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The End of the World as We Know it

Thanks for the heads up about the juice.Maybe I will add a case of bottled
water to my inventory.I am not overly worried about the sodium in the club soda
as the brand I drink has only 20 mgs of sodium per can.

Feb 27, 2009
rdch in Not About Food

The End of the World as We Know it

I've never really worried about stockpiling for an emergency because of the way I
grew up.Most staples were purchased in bulk when they were on sale and stored for
use later because of the savings.I still do this today.
You might consider vinegar for your collection.I can't eat canned meats or beans
because of the salt content but if I loose power for more than two days I'll pickle
the meat from the freezer with vinegar and Prague powder.Most recipies call for salt
and refridgeration.If you have access to a cold room or cellar this should keep for
a week or two.
More info can be had by googling pickled pork.I found out about this researching
red beans and rice.
I haven't worried about water because of sale build up I maintain a large inventory
of juice,club soda(4 to 15 cases) and low sodium V8.After reading a thread on uses
for pickle juice I remembered people I Knew who drank it.This thread reminded me of
that thread.I just tried a glass of 1/4 pickle juice,1/4 pickled pepper juice and
1/2 v8.Not a favourite but It would extend drinking supplies.Because of the salt
problem I keep a large inventory of low sodium pickles,pickled peppers on hand.
Consider splitting some of your supplies into two or three different areas.If the
roof comes down some supplies may be buried,if the cellar floods supplies may be
temporarily inacessile,damaged or destroyed.
If you have a gas or oil furnace does it need electricity to run(electronic valves
or ignition,fans).A generator would help if you have a way hook the generator into
the house board.Most furnaces don't have plug in cords.
Does any one know if there is a diuretic from the sugar in juice.I drink a glass
daily(8 ozs)but would there be any problems drinking 3 liters a day without drinking
anything else.

Feb 21, 2009
rdch in Not About Food

Looking for great Greek

The gentleman I was with was also A Saros fan for many years.He was also less than impressed
From what I've heard they've lost a lot of older customers.For younger people who
haven't had Greek food before maybe the salad is acceptable.I still can't figure
out the souvlaki.I hope they never served it that way to anyone else.I walk past
there every once in a while in the evenings during supper and I've never seen them
more than half full.I've also wondered how they stay in business.People I know
think I should go back and give them a second chance but I see no point.They
destroyed all my old favorites.From what I've experienced and from what I've heard
I'm not the only one who has writter them off.
They food back in Saros prime was comparable to what It's All Greek Me is like today.
I've never had problems with them and the Food is always excellent.I also wish It's
all Greek To Me was open for lunch.If you've never been there and Your ever in Red
Deer for supper give them a try.They're an excellent restaraunt.

Feb 17, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Looking for great Greek

Saro's was my favourite restaraunt years ago and spent more years in this position than
any other restaraunt.Their sausage and onion pizza (no 9)was my all time favorite.
I remember their Greek salad as the best I've ever had.They had one dish, Greek salad
for two.It was a huge portion and came with two slices of garlic toast.It made an
excellent and filling meal for a hungry teenager.I am forever indebted to them for
introducing me to Greek food.The sausage pizza went dowhill many years ago but it
wasn't their fault,the butcher they used quit making the sausage.I downgraded it
from the best sausage pizza I've ever had to excellent.

Unfortunatly Sorrentos and his wife are now retired and OUT of the picture.The last
time I ate there (about 4 or 5 years ago) I was completely traumatized.The marinaded
Greek salad that I loved so much was now dry with a thin line of dressing on top.I
think it was a bottled dressing but I could be wrong,It might have been been a poorly
made house dressing.The meal was a long time coming to but they needed the extra time
to fully carbonize my souvlaki.This was the most burnt meat I have ever seen by a
long shot.Unfortunatly they took so long with the meal that we had we had to eat fast
and leave and there was no time to send it back.I lost half of it to crumbling off
the burnt parts.The parts I ate were way overcooked.(I guess I saw that coming).Due
to time constraints It was eat the meal or go hungry.After that experience I've
never been back.I still do not understand how any chef or cook could even send out
meat like that.Saro's is now dead to me.

