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What to serve w/ Osso Bucco??

I love the ideas of spaetzle and gnocchi. How should I serve them?

Should I pile the osso buco on top, or serve it alongside? And should I add any butter, cheese, herbs, etc to the pasta?

(Also, FYI, I'll be preparing venison osso buco with some citrus & juniper berries.)

Mar 01, 2011
lebonj in Home Cooking

Where to Buy Marrow Scoops?

Marrow seems to be a big food trend these days, but I'm finding it nearly impossible to find somewhere to buy some online. Anyone know of anything?

My Googling mostly yields antiques available at auction. And one site – But I'm looking for something else. Doesn't seem any of the big guys – Caynes, William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel – have anything. Any tips?


Dec 06, 2010
lebonj in Cookware

Anywhere good to eat in Oshkosh, Wisconsin?

I am shocked to see that no Chowhounders have mentioned Andy & Ed's. An authentic carhop, complete with roller skating girls. Burgers are terrific – soft buns, thin burgers. Up there with In N Out or Shake Shack for sure. Fries are great too – crinkled, crispy and served with tartar sauce if you want. Root beer is house-made, of course. Worth it for the experience alone – but the food will keep you coming back! I absolutely loved this place.

Aug 17, 2010
lebonj in Great Lakes

Eating St-Roch!

Thanks, carswell, for the clarification. Indeed and I am in the city of Quebec. Just had brunch at Cafe du Clocher Penche. Wow. Soft-boiled
egg (actually more medium), rich blood sausage and my first ever piglet loaf. So far so good here! More tips are welcome!

Jun 20, 2010
lebonj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Eating St-Roch!

I'll be staying at Hotel Pur, in St-Roch, and would like to know more about stuff in the hotel's immediate proximity. I want to stay in the St-Roch hood if I can. Clocher Penche and Bossus have been discussed here, but I'm curious about other places.

Has anyone eaten at Versa []?

What about the restaurant at Hotel Pur? I hear it's open for breakfast / lunch now, not dinner yet. Anyone eaten there?

Where is the best coffee?

And the best cocktail?

Any other good eats in the hood? Any new spots to check out? I am looking for another lunch and dinner to plan, possibly a breakfast. (The hood's best croissant would be great!



Jun 19, 2010
lebonj in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Are Toronto's food critics relevant?

Thanks all for your thoughts! Here's the story -

Jun 07, 2010
lebonj in Food Media & News

Chatto out as food critic for Toronto Life (moved from Ontario board)

I am sensing a bit of anti-journalism hostility here! I wound up interviewing a longtime Chowhounder for the story. Was really just looking to include as many voices as possible. And yes – Kates, at least, says that she follows Chowhound. (How much that's influenced her is hard to say.) Anyhow, thanks for the replies. Here's the story -

Jun 07, 2010
lebonj in Food Media & News

Best resto between Ossington and Dufferin on Dundas?

I just heard that Zoot's Café [] is serving some lunch options. Not sure what the scoop is exactly, but if their pastry and coffees are any indication, I'd expect tasty, fresh and well priced sandwiches etc. Can anyone confirm?

Jun 01, 2010
lebonj in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Are Toronto's food critics relevant?

I posted earlier on the thread about James Chatto leaving Toronto Life but I want to ask Toronto Chowhounders a bigger question: Do you read / like Toronto's food critics? Who do you like? Who do you hate?
Do you think they are digging deep enough into the city's culinary scene?
Whose reviews do you trust more: Chowhound or Globe / Post / Toronto Life?
I am a journalist interested in getting some views on this for a story I'm writing! Thanks!

May 28, 2010
lebonj in Food Media & News

Chatto out as food critic for Toronto Life (moved from Ontario board)

I'm surprised more Chowhounders haven't commented on this news! Is it a reflection of people here not caring about this news item?
I'm a journalist, and I'm interested in the story, and in what Chowhounders think about the news. Are traditional critics irrelevant to you? Or just Chatto specifically?

May 28, 2010
lebonj in Food Media & News

Anyone attend or have a wedding at the liberty grand or berkeley church?

I've been to weddings at both places.
Liberty Grand has been fine but forgettable, both in terms of food and the wedding itself. It's quite a large venue; both weddings I attended had 200+ guests.
Berkeley was terrific. The building's got phenomenal character, and the food was tasty – but I ate there a year ago. Nathan Isberg (Czehoski, Coca, now The Atlantic) was cooking there at that time, and he seldom misses, IMO. But no clue who's doing food there now. Still, I'd favour it over Liberty for sure!

May 27, 2010
lebonj in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

How IS Oddfellows?

After having lived in Montreal and eaten many meals at Schwartz's, I didn't think the communal dining would be a problem. And mostly, it was fine, but when this place is packed, and loud, it feels VERY communal. I had the venison burger which was rich, juicy but overall unremarkable. The stew looks terrific, and is reasonably priced (~$30 for 2); I'll get it next time.

Jan 06, 2009
lebonj in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant Openings, 2009 (Toronto)

I've just moved here from Montreal, where the CH board has a thread with this title. I couldn't find it anywhere in Toronto. Apologies if I missed it. If I didn't, I'll ask: Does anyone know of any new Toronto restaurants set to open in the coming weeks and months? Thanks!

Jan 06, 2009
lebonj in Ontario (inc. Toronto)