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Corton- expectations not met

I was so excited to enjoy my birthday dinner at Corton. With so many rave reviews and 4 stars I didn't think I could go wrong. Sadly, I have a few grievances. First the $35 supplement for the truffle pasta- the noodles only tasted like gouda. There were truffle pieces but nothing tasted like truffle. I said something to the wait staff and they took it off the bill. Next I had the beef. The sirloin was a little over cooked and honestly I feel like I got a better piece of meat at Trader Joes. Overall the portions were very small. We had to eat bread to feel full. The desserts were so-so. The brioche was like old french taste. Overall the service was attentive and gracious, but the food was lacking. We had a lovely tasting menu the week before at Dovetail that was much better and the next day a superb rack of lamb at Commerce. I would spend your hard earned mone somewhere else. Corton is overrated.

Jan 30, 2009
humblefoodsnob27 in Manhattan

The 2008 NOT List: 647 Dinner Club, Buenos Aires

647 Dinner Club is a marketing genius. They have more ppl writing shills on this blog praising their restaurant than any other. They pay for fancy ads in travel books and even paid someone from Conde Naste to put them on the Hot Tables of 2008 list.
Do not waste your time and money on this tragic disappointment.
After reading so many great reviews, I was excited to experience this place for myself but all I ended up with was an empty stomach and rage.
Play by play:
We are in a cab, riding through a bad neighborhood. Many "i wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley" types with no shirts hanging outside, garbage everywhere, seedy x3. We pulled up to the restaurant... what? The ad said this was a scenic neighborhood. The cab driver informs us that we shouldn't be walking around this neighborhood. Thanks buddy!

We enter the restaurant. 10:20 PM. No one is there. Granted its a Tues, but if a restaurant is so popular one would expect some ppl. Very dark and looks used. Decor and tables are tired.
Smells of heavy musty scent, like there is a perpetual leak. Everyone who is there (10 ppl at most) are all tourists speaking English.

Unfortunately we stay bc I like to give the place the benefit of the doubt.

Later I discover there is a waterfall/large leak in the bathroom causing the odor. Plus the bathroom smells like a stable.

Ok now to the food... Wine was good (hard to really mess that up). Bread and Butter: butter smells strong, like cheese. woof. First Course: Salad... the tomatoes were about 1 hr from officially being rotten. And this is city where fresh produce is readily available. Main course: Lamb... what can I say...over done...tastes old - theme here. Dessert: getting the check as soon as possible.

So the recap is DO NOT GO there. The atmosphere and food are ROTTEN.