Feb 16, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Looking for great Greek

I used to like Georges about 20 years ago for the pizza.They had other menu items but I
never tried them as I was more interested in their pizza back then.They had A reputation
for good food.I don't remember them as ever having Greek food,they currently advertise
Italian and Western food.They fell off the radar years ago,I don't Know what they're
like today.I do remember never hearing complaints about the food.

Feb 16, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

New mexican for Red Deer

It seems to be fairly authentic with a mexican cook.
I wonder if it is authentic al pastor as They seem to refer to it as barbeque pork in the article.
I was told it was al pastor but it tastes different than the one I make.I's hard to
say as I have never had the original cut off the vertical spit.Mine is done on the
gas grill or under the broiler.Theirs is done on a grill.The radish,cilantro and
onion toppings are authentic.

Feb 03, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

New mexican for Red Deer

It's finaly open. I stopped in to check it out.I tried out the taco plate.This
consists of 4 tacos,beans,rice and a drink for about $10.50(with tax).the tacos
are made up of one 4 inch tortilla with meat.There is 3 additional toppings to
choose from.Onions,cilantro and radishes.There is a good sized portion of meat
on the tacos even accounting for the small tortillas.
chorizo-A little dry but good,spiceyness dumbed down to Red Deer levels
Al pastor
Carne Asada These both need work,were originally grilled but lost something in
the steam table.
They have a selection of salsas in portion cups for adding to the meal.Pico de
galo, Three hot sauces,chile sauce, and a few others.I think theese
are all made instore.
This was there first day open (monday).I hope things improve as time goes on.
I am going to work my way through their menu in the coming weeks and I hope to
find a choice or two that rates better than good.The tacos are an improvement
over Taco Time but I was expecting a lot better.At least they had my three
favorite toppings.

Feb 03, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Is there musical accompaniment?

Sometimes I put on a cd or tape for when I'm cooking.Usualy 60's,70's some
80'srock,metal or blues.I noticed some replys in the linked thread about about
matching the type of music to the type of cooking.I am currently cooking beans
for refritos and cleaning pea beans for baked beans with Janis Joplin in the
cd player.Next up John Lee Hooker.Is this appropriate or should there be
something else like tuba music. ;)

Jan 29, 2009
rdch in Not About Food

New mexican for Red Deer

A gentleman I know talked to the owner.(owners?)They said that they want to
open monday.The menu includes tacos,enchiladas,burritos etc.Non mexican goodies
listed include Pupasas(El Salvador) and empanadas(Chile).Taco selection will
include Chorizo,chicken,al pastor,carne asada.The al pastor will come off the
grill as they don't have a vertical spit.They hope to install one eventualy.
They will also have daily specials.Apparently they are not a chain.

Jan 28, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Tanoa in Red Deer

No paper covering the windows so it is easy to see progress.Still a long ways to go.

Jan 26, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

New mexican for Red Deer

Update du jour.Apparently the contractor is not in as big a hurry to open as they
are,Next target date thursday.(to open)

Jan 26, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Red Deer -- italian speciality foods?

No Italian specialty stores in Red Deer that I know of.The usual Italian grocery
store items can be found in the usual grocery stores.Specialty Italian groceries
require a trip to Edmonton or Calgary.No fresh pasta at the local farmers market.
This link may or may not interest you.

Jan 23, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

New mexican for Red Deer

I heard that they are trying to open next mon or tues.There are still some
finishing touches that need to be done.

Jan 20, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Indian Cooking for One

