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Need a QUIET place to eat...

You neglected to mention when you are going to dine. Please don't expect to go to any good restaurant at 7:30 or 8:00 on a Friday or Saturday evening and not be disappointed about the noise. Timing is everything...


I've been in there several times in the time since the chef changeover and there is no difference other than maybe the charcutterie plate is a little different. In fact, my wife likes the menu better now as it offers more vegetarian selections. There also wasn't any staff changeover with the chef change, which often happens. So overall, no difference now than this time last year.

This was in the paper last week about their brunch and chef changeover:

Bad service in the Twin Cities [Moved from MSP board] seem to bring out... a certain... attribute in people.

Sep 28, 2010
DiningDog in Not About Food

New to Minneapolis (Minneapolis Park Area)-Places to eat/bars?

You're moving to Longfellow. Best dinner spot is The Craftsman. Best (wine) bar is Riverview. Best lunch spot is Longfellow Grill. Best bar bar is....good luck. Make sure you bring your bike. Good neighborhood to feel safe in. Sea Salt's not bad too.

Longfellow Grill
2990 W River Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Riverview Cafe
3753 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Trader Joe's MSP - Crushing Disappointment (very long rant)

Interesting thoughts. The way I see it, the folks who shop TJs are those who are more likely to go out to eat at the mall or 'burb restaurants, e.g. Cheesecake Factory, other chains. Those who shop at The Wedge, Seward, Linden Hills Co-op are more likely to appreciate Alma, Craftsman, Piccolo,etc...

Cheesecake Factory
2715 Southdale Ctr, Minneapolis, MN 55435

local and organic sources?


Are Sunday nights a good or bad night to eat out at upscale restaurants?

Friday and Saturday nights are called "amateur nights" by industry professionals because they are the nights where "everyone has to go out". Sunday and Monday usually are the head chef's nights off, but any top quality place has a good sous chef and very competant line cooks. Truth be told the head chef normally doesn't cook your meal on any given night, even when she's there. Go out on Sunday and get better service and a more relaxed meal.

NE Pizza Void? Snap Closed (MSP)

Hey Princebaal, it looks like a business opportunity for you.

(MSP) The Front Cafe

JFood. Not to criticize your wife, but if we all took the road most travelled, life would be pretty sterile and boring. Two places, side by side, one bustling, the other dead. Most would probably end up at the bustling venue. I commend you for following through with your plans, although I feel by reading your post that you wanted to validate your beliefs by not liking this restaurant. I don't doubt your synopsis, but you certainly didn't cut them any slack.
I ate at the Singapore several months ago, mostly based on positive reviews from this and other boards. Over the course of the evening, there was not one other soul that came in or called. The owner (I assume) waited on us, cooked our food, everything. It was great food and given the circumstances decent service!!! If she would have had one or two other tables, she would have been dead in the water, and I'd probably be panning the place because it would have taken 4 hours to get in and out of there. My point is this, cut the restaurants some slack. It's a crummy business, where nobody makes much, but we need them to feed bums like us.

Jfood's MSP Burger Tour Continues - 5-8 Club, Not So Great

Are you serious MSPD ?!? Why would you want to waste $5 on a rag that is 90% advertising? I find it almost impossible to "read" because of the this oversaturation. Furthermore, as you mentioned their recent infatuation with SmashBurger is really odd. It sounds like Platt, March, and Dorwart are drooling at the prospect of another 30 SmashBurger franchises popping up all over the Twin Cities. Is this what the standard of the local food media has become?

Another One Bites The Dust - MSP

Bellanotte is gone. Never went there but I understand they used to have a really good business a couple of years ago. Is there any worse place to own a restaurant than downtown Minneapolis right now?

Jfood returns to Heidis (MSP)

Kevin47, your scenarios are all realistic for larger parties. However I think the issue at hand was why a two top was left vacant when there were people waiting, and willing to be seated at it. My first thought, without knowing their reservation practices, is that it was left as insurance against over booking. If this is the case, I would suggest to the host that it would be more appropriate to make that "overflow" table less obvious to those waiting by the door. It would also suggest that they need to get a better handle on reservation management. Woodman's glow isn't going to last forever and Minnesotans are like elephants...and sheep.

Minneapolis - T's Place

Cliquot Club closed two weeks ago.

Cafe Blackbird (Minneapolis) - the front of the house counts, too

I don't know. Are you talking about the right place? While technically not right next door, but within spitting distance, The Malt Shop has been on that block of 50th Street for about the last 25 or 30 years.

Cafe Blackbird (Minneapolis) - the front of the house counts, too

We had a strange experience there a few Sundays ago. Walked in and were told there would be a fifteen minute wait to be seated. Okay, fine we would wait. After 20 minutes or so we asked how long it might be. The woman seating people told me that she had mistakenly given our table away and that it would be about another 20 minutes or so.... People make mistakes, I can accept that, we were disheartened but didn't want to wait another (at least) 20 minutes to maybe get seated. So I told her that we couldn't wait another 20 minutes and asked if our coffees were complementary- one cup each. She asked the woman behind the counter, who I think was either the manager or owner, or both maybe, and came back and said "it's $10.50." Incredulous, I asked to speak to someone in authority and the manager woman barked at me "we're getting slammed here." This coming from someone who didn't lift a finger to help her staff or move more than two feet during the entire time we were there!!!!! Wow.... do you think we'll be back????
Incidently, we didn't pay for our coffees and I told her that she should be embarassed the way she runs her place. Nonetheless I hope they learn how to run a restaurant and make a go of it. God knows that if The Malt Shop next door can make it, they can.