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Getting psyched for the Fair (MSP)

Check out the Ballpark Cafe and get one plus they have great garlic fries, they are not homemade fries but they toss them in garlic and parsley, they are awsome.

Food stops between duluth and mpls?

Cloquet has Gordy's and Mexico Lindo. Gordy's is a burger stand, homemade onion rings, shakes, burgers, the have great fish sandwich as well. Mexico Lindo is a mexican place and it has a huge menu. We had a group of 20 ppl and everybody loved it.

Getting psyched for the Fair (MSP)

Check out the crepe stand, when I convinced my girlfriend to go early one year, we ate there and now we can't miss it. The food building has b-fast pizza and the French Meadow has warm scones with fresh fruit and whipped cream. I think everyone should give the fair an early start at least once, you get b-fast, snack, lunch, snack and something to bring home and your home buy 3pm, without having to deal with long lines and the heat. Don't get me wrong I also go a 2nd time and get there later because the later you go the better the people watching.

MSP Valerie's Carniceria

I've been there a few times, and I keep returning even though it's a trip across town for me. I like the al pastor for a quick taco night, ask for a lb and they give you a pound put the sticker on it and then throw another scoop in the bag. They also have a nice cecina which is strips of beef that is seasoned and dried a little bit, take this and throw it on a hot grill with a little S+P and lime, it makes for a quick and easy dinner. I don't speak Spanish so the had someone who spoke English help me. I guess they have barbacoa on the weekend held in steam wells, so pick up some to go and you have dinner with no cooking. I found Friday afternoons are very busy and they where out of a few things so go early.

Jfood's Burger Tour (MSP) Continues - Buster's

I had visited there 2 weeks ago and had the burger, It was a let down to me. I had ordered a MR burger and my GF had a WD burger. Mine was cooked to MW and they burnt the bun, my GF's was blackened, crusty and still a little pink in the center, bun also burnt. It was a bummer after reading about it, we had thought wed found our new local hangout. The service was extremely poor as well just like the said in the magazine. We might be back, but not for the burger. We both just tried the Firelake burger and thought that was a better burger, plus they have thin cut fresh fries.

Pork Belly MSP

You're best to ask the meat man himself, all my buddy did was ask, it doesn't cost anything to ask.

Pork Belly MSP

I had a buddy get pork belly at the Seward Co-op, just ask at the meat counter.

Visiting Chicago in a week, need recs.

My girlfriend and I are visiting Chicago next week and staying at Affinia the ex Fitzpatrick at 166 E. Superior St. I am in need for some good places for all meals, we will be using public trans, walking and very little cabs I hope. I would like to spend about a $100 dollars for one nice meal on Saturday night, but the rest I'd like to keep on the modest to cheap eats. We are planing on eating at Ed Debivic's , Gino's East and Mercat a la Planxa. Thanks for any info you can give me.

Apr 29, 2009
robertsscotty in Chicago Area

Near macys Lunch (Downtown Mpls)

Check out Firelake.

Walk-ins at 112 [MSP]

4 people, Thanks I should have included that.

Walk-ins at 112 [MSP]

It just so happens that I've got a few friends coming to town tommorrow night, and they want to eat at 112. Problem is they just popped this on me, and 112 does not have any open tables. Do they save a few tables for walk-ins, and has anyone had any luck getting in with out reservations? Thanks for your help.

Farewell to Minnesota tour

Dariy Queen, for the Ice Cream. I don't think there any out west.

MSP - Grill stores

Check out beisswengers, I picked up a Ducane Grill last year there. They do price match as well and are very nice to work with.

Has anyone been to the Blue Door in St. Paul?

Went at about 1pm last Tuesday and I wasn't that impressed, The burger could used some salt, I had the cajun stuffed burger, it was stuffed with pepperjack and canned jalapenos, and it had pickles on it as well, so it tasted like a pickle burger. The fries where so-so as well.