only seems overwhelming because you are just getting started.It will get easier
as you go along.I have never had any problems freezing Indian cusine.I quit making
Indian meals for one years ago when I realized that I was getting screwed out of my
fair share of leftovers.Scale back as you Would with other recipes.When trying a
new recipe I scale back to 2 to 4 portions and if I like the results I scale up
to 8 to twelve. Due to health reasons I have to stock up on the good days so I can
eat on the bad days.Apologies for the upcoming meat references.When eating Indian
food at home alone I eat differently than at a restaurant.I sometimes freeze small
portions so I can make up a thali plate but most of the time I have one meat item
(or a dahl item), one side,(rice,roti,pita etc) and one vegtable dish.Of this 3
item selection usualy 2 have been frozen.One thing I have found helpful is making
the spice mixes up ahead of time and keeping them on hand in bulk.For example my
tandoori chicken recipe takes less than 5 minutes to prep as the bulk of the work
was done before.Last time I did a thali plate I put a chicken drum and thigh in the
toaster over(marinade took5 mins the day before) thawed some chana dal and some
curried lentils and made a pea, onion and green pepper dish.Less than 20 mins of
work that day gave me a good Indian meal and a plate ready made for tomorrow when
I was expecting a bad day.You will get faster as you go along.The last time I made
chana dal I made curried lentils as well.It took about an hours worth of effort.
This gave me 12 portions (1 cup) of chana dal and 8 portions of curried lentils.I
am currently trying out new Indian vegtable dishes in which I can use veggies I
have on hand and premade spice mixtures.I can currently put an Indian vegitarian
meal on the table in 20 minutes.(dal,lentil,veggies,rice).My keema mutter takes
a lot of work but I get 10 servings in the freezer and one supper.
wow.Thats a lot of babbling to say you will get faster with practice,your freezer
is a big help,mix your spices in ahead in bulk and save the 10 course meals for
the buffets.
While you are at the library look at Madhur Jaffrey's Indian cook books, also
check out her book World Vegitarian.I haven't tried any of the recipes yet but
some of Indian ones look good.

Jan 19, 2009
rdch in Home Cooking

Bulk food in Calgary

I was flipping channels today and saw a cbc show called Calgary living.I missed
most of it but according to what I saw there is a new? bulk store in Calgary.The
segment was shot in store and you could see two walls of bulk food in the
background.It might be worth a look to someone living in the area.

Weigh To Go
Southland Crossing shopping center
415-9737 Macleod Trail s

Jan 19, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Microwave Sterilization?

Sorry about the brief post.I was tired and in a hurry so I condensed It.
What I also should have added was that microwaves in an oven are not uniform
in their heating patterns so although you would probably kill some of the bad
guys there would be some survivors.This would probably not be considered good
sterilization.Also the bad guys would not have much mass so most of the
microwaves would not be absorbed.This would probably be equivilent to running
the microwave empty and over time this can damage or destroy some microwave
ovens.If you email your ovens manufacturer you will probably get a better
answer.Bernardin would be a good place to email about this but their site
( has been down for a couple days.I don't know when it will
be back up.

interesting link(slightly off topic


Jan 17, 2009
rdch in Not About Food

Microwave Sterilization?

This wouldn't work.Microwaves need something to latch onto to
vibrate and turn to heat.This is usualy something like fat,sugar,
water etc.Microwaves will not heat glass.If the jar is put in wet
the water on the glass will evaporate before heating up the glass
enough.I usually run my jars through the dishwasher and then put
plastic wrap over the ones I will not be using right away.

Jan 16, 2009
rdch in Not About Food

Food shopping in Calgary

La Tiendona Market
1836 36 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2B 0X6
Before Red Deer got its own mexican stores La Tiendona Market was
my go to store for Mexican/Central/South American supplies I
haven't been their for years but a search sill turns up the name
and address so it still should be open.

Fairmount Spiceland
#3,7640 Fairmount Dr. S.E.
good selection of spices,Mixes,sauces etc
I hope they're still open,I haven't been there in 3-4 years as
the spice stores in N.E. are more convenient fo me

Jan 15, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Food shopping in Calgary

Do a search on calgary +shopping
try these links for a start

when in Calgary I like
Indian & pakistani
A-1 Spice & Movie Centre - 403-285-2446
96-55 Castleridge Boulevard NE , Calgary , AB T3J 3J8

Apna Punjab Grocerices & Movies - 403-590-1676
300-5075 Falconridge Boulevard NE , Calgary , AB T3J 3K

Bangla Bazaar - 403-590-6625
125-4851 Westwinds Drive NE , Calgary , AB T3J 4L4

Kalamata Grocery Store - 403-244-0220
1421 11 Street SW , Calgary , AB T2R 1G7

Topps Supermarket

Sunterra Market - 403-266-3049
1851 Sirocco Drive SW , Calgary , AB T3H 4R5

Sunterra Market - 403-287-0553
Elbow Dr & 49 av SW , Calgary , AB T2S 1G8

Jan 13, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Tanoa in Red Deer

I saw a sign in downtown Red Deer that said Tanoa, a taste of Fiji,
opening soon.No specific date was on the sign.The location is a shop
in the Century Centre.I don't Know the exact number of the shop but
the last few years this location was a subway.
This might be interesting. I don't Think I've had Fiji food before.
century Centre
4807 Gaetz Ave

