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Santiago & Valparaiso, Chile


Looks like it's been awhile since there was any discussion of Santiago restaurants, so I was hoping for an updated list! We'll be staying in Bellavista, but we're happy to travel by metro to another area of town for a good meal. Any must-hit places in Santiago? Casual or fine is ok, I just want it to be delicious, and hopefully Chilean cuisine, though we're open to others. We will also be heading to Valparaiso for a day and will be having a dinner there as well. Thank you!

Sustainable private event for about 50?

Thank you! I've actually looked at all of those so it seems I'm on the right track!

Sustainable private event for about 50?


I'm an out-of-towner looking for a place to host a happy hour for about 50 people. Somewhere we can hang out at the bar, have some apps put out and be relaxed. I'm looking for places that have sustainable practices, but also delicious, and hopefully near the orange line. Ok, tall order, but putting my feelers out! Thank you!

3 hour layover at DFW--BBQ?

We have a 3-hour layover at the DFW airport, and, as I've never been to Texas before, would like to take advantage of a quality local meal. No chains, obviously. Since we really only have about 2 hours to play with before getting back to the airport, is there somewhere we can get to, eat, and be back in time? I guess I'd probably prefer BBQ, but if you have other suggestions on authentic Texas cuisine, we're open! One side note--we do have some pretty amazing & authentic Mexican taquerias where we live, so we'd prefer to stay away from that. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Sustainable Caterers for smaller events?


I live out of town but will frequently be doing some catering to meetings in DC in the coming months and am looking for recommendations. I'm looking for a restaurant who would do a delivery and possibly clean up, but I don't really need a full service catering company. It's important that they are sustainable, and are organic and/or use local ingredients when possible. It will mostly just be breakfasts or lunches, with a possible small cocktail reception in there as well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

3 Top Bethesda Dinners, 3 Top Bethesda Lunches

That's it. Three. ONLY three. What are your top 3 favorite dinner restaurants and top 3 favorite lunch spots? Dives, fancier, food truck, doesn't matter. It just has to be delicious. (And favorite dishes at these favorite restaurants would be good to hear about as well!) Thanks!

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


A late group of us are going to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, and though it doesn't seem there are too many restaurants there, we'd love suggestions for what's good or not that great. There are also a bunch of totally food-loving folks within the group, so we'd be willing to travel a little bit away for a decent meal.


Kid-Friendly places in Suwanee, Duluth?

Hey everyone!

My husband and are two foodies coming to babysit our nieces in Atlanta. Whenever we travel, we travel for food, and now we're traveling for the kids. Anyone have suggestions of really awesome, non-chain restaurants that are kid-friendly in Duluth or Suwanee?


Oct 29, 2011
leslierules in Atlanta

Girls Trip to Ocean Isle Beach

A bunch of my girlfriends and I are heading down to Ocean Isle Beach. Any not-to-miss spots? Thanks!

Oct 09, 2011
leslierules in Southeast

Chicken Finger Sub in Nashville?

I live out of town and have a friend in Nashville who's six months pregnant with a very specific craving: a chicken finger sub like one that she grew up on in Buffalo. It's chicken fingers, wing sauce, blue cheese, etc. Does anyone know anywhere that serves them? If so, do they deliver? I'd love to just send someone to her doorstep with one. : )


Fresh Oysters in or near Ft Walton Beach?

Thanks! I saw the Boathouse, and glad to see you give it a good word. I think the other two might be a little too far for them (I think they're staying in Navarre....) What about Stinky's? Or High Tide? Good or no? They'll want a couple of places to go. Thanks, Nancy!

High Tide
3754 N Access Rd, Englewood, FL 34224

Mar 24, 2011
leslierules in Florida

Fresh Oysters in or near Ft Walton Beach?

Hi al!

My mom and dad are on their way to Ft. Walton Beach right now, and don't want to get stuck eating oysters that have been flown in from somewhere else. Any recommendations for good, fresh, raw oysters in Ft. Walton Beach?


Mar 24, 2011
leslierules in Florida

2 Foodies on a Honeymoon in Hopkins Village, Belize

Hey all!

We love food, will eat pretty much anything, and are really excited about the fresh seafood in Belize. We realize Hopkins Village is a small village, but where can we get really great authentic fresh food? Or a really romantic meal? Or a really cheap and delicious one?

Where are the best places to go? Or even maybe within 20 or 30 miles? We'll drive for a really great meal...

Thank you in advance!

Breakfast in Sedona

Hi all,

I'm going to be spending Thursday night and Friday in Sedona, and I've decided to go to Cafe Elote for dinner after reading about them so much on the board. There wasn't a whole lot of discussion about breakfast though. Any recommendations? I saw something about the Wildflower Bread Company, but it looks like that's a chain, which I'm not particularly into.

Any place that's really great, with interesting menu options? Something more creative than a short stack and scrambled eggs?


Sep 08, 2009
leslierules in Southwest

Norfolk/Portsmouth, VA?

yeah, my research has brought me to A.W. Shucks many times, but I can't seem to find a menu. I might just head over there anyway. Any other seafood suggestions? Thanks!

Best burger in or around chapel hill?

Definitely Onlyburger. I just tried it this weekend and it was awesome. It does go to Chapel Hill, too. Check their website or twitter account to find out where they are, when.

Norfolk/Portsmouth, VA?

Hey all,

I'll only be spending a weekend in Portsmouth here in a couple weeks, and would like some ideas on truly delicious meals--breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'd love to get some really fresh, local seafood while I'm there (doesn't have to be fancy...I tend to prefer the brown paper tablecloth places : ), but I'm open to pretty much anything.

We're staying down near River Front Park, but we're willing to drive for a delicious meal. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Sports Fan and a Foodie, looking to eat in DC...

Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to check out Ugly Mug. I had had Matchbox on my list of restaurants to try, but I don't think I'll be able to make it, and it sounds like Ugly Mug might be a good replacement. Their menu looks interesting, and I need to try these sliders I keep reading about. I appreciate all the help!

Sports Fan and a Foodie, looking to eat in DC...

Looks like Lola's is only open 'til 3, but I like your thinking. Any other suggestions?

Sports Fan and a Foodie, looking to eat in DC...

DC...sorry, hadn't included that in the original post until I just edited it. Any DC ideas?

Sports Fan and a Foodie, looking to eat in DC...

I'm an out-of-town foodie (as in, I don't want to travel anywhere and waste an appetite on something that's not completely delicious), and my boyfriend wants to watch football playoffs on Saturday night. I'm not generally a fan of bar food. Is there anywhere with a creative menu (or just a REALLY delicious American Bar menu) with big TVs so we can both be satisfied? We're staying near Capitol Hill, but I'll travel anywhere within DC...