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Orlando area Italian

How about any other types of good restaurants nearby? Anything?

Nov 27, 2013
StuCazzo in Florida

Orlando area Italian

Going to be staying at the Embassy Suites Orlando - Lake Buena Vista location. Looking for Italian restaurant recommendations. TIA

Nov 26, 2013
StuCazzo in Florida

Pizza Pomodoro

Does anyone know when the new location will be open?

Jun 09, 2013
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Where to eat in Mesa, AZ

I second eating at Dolce Vita Italian Grocery :)
Great spot for food!

Jan 11, 2013
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Bad experience at North Division Onion

It was a very disappointing experience. It started out nice. The waitress was busy so the manager came over and took our drinks orders so we wouldn't be waiting for drinks. Once the waitress came over she was very pleasant and took our dinner and cheese appetizer order. It went downhill after that. The girl who brought our appetizer over dumped half of the crackers on the floor. The cheese dip was very runny. Taste was OK, but it took us asking 2 different gals to bring the rest of our crackers so that we could finish up the cheese dip. The crackers arrived at the same time as our dinner order. So we really didn't get to enjoy the cheese dip appetizer. My son's quesadilla was bland and cold. I ordered the Rhonda special which was a teriyaki chicken plate. The sauce came on the side? That was odd. I went to pour it over my chicken and rice and noticed that it was PURE soy sauce. Not teriyaki sauce as ADVERTIZED? WTH? I asked our server who told me that they ran out of teriyaki sauce in the kitchen. So instead of asking me earlier if I wanted to order something else they were going to try and pass soy sauce off for teriyaki sauce. Then it got better. Another waitress decided to take it upon herself to bring out another "sauce" that was "like teriyaki" she told me. I think this was some sort of fish sauce. At this point I got pissed and told them if they had told me that they had run out of teriyaki sauce I would have been happy to order something else. Instead they tried to fool the customer with some shenanigans. I was asked if I wanted to order something else at this point. Duh. They gave me the menu and 10 minutes later came back to inquire about what I wanted to order in place of my teriyaki chicken. 10 minutes? No rush here to try and make the customer happy for their screw up. At this point I order a burger. I wasn't very hungry anymore. My burger took about 20 more minutes to come out. I was able to watch the other 6 people in my party finish dinner. By the time the burger came out everyone else at my table was done eating. To top it off, the manager pointed out to my wife that they took my teriyaki chicken off the bill and replaced it with the burger. Nothing beyond an apology. Our entire meal was uncomfortable. My diner was a shambles. Not even a free desert or drink? Where I come from this does not happen. My dinner would have been free.

Dec 31, 2012
StuCazzo in Pacific Northwest

Great Spaghetti Restaurant-SE Valley?

I remember Gianni's. Used to go there a lot when I lived up in Everett. Welcome to the East Valley. Go Cougs.

I would try Gilbert Pizza. Nice family joint.
VinciTorios is pretty good too. They make the pasta in house.
I also like La Calabria.

Stay away from Rigatonys. Not very good Italian food.

Sep 25, 2012
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Flagstaff Italian

Heading up to Flagstaff in the near future.
Anybody got any recommendations for Italian in
the area?

Sep 14, 2012
StuCazzo in Southwest

Flagstaff - Italian

Heading up to Flagstaff in the near future. Anybody got any recommendations for Italian in the area?

Sep 13, 2012
StuCazzo in Phoenix

A Call To Arms - Four Worthy Mom & Pops

A few
Gilbert Pizza
Enzo's Gelato
La Calabria

Aug 01, 2012
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Henderson Italian

Going to be staying in Henderson for the weekend. Any good mom/pop Italian places?

Apr 01, 2011
StuCazzo in Las Vegas

Best Biscotti and Pizzelle

Went to web site. It claims Italian this and that but makes no mention of who they are......
Would be nice to know some history about who exactly I am expected to buy from.

Dec 28, 2010
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Does anyone know where to buy good cannoli shells?

On the east side, try Gilbert Pizza. Sal has some good ones.

Gilbert Pizza
1150 S Gilbert Rd Ste 106, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Mar 31, 2010
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Kartchner Caverns area

Any good recommendations (or avoids) for this area? Nothing in particular, just looking for some good places.

Mar 31, 2010
StuCazzo in Southwest

Kid-friendly 30th Bday Restaurant suggestions? (Chandler, AZ)

Gilbert Pizza (Warner/Gilbert)
Great pizza and very good Italian too. Kids are plentiful.

Nov 25, 2009
StuCazzo in Phoenix

PHX - Gilbert - La Calabria Ristorante

Did La Calabria in Gilbert close???

Sep 02, 2009
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Phx: Top Pizza Joints

Gilbert Pizza

Jun 27, 2009
StuCazzo in Phoenix

[PHX] Jimmy's of Chicago - Gilbert

Has anybody tried this place yet?

Feb 04, 2009
StuCazzo in Southwest

Phx Baccala

Be careful - you might get what you pay for :)

Dec 16, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

PHX - Gilbert - La Calabria Ristorante

Please, please, please do not consider/take this in the wrong way. I am just curious. What Italian restaurants do you think are better? Just wondering.