Jan 13, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Baked bean sandwich

Variations of this have "bean" a favorite of mine for over thirty years.
If you toast the bread and butter it, try using garlic butter.Onions,
peppers(hot and sweet),tomatoes,fried onions and peppers are all good
toppings.Various cheeses have also worked.One interesting twist I
discovered as A teenager was Campbells bean and bacon soup,straight out of the can as a sandwich filling.Ketchup usualy doesn't work for me
on these but hot sauce is a welcome addition.

Jan 12, 2009
rdch in General Topics

Specialty groceries in Red Deer

Re Singh Food Store
This is how it is listed in the phone book.The sign on the store says
North Hill Food Store.I don'T know why they call it this,the store
is south of downtown.The gas station sign says United Petro.

Jan 12, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

New mexican for Red Deer

I walked past today and the part of the sign with the day was cut out,now
it only says opening january.I'll update again if they post a new date or

Jan 10, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

What are good places for a bite to eat in Red Deer?

I would also like to recomend King Donair.The beef is the pressed loaf/cone
type but it is still good.The chicken is homemade and it is usualy what I
order.It is a mix of white and dark meat and he leaves some skin in.It is as
good as any I have had in Calgary or Edmonton.The sandwiches are excellent
but my favorite is the chicken plate.Rice with chicken on top,humous,salad
and a pita.It is a large portion and usualy cuts my supper intake in half.
Saladwise I always get the tabbouli with my plate.The plates are not as
popular as the sandwiches so there is not always a high volume of rice
turnover so sometimes the rice is a microwave reheat.I don't mind but if
this bothers you stick with the sandwiches.My only complaint is that the
garlic sauce has been dumbed down since he opened.It is still good but I
liked the old strength better.
King Donair & Chicken Schawarma
4942 50th street (Ross street)
across from the Royal bank

Jan 09, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Specialty groceries in Red Deer


A few stores west of La Tienda Latina
4924-50 street (Ross Street)
Expensive kitchen toys,garden art,bookstore and gallery in back
Towards the back they have a section with various hot sauces.Several years
ago they had 3x the selection but unfortunatly they have cut back.

Jan 08, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Specialty groceries in Red Deer

No large ethnic markets with fresh meat or produce.A collection of smaller stores.

I wish the Hong Kong Superstore was still open, we lost alot of chinese and some Japanese groceries
Hopefully someone will step forward and fill their shoes.

Sunshine Oriental Store
4717-49 ave
same building as Fields
limited supplies but newley opened,everytime I stop by they have more choices
than last time
seems mostly Phillipino

Domrick Dollar Store and Bakery
lion plaza
10-7710 50 ave
some packaged foods
bakery part seems to have disapeared, freezer selection increased

La Tienda Latina
old park hotel building
4916 50 st
my main source of tortillas,beans,dried peppers etc. They have been hidden behind a construction shack for quite awhile and it has really cut into their
business.The shack is now gone,hopefully they will get back to the
level they were before

Rincon Latino
Across the street from the alpha plant(now saputo) and a little bit south
5317 Gaetz ave
more mexican goodies beans, masa,dried peppers.spices

Afro-Caribe Store
Simco Mall in basement
small selection of african and carribian groceries,also beauty product,hair
product and hair salon
and hair salon

Singh food store
gas station/convenience store
4745 32nd street
selection of indian groceries,spices etc

Jan 07, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Which nice foodie gifts did you get?

2 cookbooks
Extending the table
Flatbreads and flavors

Jan 06, 2009
rdch in Not About Food

What's the best way to label containers for the freezer?

Masking tape and permanant marker.Labels rarely come off

Jan 06, 2009
rdch in Not About Food

New mexican for Red Deer

Senor Taco
On ross street across from old Club Cafe

sign originaly said opening Jan 5, new sign
says opening Jan 12
I think it's a chain hopefully its this one

Jan 06, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces

Sausage casings online?

haven'tdealt with either of them

At stuffers go to recipes they have a large pdf file of recipes

Jan 06, 2009
rdch in Prairie Provinces