first was a Panko crusted Mahi Mahi taco and the second was a Pastor taco. At $4 each they were both well filled with very tasty ingredients. Tacos were offered with two sauces, one of which was a fresh tasting salsa verde. More details on my next visit. I look forward to going back for a full meal.

Good luck and welcome to Fairfield.

Jun 10, 2011
greguar in Southern New England

Twins girls birthday on a Monday

Trying to find a fun place for our twin girls birthday party near Fairfield, CT. Will just be the immediate family.

Wishing that Serendipity was still in Westport, CT.

Any suggestionw would be greatly appreciated.

Nov 19, 2010
greguar in Southern New England

El Chipotle Deli-Norwalk

Thanks for the info. I drive by on the way to work and have always wondered if it was worth a visit.

I'll stick with Los Molcajetes and Tacos Mexiico.

Any recs on Tamales in the Norealk area.

Good luck on your move. I've really enjoyed your posts over the years.

Jul 28, 2010
greguar in Southern New England

El Chipotle Deli-Norwalk

I've started to make the Taco rounds in Norwalk. Los Molcajetes has been great as well as Tacos Mexico. Los Portales makes a good taco, but it is their Tamales that I usually get.

Has anyone been to EL Chipotle Deli and or any of the other places in Norwalk

Tacos Mexico
82 Fort Point St, Norwalk, CT 06855

Jul 26, 2010
greguar in Southern New England

Fried Chicken - Near Fairfield

Drumstik BBQ on Main St in Bridgeport is the best around.

Main St Cafe
232 S Main St, Randolph, MA 02368

Apr 19, 2010
greguar in Southern New England

Norwalk Tamales

Where can I find tamales in or around Norwalk, CT?

Fried and Rotiserre Chicken IN Fairfield County

For fried chicken, Drum Stick on Main St. in Bridgeport is the best in the area.

Asian Supermarket in SoNo

They did open today. Very few items still in the store. Mostly dry goods. The city of Norwalk, delayed their CO. The owner came up to me and thanked me for coming in, another gal came over a few minutes later and explained the delay, and stated the store would be fully open on Monday.

Here is what I was able to see:

4 aisles of dry and packed goods, asian snacks, mostly chinese styles sauces.

Two large tables that would most likely be for vegetables.

Many water tanks already filled with a couple of very big crabs, mabye Dungeness, but not sure. As well, about 3 4x 5 foot tables that would be for fish etc.

Adjacent to these more tables that might be for meat, poultry etc.

In the far back corner they have a section with a large steam table, looks like they may have food to go as well.

Sorry, I don't have more detail. Sounds like some of you will check it out this weekend. I'll give a another update on Monday during my lunch.

Asian Supermarket in SoNo

Was not open when i left work on Friday.

Asian Supermarket in SoNo

I work in the area, store isn't open yet. I'll give a report when it opens.

Business lunch in Westport

Try Zest in downtown Westport, next to Patagonia.

40th Birthday dinner-Norwalk to Bridgeport

Need a recommendation for dinner to celebrate my 40th birthday, with wife, parents and brother.

Been to so many of the good restaurants, looking for a place I may have missed.

Thanks in advance for the picks.

Meal near Shea

One subway stop away on the 7 train is Chinatown in Flushing. Much better chinese than in Manhattan. East Lake a few blocks down from the train station has great Peking Duck, and there is always Joe's Shanghai and their soup dumplings.

Sep 09, 2006
greguar in Outer Boroughs

Zest in Westport, CT.

Had the unfortunate chance to have dinner there the other night, prior to heading up to the Westport Playhouse, our entire group of six could only come up with one description: Airplane Food. It was really that bad. Service was painful and just not on par. Seemed as if our server had just walked in off the street, and knew nothing of the restuarant who how to allow diners to enjoy their meal.

Oh well, funky location and well designed space but just not worth the visit.

chocolate restaurant in Norwalk or SoNo??

Chocopologie is the name of the restaurant/chocolate shop. Website is The chocolatier is Fritz Knipschidlt, and he makes some of the best chocolates i've ever had. There is one filled with carmel and then topped with salt.

A must stop when in SONO. Had lunch with my brother a week or so ago, food was tasty and well, just not the regular lunch fare.