Dec 16, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Phx Baccala

Just thought of 2 other places that might be closer to you. I have bought it there also in the past:

Romanelli's Italian Deli
3437 W. Dunlap Phx, AZ 85051

Belfiore Italian Deli
15842 N Cave Creek Rd # 2
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 493-1793‎

Dec 10, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Phx Baccala

Sorry, East Side also. We usually get ours at:
Andreoli's Italian Grocer
8880 E. Via Linda
Scottsdale, Az.

Dec 10, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

PHX - Gilbert - La Calabria Ristorante

La Calabria just got a nice write up in the East Valley Tribune. Below is link:

We ate there again tonight and the food was excellent.

Dec 10, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Liberty Market (Gilbert, AZ)

We went with another family to the Liberty Market for lunch.

We started out with a hummus plate. Hummus is made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic. From the taste of our plate, Joe's is made just from chickpeas. No taste WHATSOEVER. Not even a hint of garlic or lemon. Is this the Gilbertized version :) And to further add insult, they served it with some type of toasted bread that had no taste either. Where’s the pita bread that should be served with the hummus? If they are going to serve it with this toasted bread, they need to, at least, brush it with olive oil and garlic.

Next up we ordered lunch. My wife had the caprese sandwich. The caprese is a traditional Italian sandwich made out of mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. My wife really enjoyed her sandwich. I tried the side of potato salad that came with it and was impressed with the taste.

Our friend ordered the Liberty Bowl. This bowl included roasted meatballs, marinara sauce, pecorino romano, and a side of grilled bread. She let my wife and I try a bite and we really liked the taste of the meatballs.

The kids all ordered the wood-fired pizzas. My son ordered the pepperoni and the others got cheese pizzas. They were pretty good size for an individual order. I’m guessing they are getting used to their oven or they have a new, inexperienced pizzaiolo back in the kitchen. The outer crust of one of the cheese pizzas was burned black. I had to do some fancy talking to get my kid to eat the non-burned parts. The other 2 kids liked their cheese pizza. The pepperoni pizza ordered by my other son was NOT pepperoni, but salami. To me, it was good, but to an 8 year old kid it tasted terrible. He did manage to pick off the salami (complaining the entire time about how bad it tasted). If you advertise it as pepperoni, serve it with pepperoni, not salami!

I ordered a margherita pizza and was very disappointed. Where do I start? The crust was soggy. Their margherita pizza is made from mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil. My eyes saw basil on the pizza, but my taste buds did not taste ANY basil flavor. They definitely did not use fresh basil on this pizza. The best thing I could say about the sauce was that it was red. No taste to it. The cheese was there (in abundance), but by the taste of it they don’t use a good quality mozzarella. I’m guessing Kraft? I basically had a cheese pizza for lunch. Gilbert Pizza down the road has nothing to worry about!

I had heard about their espresso bar so I went up and ordered a single espresso shot. The girl at the bar got good marks for pronouncing espresso correctly (no “ex” in espresso) and serving it in a proper cup. That’s about it. Either she did not use enough coffee to make the shot or they use cheap coffee, but I had a watered down shot of espresso.

All in all, it was not too bad. We would rate the food so-so. The sandwich and meatball bowl plate got good marks. The pizzas and espresso bar need work though. They just opened for business, so I might give them one more shot. On the plus side, their service was top notch. The wait staff was very attentive.

Oct 19, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Need ideas for left over Prosciutto

Find some bread and make a sandwich. :)

Oct 17, 2008
StuCazzo in Home Cooking

PHX - Gilbert - La Calabria Ristorante

My wife had heard that this new Italian restaurant was open in the Gilbert area so we decided to try it out. The owner Giovanni is very friendly. He grew up in the Calabria region of Italy.

We are so glad that we tried it out. The food is excellent!
The pasta is actually cooked and served al dente!!!

The restaurant details are below:

La Calabria Ristorante
1534 E Ray Road, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: (480) 726-3537

Aug 21, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

PHX - Does anybody carry la Molisana pasta

Any ideas? I don't think Romanelli's or Andreoli's carries it.

Jul 16, 2008
StuCazzo in Southwest

NY pizza in Gilbert, AZ "Corelli's"

Try Gilbert Pizza for NY style pizza.

Jul 11, 2008
StuCazzo in Southwest

PHX Burrata

You might try La Stalla in Chandler.

Jun 18, 2008
StuCazzo in Phoenix

Follow-up: Roy's in Chandler, AZ (Phoenix)

Well they listed it as a Polynesian (sp) specialty......

Jun 10, 2008
StuCazzo in Southwest

Your Best Tomato Salad


Tomatos cut up in pieces. Not too small.
Good Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil - don't use any other kind
Fresh Basil
Some garlic
Crusty and dense Italian bread.

1. Mix tomatos, oil, basil, salt and garlic until the mixture tastes like heaven.
2. Dish out into a bowl - don't forget some of the juice/liquid at the bottom.
3. Dip bread into juice/liquid.
4. Eat bread.

Jun 09, 2008
StuCazzo in Home Cooking