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LePigeon or Paley's for solo dining....

Thanks. I'm also reading great things about the Imperial. On Sunday, I'd planned to hit Toro Bravo but would that be a disappointment with only one stomach?

LePigeon or Paley's for solo dining....

I'm headed to Portland this weekend and wrestling with LePigeon or Paley's for dinner on Saturday night. The boards seem split on these two. I'm also open to other suggestions for great food (something I could only experience in Portland) and a vibe that won't scream, "Look at her eating all alone!" Thanks in advance....

Pensacola Special Occasion

We're flying into Pensacola this weekend and want to take a recent UWF grad out to celebrate. Something delicious, price isn't a consideration. Cuisine wise, fresh and local are our favorites but we're open. A great view would be a bonus. Any suggestions? Non-chain, please. Thank you!

Apr 22, 2011
SouthernTransplant in Florida

First & Hope Must Tries

Headed to First & Hope for the first time this weekend before a show. Any recommendations on Must Tries? Also, read here on the boards about some less than stellar evenings and perhaps a change in chef. Is this the case? Should we be headed elsewhere?

Wine Bar Recommendations

City Sip in Echo Park.

Mexican near Griffith Park?

I'll second the Malo recommendation but just down Sunset is Allegria. Dynamite food, fun atmosphere and BYOB. Oh, it is cash only.

And I'd avoid Lucy's at all costs. Never had anything but bad food there.

HELP - Best Resto in Los Feliz, Silver Lake?

Agree...on the food and the wine.

Last minute UES dinner....

Cafe D'Alsace fit the night perfectly. Thanks for everyone's help.

Oct 16, 2009
SouthernTransplant in Manhattan

Last minute UES dinner....

Thanks for the tips and the information. Does Food & Drink ring any bells?

Oct 15, 2009
SouthernTransplant in Manhattan

Last minute UES dinner....

My foodie girlfriend secured a sitter last minute for tonight and I'd like to treat her to a great gal dinner near her UES home (96th and Park area) or easily accessible to the 6 train in case of a kid emergency. I'm an LA resident (love Canele and Animal) so am finding myself overwhelmed in Manhattan food land and in need of guidance.

On the board, I've read good things about both Itzocan Bistro and Cafe D'Alsace. Could we get in to these places? We both like Thai, French, fusion but not Italian or burgers. Price wise, with wine, if we could keep it in the $50 pp that'd be a plus as well.

Any suggestions? And thanks in advance.

Oct 15, 2009
SouthernTransplant in Manhattan

Lunch near Union Station

I'm arriving at Union Station on a Tuesday around 1 pm before heading to catch a flight at O'Hare. Looking for a good, not too heavy, spot for lunch close to the train station (I'll be lugging luggage). Any native suggestions would be a boon for this LA traveler. Thanks!

Dinner before El Rey

Looking for a tasty last-minute dinner tonight before a show at the El Rey - ended up getting off work in time to dine. Not interested in Luna Park or Campanile. Any suggestions? Considering Animal..... Thanks!

Restaurant Week / Dine L.A Good Values?

Did anyone try Vermont Restaurant for dineLA? The older posts (circa 2006) I've found were highly critical of the food and the service, just curious if that's still the case. Any thoughts on any of the downtown options - the Standard or Nick and Stef's?

Best Pho in LA?

Pho 87 Restaurant
1019 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012-1405
Phone: (323) 227-0758

Big shout out for this gem downtown: we believe healing properties exist in their broth. Seriously. We order the small pho Thai, lick the bowl clean and are stuffed. Fresh ingredients, deliciousness abounds. They only accept cash and have no booze, wee drawbacks to my way of thinking for such delicious soup.

best delivery los feliz

Makkah Halal, delicious, amazing. I found a rave for this place back on an older Chowhound thread and desperate for Indian delivery, decided to try it (I'm not a fan of Electric Lotus, overrated in my opinion). I loved everything I had, delicate flavors, wonderful choices, the channa masala couldn't have been better, ginger melding with cream and tomato. Ditto raves for the mushroom Bhajee. My only complaint would be the volume: too much food! Seriously, Los Feliz-ers looking for Indian delivery, I'd give these guys a call.
(213) 383-9962

Malibu Dinner Spot

Thanks to everyone for their advice and help. We ended up mixing and matching with degrees of success. We had cocktails and appetizers at The Sunset near Point Dume. Lovely atmosphere, great service and killer view. The calamari was excellent as were the drinks; wish we'd stayed there for dinner. Dinner was at the Beachcomber on the Pier right in Malibu. Fun, old-school-ish vibe but the food was very disappointing, massive portions but when it isn't good who wants to eat that much anyway. I'd avoid it. We had lunch at Paradise Cove which was a ton of fun: kids playing in the sand, laid back atmosphere, fresh fish, a nice cap to a fun weekend. So I'd recommend and revisit The Sunset and Paradise Cove for sure.
Thanks again, Chowhounders. You guys are the best.

Malibu Dinner Spot

Thanks for the tips! This is super helpful... and I am thinking our original price may need some serious wiggle room.

Malibu Dinner Spot

My boyfriend's taking me to Malibu this weekend and I'm looking for a low-key, moderate (under $20 entrees) place for dinner. We're HUGE fans of Malibu seafood but would like cloth napkins for the evening. We're open to any cuisine but would prefer to avoid any kind of snooty vibe. Thanks in advance!