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Alta Strada advice?

i went to wellesley, moved to china after graduating and still dream about the mushroom lune and homemade ricotta. so glad those two items are still on the menu!

Oct 13, 2011
amidli in Greater Boston Area

Cafe de Lulu, your friendly Boston 茶餐廳

pedantic question: is there a chinese-language menu? more importantly, is it in simplified or traditional characters?

Jul 28, 2011
amidli in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant Week of 2010 - Best of the Bunch?

EVOO has a similar deal year-round. that said, the food's pretty good. but you could go whenever, and not just during RW.

Feb 25, 2010
amidli in Greater Boston Area

Recs near Harvard square for Dinner. $$ Inexpensive to Moderate.

Darwin's! Two locations on Mt. Auburn and Cambridge streets. Large, delicious sandwiches, lots of seating and free wifi in the Cambridge street location as well.

Jan 30, 2010
amidli in Greater Boston Area

where is the "it" restaurant of Boston?

old-guard hipster It Place: the other side! parking my bike with brakes & gears in front of it in summer made me self-conscious! still, the nachos are like, five days' meal for me.

Jan 12, 2010
amidli in Greater Boston Area

bostonian in chicago, January 15-20


as the topic suggests, I shall be in chicago from january 15 to 20 and i am soliciting suggestions for some good meals. about me, i'll be staying in both evanston and hyde park. no car, but willing to travel for delicious and/or distinctive dining. i'm already planning on a epicurean feast night on saturday, starting at the violet hour for drinks, the bristol for dinner and hot chocolate for dessert.

i'm wondering about edzo's, the green zebra (especially if the vegetarian fare can stand up to the arctic temperatures) and cafe spiaggia. i'd like a suggestion for good lunch in hyde park, a place for lunch or dinner near the art institute and sunday brunch in belmont or wrigleyville. i'd also love suggestions for cheapish places for more than one meal around evanston and anywhere (bar or restaurant) with a cocktail program that is not-as-fancy as the violet hour, but where they still know their stuff.

i'll try anything once (seriously, anything) and my favorite cuisines include contemporary american/local-oriented, 'non-traditional' french & italian, and anything african (especially ethiopian or senegalese). if the menu offers offal, there is at least an 85% chance i will order it.

finally, budget-wise, i'd like to spend no more than $15 on lunches and $30 (excluding beverage) on dinners, though i'd be willing to spend more on one other Really Good dinner.

thanks a lot!

Jan 10, 2010
amidli in Chicago Area

Can someone list some good eating challenges for me?

don't forget the half-sour pickle, too. i was there once when this kid, 16 or 17 and maybe 120 lbs soaking wet, was working through the eagles' challenge. they don't give you the pickle until about halfway through, and on it's own plate. they put your name on a plaque if you finish, and take a polaroid for the 'wall of shame' if you don't.

Sep 03, 2009
amidli in Greater Boston Area

What you drank at "Drink"

the drink i stumped the bartenders with at drink: a buccaneer. gin, campari, pineapple, and falernum. ironically, since i'd only read about it and never tried, it didn't taste all that good. my theory is the interaction between the campari and pineapple was less than fortuitous. i think i ordered from ben, but i can't be sure. it was from the station furtherest to the right. never managed to order a drink from misty or josie - the next goal!

on a service-related note, john g. was great about refunding my money when drink overcharged me by $40 on an errant tab. don't know where else to share this, but he was extremely courteous and understanding about the whole matter!

May 29, 2009
amidli in Greater Boston Area

21st birthday dinner for a foodie/wine family

Hello all,

My 21st birthday is coming up this summer (yes, I'm planning in advance) and I want to dine somewhere extraordinary. My family's lived in New York for the past couple of years, and I've spent a few birthdays there, but I'll be living in Cambridge this summer and I want to spend my 21st (and my first legal drink, finally) in the area. Basically, I'm looking for the best Boston has got to offer.

The dinner party will just be my family (mom, dad, me). Price is not an issue, though we'd also be bringing some of our own champagne, so it would be great if any posters had insight into corkage fees! My parents are huge wine people so a good & extensive wine list is a must! I am a self-professed cocktail geek. Foodwise, we will literally eat anything. Fancy places under consideration include No. 9 Park, Scampo, Marliave, Radius, O Ya, B&G, etc. I'm also thinking about Craigie on Main, Oleana, Ten Tables, Rendezvous, and Lumiere. I want to try something new, and I've already been to Eastern Standard, Neptune Oyster, Gaslight, Hungry Mother, Tupelo, and Drink. Green Street and Central Kitchen are regular haunts of mine. I'm less familiar with restaurants in the South End and in the metro area, so any advice about them would be greatly appreciated! And accessability is not an issue.

Thanks in advance!

May 26, 2009
amidli in Greater Boston Area

Momofuku Milk Bar - mixed, desserts seem best (w/ pics)

went to milk bar with a friend about two weeks ago - a tuesday night after seeing gogol bordello at webster hall. seems like the place is either packed or empty... my one aesthetic complaint is that there are NO places to sit. luckily, the counter staff let us sit our tired bones down on the counter to the left of the door.

what we sampled and ate: we both got samples of the frozen yogurt (it was far too cold for an entire serving), grapefruit and snickerdoodle. i enjoyed the intensity of the grapefruit but my friend found it too 'grapefruit-y' and a little too bitter. the snickerdoodle was divine, like the cookie but creamier and just salty enough. we shared a slice of the dulce de leche cake, which though a bit cold, was otherwise perfect. so many layers of the caramel! also, at the end of the night, since they were closing up, the staff also sent us home with four of the chocolate-chip-and-cornflake cookies. they had surprising longevity and were still an excellent mid-morning snack three days after.

conclusions: milk bar is delicious, i want to try their interpretation of the pork bun and if you arrive shortly before closing, you get free cookies!

Jan 05, 2009
amidli in Manhattan